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Testimonials: Singapore Local Photographer Reviews & Recommendation

local photographer review

Hey friends! If you have benefited from my photography services before, do write me a testimonial too! You can simply add a review directly on Google Review and/ or my Facebook page.

I believe my professionalism and under-promise and over-deliver working style (eg. number of photos and speed of delivery) deserve some honest compliments.


I started receiving generous reviews in Facebook by clients/friends voluntarily but I had disabled the feature for years due to bots' spamming (Facebook didn't allow deletion of them). I'm playing a catch-up starting year 2020 to request for testimonials.

Eventually, I started my Google Business Page at the last week of year 2021, which would be my primary focus.

Tips for writing me a review

If you wish to write something to show your appreciation for me and is at a loss at where to start, you can consider the following points:

1. How's our discussion?
2. How's the actual shoot?
3. How professional I was?
4. How comfortable you felt during the shoot?
5. Did I go to the extra mile for you?
6. How are the final photos?
7. Would you recommend my photography services to your friends?

  1. Keagan Foster // Google Page Review
    Photoshoot with Keagan Foster & Nancy Photoshoot with Keagan Foster & Nancy

    I booked Skai for a proposal photography session, and was extremely pleased with photos taken on the day. Skai helped me choose the perfect location for a quiet and intimate proposal, and was very helpful with planning the whole proposal out. I don't have much experience posing for photos, but thankfully he is very patient, friendly and professional, helping guide us on the day. Very thankful for Skai for helping capture this special moment in my life, would highly recommend to anyone.
  2. Carissa Yeo // Google Page Review
    Wanted to have corporate and fun pictures taken. Love the photos taken! Skai is very professional, patient and will advice on angles where to look at etc. He will also take test shots first to test if the lighting is good. He doesn't rush through the whole photo taking process instead he wants you to be satisfied with the pictures taken.
  3. Clifton Lim // Google Page Review
    I have read many good reviews about Skai. But only today have I experienced it myself. He has earned the good reviews with his professionalism, hardwork, passion and dedication to his craft. For first timers who are afraid or shy in front of a camera, fret not. Skai is very patient and understanding and is frankly a very nice person to be around with. I was skeptical about having my pictures taken by a professional because I thought what difference could it make if I can take my own selfies. Trust me, having a professional taking your pictures is a whole world of difference. The lighting and quality of your pictures will be calculated and executed to a perfection. Engage him and experience it for yourself.
  4. Edwin Kwan (Interior Designer) // Google Page Review
    Punctual & professional photographer. He also made my clients at ease while he moved around taking his shots. Overall the photos turn out good. 👍🏻
  5. Koreen Hong (HMUA) // Google Page Review
    Fun and enjoyable! Pictures come out great and beautiful! Friendly & humble guy! Thumbs up!
  6. Anthony Tan // Google Page Review
    Photoshoot with Anthony & Divlynn

    Skai went the extra mile to capture quality photos for our photoshoot and we were very pleased with the final product. Easy to work with and bounce ideas off as well. Would recommend!
  7. Lukas Berger // Google Page Review
    Men's Outdoor Fashion Photoshoot - Lukas Berger Home Lifestyle Portrait Photoshoot - Lukas Berger Guitar Photoshoot - Lukas Berger Headshot Photoshoot - Lukas Berger Lifestyle Photoshoot - Lukas Berger Fitness Longboard Photoshoot - Lukas Berger Men's Fitness Fashion Photoshoot - Lukas Berger Fitness Gym Photoshoot - Lukas Berger

    Nice guy who really takes the time to capture all the pictures you want and experiment with different scenes and settings. Recommend in Singapore
  8. Zack Xu (Interior Designer) // Google Page Review

    Will always do his best to get beautiful shots. I can trust his work
  9. Douglas Dunkerley // Email, Google Page Review

    Note of Commendation

    This is a short note of recommendation for Skai Chan Photography

    I was looking to commission a professional photographer for a collection of stylish / fun portrait pictures, to celebrate a landmark birthday of mine. I shortlisted Skai Chan and I am so pleased that I did. I had clear ideas what results I wanted and I was quite picky. I met up with Skai several weeks before the shoot, for quite an extensive briefing session, to discuss concepts, locations etc. I could tell that he was a very good listener & very patient and picked up on all the features that I was trying to achieve. He assisted with ideas on themes, wardrobe, time of day for the shoot, logistics etc. The shoot itself covered 3-4 locations in one afternoon and was so well planned, it was seamless. With his subtle approach and mild manner, he convinced me that some of my ideas would not work and he did indeed come up with better ideas. He was very diligent, with a good eye for detail, open to explore other ideas and was extremely professional. The pictures that he took were great and I couldn’t have wished for better results. The aftercare service was also excellent with touching up, cropping and resizing all pictures, several times. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Skai Chan Photography for any portrait photography, at very competitive rates. Bravo Skai

    Douglas – Singapore PR
  10. Jade Koh // Google Page Review

    Skai is a friendly Photograher with an eye for detail, in creating beautiful pictures.
  11. Nancy Quek // Google Page Review

    Professional service and great eye to details. 👍🏼👍🏼
  12. Carol Lim // Google Page Review
    Photoshoot with Carol Lim

    Skai Chan is extremely patient with me and makes me feel at ease during our indoor photoshoot. Not to mention he is also highly professional and did not display any inappropriate behaviour towards me. During our photoshoot, Skai guided me verbally for adjustments to my outfit and hair. Overall, it was a very comfortable and safe experience for my first indoor photoshoot.
  13. Liu Wing Lun // WhatsApp
    Photoshoot with Liu Wing Lun Photoshoot with Liu Wing Lun

    This was my first photoshoot of any kind, and after some initial enquiries to a few photographers I had a good feel about Skai. He was very open and informative during our discussions on what I was looking to do, and we bounced a few ideas between us.

    For the shoot itself, Skai was highly accommodating and patient. It was not rushed at any point, and I felt at ease and relaxed from the moment we met up. I enjoyed myself throughout, and it felt like I was chatting to a friend.

    I was delighted with the final set of photos I received. Skai worked on the pics and returned to me very quickly. Some of the direction I received on different poses during the shoot, they came out much better than I had in my mind at the time. I thank Skai so much for such an excellent experience for my maiden shoot.
  14. Jane // IG DM, Google Page Review
    Photoshoot with Jane

    I was so impressed with how comfortable and relaxed Skai made me feel. When I saw the finished pictures, I was so pleased and never thought I could feel so beautiful and sexy at the same time!”

    Skai is so, so talented! His relaxed personality made this such a fun experience. Skai had such a great eye for posing me in ways that were very flattering! The pictures are simply beautiful!
  15. Esther Pai // Facebook Messenger
    Photoshoot with Alexander Stiegler & Esther Pai Photoshoot with Esther Pai

    I had already twice the chance to get a photo shoot with Skai, first solo and second time together with my hubby. Both times I was from beginning on amazed by Skai’s passion, patience and eye for detail during the shoot. Not only did he sacrifice hours of sleep to catch the perfect light, but also endured high energetic to-be professionals. Having a photo shooting with Skai you can just be yourself and natural.
  16. Chia Yaozhong // Facebook Page Review
    Photoshoot with Chia Yaozhong

    I engaged Skai for a corporate portrait photoshoot, and it was a great experience. Skai was very professional and patient, and provided good direction and advice to produce quality results. Very impressed and highly recommended!
  17. Meron // Facebook Page Review, Google Page Review
    Photoshoot with Meron Photoshoot with Meron Photoshoot with Meron Photoshoot with Meron

    Very professional photographer that works and very knowledgeable, he provides and helped me in improving poses and expressions, and very good at capturing my good angle 😂it was a good experience and i highly recommended Skai for different types of shoots, very versatile
  18. Charis Tan Meixuan // Google Page Review
    Photoshoot with Charis Tan Photoshoot with Charis Tan

    Skai is a really friendly and patient photographer. During the shoot, i was pretty awkward at first but he managed to lighten and liven the atmosphere to make the shoot goes smoothly. Skai is very detail orientated when it comes to post processing of photos making all pictures look really beautiful and as natural as possible. He is a very dependable photographer to work with!
  19. Puang Shujuan // Google Page Review
    Photoshoot with Puang Shujuan Photoshoot with Puang Shujuan Photoshoot with Puang Shujuan Photoshoot with Puang Shujuan Photoshoot with Puang Shujuan

    I have known Skai for 6 years and my first impression of him is a very humble and professional photographer who takes his work seriously. I remember my first shoot with him was at Pinnacle @ Duxton rooftop garden. I was very new to photoshoot and he guided me along on how I should pose and smile. He is very patient to a newbie like me! Because of him, I have the opportunities to do many more shoots together - Lifestyle shoots at IKEA, at the alley at Duxton Hill, collaboration with MUA Yuko and mostly recently, a casual shoot with my husband at Jurong Lake Park! He is definitely someone you will find joy to work with! I will highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a professional photographer!
  20. Cheryl Alicia Chua Dong Yi // Facebook Page Review, Google Page Review
    Intimate couple boudoir shoot for Alan Low & Cheryl Alicia Chua Hair and makeup for Cheryl Alicia Chua Friends shoot for Cheryl Alicia Chua Fashion shoot for Cheryl Alicia Chua Implied nude conceptual shoot for Cheryl Alicia Chua Implied nude yoga shoot for Cheryl Alicia Chua Implied nude glamour shoot for Cheryl Alicia Chua Bikini shoot for Cheryl Alicia Chua Bikini and modelling portfolio shoot for Cheryl Alicia Chua Bikini and glamour shoot for Cheryl Alicia Chua Conceptual shoot for Cheryl Alicia Chua Glamour shoot for Cheryl Alicia Chua

    I first worked with Skai in 2017 and it was my first professional photoshoot. I remember being nervous and unsure about poses but he was very patient and understanding. He did not get upset or angry when I was not able to portray the concept he initially wanted but instead tried his best to work with what I was comfortable with.

    His friendly character made the photoshoot very smooth and I had a second recent shoot with him. His professionalism and passion still impresses me after three good years. Despite trying implied for the first time, I was in good hands and Skai never laid a hand on me. He treated me with a lot of respect and always made sure I was comfortable with the photos taken. I enjoyed shooting with him and will recommend him to others!
  21. Jasmine Lee (former Tsao Foundation staff) // Facebook Page Review, Google Page Review
    commercial shoot for tsao foundation

    I worked with Skai for several community events in my ex workplace and was very satisifed.. Hes proactive and took good angles of the participants. He was also very friendly and could help to engage the participants. What i liked most about him is he would offer to help us when he noticed we were busy running around.
  22. Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin) // Facebook Page Review, Google Page Review
    Bikini Photoshoot - Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin) Bikini Photoshoot - Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin)

    skai was the first professional photographer i ever worked with and i really enjoyed the experience! hes a friendly and funny person, and the shoot flowed naturally. as hes a very experienced photographer in the field, i was comfortable doing the sexy poses i thought of, and i think hes someone really reliable and trustworthy for these matters. he takes his post editing very seriously too and the results are worth it!
  23. Huiqing // Facebook Page Review, Google Page Review
    Friends/Sisters photoshoot with Huiqing and Jasmine Tan at Tanjong Pagar (studio) Conceptual photoshoot with Huiqing and Jasmine Tan at Tanjong Pagar (studio) Boudoir photoshoot with Huiqing at Tanjong Pagar (studio) Implied nude photoshoot with Huiqing at Tanjong Pagar (studio) Glamour and sexy fashion photoshoot with Huiqing at Tanjong Pagar (studio)

    Skai is a professional photographer and it’s a pleasure working with him. He was very patient with me, providing advices on how to improve poses, and he doesn’t touch us at all. Overall, it’s a great experience and I would recommend him for any photoshoots!
  24. Jasmine Tan // Facebook Page Review, Google Page Review
    Friends/Sisters photoshoot with Huiqing and Jasmine Tan at Tanjong Pagar (studio) Conceptual photoshoot with Huiqing and Jasmine Tan at Tanjong Pagar (studio) Fitness photoshoot with Jasmine Tan at Tanjong Pagar (studio) Yoga photoshoot with Jasmine Tan at Tanjong Pagar (studio) Conceptual photoshoot with Jasmine Tan at Tanjong Pagar (studio) Conceptual photoshoot with Jasmine Tan at Tanjong Pagar (studio) Conceptual photoshoot with Jasmine Tan at Tanjong Pagar (studio) Headshot photoshoot with Jasmine Tan at Singapore Sports Hub Fashion photoshoot with Jasmine Tan at Kallang Wave Mall & Singapore Sports Hub Cheerleading & dance photoshoot with Jasmine Tan at Kallang Wave Mall

    Skai is a very friendly and passionate photographer. It was comfortable working with him during the shoot and he is also very professional towards the model. Definitely highly recommended!
  25. Gilbert Lew // WhatsApp
    Conceptual photoshoot with Gilbert Lew & Shirlene Chew Fashion photoshoot with Gilbert Lew at Lloyd's Inn

    Skai has always been the sincere and under-promise then over-deliver kind of guy! He is very hardworking and passionate about photography and will make sure the shoot is well planned from the timing to the equipment and other creative elements. This also includes checking with the client if they have any preference and whether they are happy with his proposal before the day of the shoot. He has always been very adventurous and flexible at the same time, an important quality in photography to bring out the best possible results and making each project interesting and unique. Being patient and polite also makes the model feels at ease as the last thing anyone would want is to have stressed-out kind of expression in the photos!
  26. Havanah Zandrea // Facebook Page Review
    Lifestyle photoshoot with Havanah Zandrea in Marina Bay Sands (MBS) hotel

    Skai was a delight to work with. We communicated about ideas for months — once I found out I would be travelling to Singapore; I also appreciated bouncing ideas back on forth on attire and venue. Moreover, Skai was more than accommodating with my travel plans with my family.

    We had a fun shoot! There were many laughs and some interesting experiences. Skai wasn’t afraid to instruct, yet was also able to keep things light-hearted. He is passionate about photography and that shines through in everything he does; he lives and breathes photography. You can tell how knowledgeable he is in his trade by the tips he offers, and ultimately, the results you will see through his photos.

    We had a few obstacles to overcome together, not including working around a crowd. The first challenge was shooting in a world-class hotel: photography equipment needed to be inconspicuous. Skai did a good job packing lightly. With this, came our second challenge: lighting. When it isn’t raining, or having extremely harsh sun, Singapore is cloudy! It is almost hazy. Skai prides himself with impeccable lighting in his photography. In this instance, we were not allowed to set up in normal circumstances; Skai had to think on the fly. It was remarkable how clever he was, to balance lighting props with one hand, and a camera with the other. I enjoyed the shooting process and the photos. We did what we could in very little time, and with many hotel restrictions.

    Feedback, instruction, and consideration would be my top three favourite traits from this shoot. Overall, our photo session was a blast! It was a beautiful experience working with a photographer who has now turned into a friend.
  27. Ko // Google Page Review
    Lingerie photoshoot with Ko in studio (Tanjong Pagar) Conceptual photoshoot with Ko in studio (Tanjong Pagar) Lingerie photoshoot with Ko in studio (Tanjong Pagar) Conceptual photoshoot with Ko in studio (Tanjong Pagar)

    Skai is a wonderful person to work with. Not only he knows his art very well but also is a real people's personality. He chats with you and make you feel relaxed. I enjoyed the whole process. Looking forward to work with him again.
  28. Su Huiting // Facebook Page Review
    Hair and makeup for Su Huiting by Ivy Tan Hair and makeup for Su Huiting by Ivy Tan Hair and makeup for Su Huiting by Ivy Tan Hair and makeup for Su Huiting by Ivy Tan

    Yes! Very trustworthy guy here and we enjoyed the shooting! Thumbs up for the professional work!
  29. Cho // WhatsApp
    Fitness photoshoot with Cho in Gold's Gym Singapore (Tai Seng outlet) Implied nude bodyscape photoshoot with Cho in studio (Tanjong Pagar)

    Skai is very professional and easy to work with. Although it was my first time working with him, I've known him on IG for almost a year before our shoot. I felt very comfortable working with him as he remains professional throughout the whole session. Go read his terms and conditions: he never touch the model. He will just verbally instruct u instead. He's also very receptive to my feedbacks and give me freedom to work on the poses I wanted to try. Overall, it was a very good experience and the results were amazing! I've never loved my body more than ever after the shoot. It's a great confidence boost!
  30. Lovelle Cengiya // WhatsApp
    Glamour photoshoot with Lovelle Cengiya Editorial photoshoot with Lovelle Cengiya Fashion photoshoot with Lovelle Cengiya Bikini photoshoot with Lovelle Cengiya Bikini photoshoot with Lovelle Cengiya

    I've known Skai for years. I really like his photography style. His photos are sharp and natural. He's very precise when it comes to lighting and photo editing. Also, he's a very nice photographer to work with. I never had to worry about getting sexually harassed, he always keep his distance with his models, he doesn't touch us in any event.

    Throughout the years we have worked in multiple shoots and subsequently, he's also hired as my wedding day's photographer. This is how much I trust him, giving him my one and only actual wedding day.
  31. Angela Arlene Quek // WhatsApp
    Lifestyle photoshoot with Angela Arlene Quek Fitness photoshoot with Angela Arlene Quek

    Skai is a respectable and professional photographer. It had been my honour to work with him in the nature settings where I witnessed his skills in creating a good lighting when the sunlight reaches inner canopy. Skai is a responsible, passionate and determined photographer too as he carried the very heavy equipments throughout the 15KM hike with me, also he watched out for my danger when we hiked as I almost fell down when I was walking. He was very patient with the me as well because he didn't mind retaking over and over again when I wasn't satisfied with the shot and he compromised when I said I got to rush back home when it was about 4pm.. at the end of the trip he even offered me his energy bar when I got really hungry! He is one of the nicest person I know and I would recommend him to any models.
  32. Vanessa // WhatsApp
    Maternity photoshoot with Vanessa

    Skai is an amazing friend and photographer. He is super patient and adhere to my many requests. Even though I'm not the easiest person to work with, he remains professional and makes people feel at ease with him around. Can't express how glad I am to be able to work with this talented man!
  33. Rina // Instagram
    Boudoir photoshoot with Rina

    Skai Chan (@skaichanphotography) is a very respectful and professional photographer. It was very comfortable doing a boudoir shoot with him. There were lots of trust, honesty and respect, hence everything went very smoothly during the shoot without any problems or discomfort. It was my first time doing a boudoir shoot, and he was very patient with me when I struggled with some poses. Overall, I absolutely respect Skai Chan’s professionalism and efforts he put into his work. He is a highly recommended photographer and it has been a huge pleasure working with him!
  34. Bianca Pietersz // Facebook Page Review
    Boudoir photoshoot with Bianca Pietersz Bikini photoshoot with Bianca Pietersz Fashion photoshoot with Bianca Pietersz

    I have known Skai for many years at this point. He is a phenomenal photographer. He is creative and takes his time playing with the angles to get the right shots. I first met Skai in 2014 when I traveled to Singapore and we had an impromptu shoot. It was so much fun and I had all the creative freedom to play around with outfits, hair, and makeup. The photos were stunning! The next time I flew to Singapore was in 2019 where I did a boudoir shoot with him. He’s super nice and professional. It was very comfortable like taking photos with a close friend. At this point we had known each other and talked regularly for years. Again I was happy with the results of the shoot and have continued a great friendship with Skai. He’s a great person and it has been a pleasure to work with him!

    Bianca Pietersz
  35. Rachel Liew // Google Page Review
    Family photoshoot with Natheniel Lam, Rachel Liew, Floofy, Quinn and Mochi at Tampines Conceptual photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines Boudoir and pet photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines Pet and implied nude photoshoot with Rachel Liew, Floofy, Quinn and Mochi at Tampines Glamour photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines Editorial photoshoot with Rachel Liew at studio at Tanjong Pagar Christmas conceptual photoshoot with Rachel Liew at studio at Tanjong Pagar Wedding photoshoot with Rachel Liew Glamour photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Fort Canning Park

    Skai (@skaichanphotography) is a very respectable and professional photographer. His principle is to never touch any models, and he sticks to it even if it means the poses may take longer to do because sometimes its not easy to readjust my pose just based on verbal feedback. Despite that, he has been very patient, telling me what poses are flattering and what are not. He gives honest feedback throughout the shoot, and turns away whenever I had to readjust my pose, especially when I am potentially in compromising positions. He also takes great effort to adjust the lighting to ensure the most flattering angles are captured. Highly recommended photographer! I also hired him as my wedding photographer 3 years ago and his work didn't disappoint❤️❤️
  36. Janice Sui // Google Page Review
    Modelling portfolio photoshoot with Janice Sui at studio at Tanjong Pagar Lifestyle photoshoot with Janice Sui at the beach

    I’ve worked 2 times with you and I must praise you are a very professional photographer whom make me feel rather comfortable to be with at shoot, especially since it’s my first time shooting however there was no stress at all. All I need to do is be myself so that you can capture the true me!
  37. Dan Teng Daoxiong // Facebook Page Review

    Super awesome guy
  38. Beverley Angkangon // Facebook Page Review
    Fashion photoshoot with Beverley Angkangon Bikini and lifestyle photoshoot with Beverley Angkangon

    Skai is the most hardworking and professional photographer around, good in creating friendly and comfortable atmosphere, making the models feel relax throughout the shooting journey. Thumbs up !
  39. Angela Ni // Facebook Page Review
    Fashion photoshoot with Angela Ni at Le Park

    Skai is someone who is professional and takes his work very seriously. He also looks out a lot for his models. Since the first time I met him, his photography skills has improved by a lot. I definitely had a nice time collaborating with him!
  40. Nathalie Blue // ModelMayhem Credits
    Conceptual photoshoot with Nathalie Blue Glamour photoshoot with Nathalie Blue at Labrador Park

    Skai is one of the most patient photographer I've known, we delayed our shoot for God knows how long due to both timing clashed whenever I visited Singapore. They say patient is a virtual, it pays off from all the waiting. Looking forward to our next arranged theme ;)
  41. April // Facebook Page Review
    Conceptual Christmas Santarina photoshoot with April at Vivocity Glamour photoshoot with April at Mount Faber Fashion photoshoot with April at Singapore Botanic Garden

    Trustworthy and hardworking photographer you can trust for quality pictures!
  42. Ahpa SaeYeoh // Facebook Page Review
    Skai is a very passionate photographer who gives his best for every assignment! Also the most down to earth person ever and someone who's super trustworthy!
  43. Michael Crowe // Facebook Page Review
    Couple photoshoot with Michael and Valerie

    We engaged Skai to photograph our wedding this month - we couldn't be more happy with the pictures he took. He has an excellent eye for detail and managed to capture all the special moments of our wedding without getting in the way of our celebrations. This is the second time we've engaged Skai and we would definitely engage him again in future. Thanks very much Skai.
  44. Amelia Chang // Facebook Page Review
    Skai is one photographer who is honest and nice to work with. His pictures paints a thousand words.
  45. Chan Kai Wei // Facebook Page Review
    Great work and nice shots! Continue to take fantastic photos of life-long memories for others!
  46. ET Ong // Facebook Page Review
    i love what skai is doing with his page:) long live passion, dreams and artists!!

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