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portraiture photography in Singapore

event photography in Singapore
event photography in Singapore

interior photography in Singapore
interior photography in Singapore
Interior / Real Estate

Customized Portrait Photoshoot for You

Boutique Photography: Personalised creative photography concepts for you

portraiture photography in Singapore
Dating Profile Rebranding

Increase your chance of
getting suitable dates.

pre-wedding photography in Singapore

Stand out from the crowd;
define loving moments.

boudoir photography in Singapore
Boudoir / Intimate

Empower yourself;
get in touch with your sensuality.

makeover photography in Singapore
Makeover Photoshoot

Pamper yourself;
create lasting memories.

modelling portfolio photography in Singapore
Modelling Portfolio

Showcase your talent;
create professional model looks.

night portrait photography in Singapore
Night Portrait

Let yourself shine among the captivating night lights.

High-end Portrait Photography

Professional outdoor portrait photography with ambient and filled flash light
▲ Background details not shown
- use of on-camera filled light
High-end outdoor portrait photography with professional light
▲ Background details shown
- use of off-camera light
Casual outdoor portrait photography with ambient light
▲ Faces underexposed
& background well exposed
- use of natural light
Casual outdoor portrait photography with ambient light
▲ Face well exposed
& background overexposed
- use of natural light
High-end portrait photography with professional lighting
▲ Both faces & background
well exposed
- use of off-camera light
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Professional Post-Production: Photo-editing

Professional photo editing - basic edited photo
▲ Basic editing (Colour tone, exposure)

Professional photo editing - advanced edited photo
▲ Advanced editing (Skin retouch)

Find out more about professional post production.

Testimonials: Reviews & Recommendations for Skai

Conceptual photoshoot with Gilbert Lew & Shirlene Chew Fashion photoshoot with Gilbert Lew at Lloyd's Inn

"Skai has always been the sincere and under-promise then over-deliver kind of guy! He is very hardworking and passionate about photography and will make sure the shoot is well planned from the timing to the equipment and other creative elements. This also includes checking with the client if they have any preference and whether they are happy with his proposal before the day of the shoot. He has always been very adventurous and flexible at the same time, an important quality in photography to bring out the best possible results and making each project interesting and unique. Being patient and polite also makes the model feels at ease as the last thing anyone would want is to have stressed-out kind of expression in the photos!"
- Gilbert Lew

Family photoshoot with Natheniel Lam, Rachel Liew, Floofy, Quinn and Mochi at Tampines Conceptual photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines Boudoir and pet photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines Pet and implied nude photoshoot with Rachel Liew, Floofy, Quinn and Mochi at Tampines Glamour photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines Editorial photoshoot with Rachel Liew at studio at Tanjong Pagar Christmas conceptual photoshoot with Rachel Liew at studio at Tanjong Pagar Wedding photoshoot with Rachel Liew Glamour photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Fort Canning Park

"Skai (@skaichanphotography) is a very respectable and professional photographer. His principle is to never touch any models, and he sticks to it even if it means the poses may take longer to do because sometimes its not easy to readjust my pose just based on verbal feedback. Despite that, he has been very patient, telling me what poses are flattering and what are not. He gives honest feedback throughout the shoot, and turns away whenever I had to readjust my pose, especially when I am potentially in compromising positions. He also takes great effort to adjust the lighting to ensure the most flattering angles are captured. Highly recommended photographer! I also hired him as my wedding photographer 3 years ago and his work didn't disappoint❤️❤️"
- Rachel Liew

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Portrait: Latest Photoshoot Albums

Commercial Photoshoot - RPT (Range Personal Training) Fitness Corporate Photoshoot - Chua Ming Siu Fitness Lifestyle Photoshoot - Ben Men's Fashion Photoshoot - Ben

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Education: Photography Tips and Resources

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