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portraiture photography in Singapore
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event and party photography in Singapore
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interior photography in Singapore
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Why Work with Skai?


My commitment to transparency is evident in every aspect of my photography services. Clear, upfront pricing with no hidden fees, detailed portfolios showcasing real transformations of everyday individuals, meticulous service agreements and a privacy policy crafted for understanding. Ongoing creation of guides and tips ensures clients are empowered to make informed decisions.

Value for Money

Integrity guides my value-for-money approach—no upselling, honest recommendations and tailored effort. Proactive problem anticipation and going the extra mile underscore my commitment to exceeding expectations. Multipurpose photos and commission-free makeup artist recommendations enhance the overall value. Additionally, I offer impactful free marketing for amicable clients, enhancing service promotion.

High-Quality Photos

Quality is paramount in my photography process. Every shoot is part of my portfolio, ensuring my best effort. Personal oversight of pre-production to post-production, investment in both high-end and casual photography, soft light techniques for flattering results, creative facilitation for uniqueness and commercial-grade editing distinguish my work.

Personalised Photos

Embracing the uniqueness of each client defines my personalised approach. Bespoke consultations precede on-location shoots with unique lighting setups for tailored and meaningful photographs, at anywhere, including outdoors, homes and offices.

Exceptional Experience

Ensuring comfort without skin contact, I prioritise your boundaries. Through natural candid poses, I create a relaxed atmosphere for non-models. My passion enhances collaboration, fostering motivation. Well-loved for a genuine personality, I facilitate authentic moments, especially with diverse subjects. As a team player, I collaborate seamlessly, ensuring everyone shines in the final photos.

Singapore Photographer

Find out more about what sets my photography apart from other photographers in terms of transparency, value for money, high-quality and personalised photos and great experience.

General Portrait Photography

As a freelance photographer in Singapore, Skai specialises in capturing the essence and beauty of people. He strives to deliver high-quality, personalised images that truly showcase the subjects of his work.

Skai's portrait photography services include:

Bespoke portrait photographer in Singapore
Bespoke Portrait

Make a lasting impression with a tailored portrait experience.

candid photographer in Singapore
Candid Portrait

True Emotions, Timeless Beauty in Every Click.

Casual portrait photographer in Singapore
Casual Portrait

Capture your true moments in a relaxed and natural setting.

High-end portrait photographer in Singapore
High-End Portrait

Premium photography that elevates your image and makes you stand out.

On location portrait photographer in Singapore
On Location Portrait

Capturing memories in the places that matter to you.

Outdoor portrait photographer in Singapore
Outdoor Portrait

Embrace nature's beauty and let it enhance your unique personality.

Studio portrait photographer in Singapore
Studio Portrait

Step into the spotlight with a personalised studio portrait session.

Corporate Photography

As a corporate photographer in Singapore, Skai specialises in capturing the professional and creative image of businesses and corporations. Whether it's capturing a corporate portrait, documenting a corporate event or showcasing a business's products and services, he brings his expertise and creativity to every project to deliver stunning results.

Skai's corporate photography services include:

Business branding photographer in Singapore
Business Branding Photography

Enhance your brand's visual identity with tailored photography solutions.

catalogue/blogshop photographer in Singapore
Catalogue/Blogshop Photography

Present your products in the best light with high-quality photography.

Corporate event photographer in Singapore
Corporate Event Photography

Relive the memories and emotions of your special events with professional photography

Corporate headshot photographer in Singapore
Corporate Headshot Photography

Make a lasting first impression with professional corporate headshots.

Corporate group photographer in Singapore
Corporate Group Photography

Unite your team and showcase your company's strengths with group portraits

Editorial photographer in Singapore
Editorial Photography

Tell your story through powerful visual storytelling.

Occupation portrait photographer in Singapore
Occupation Portrait Photography

Create a visual legacy of your career through occupation photography.

Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer based in Singapore, Skai specialises in capturing the beauty and emotion of one of the most important days of your life. He offers a range of photography services to capture every moment of your special day, from the marriage proposal to the actual wedding day and everything in between.

Skai's wedding photography services include:

wedding proposal photography photographer
Marriage Proposal Photography

The perfect start to your forever, captured in a moment.

Pre-wedding photographer
Pre/Post Wedding Photography

Stand out from the crowd;
define loving moments.

wedding betrothal photography photographer
Wedding Betrothal (Guo Da Li) Photography

Cherish the traditional moments of your wedding.

Wedding ROM/ Solemnisation photography photographer
ROM/Solemnisation Photography

Say "I do" with timeless memories.

AD wedding photography photographer
AD Actual Day Wedding Photography

Your big day deserves to be captured in the most stunning way possible.

Second shooter wedding photographer
Second Shooter Wedding Photography

Get the best coverage of your big day; capture every angle.

Wedding revow photography photographer
Wedding Revow Photography

Vow renewal, captured with passion and grace.

solo bridal wedding photographer
Solo Bridal Photography

Capturing elegance and beauty in a wedding dress; for all ladies, single or not.

Family Photography

As a family photographer in Singapore, Skai specialises in capturing the love, joy and memories of families and friends through his lens. He offers a range of photography services to meet the needs of families, friends and individuals, capturing every special moment and milestone.

Skai's family photography services include:

birthday photographer in Singapore
Birthday Photography

Celebrate another year of life in style.

Children's photographer in Singapore
Children Photography

Treasure the innocence and joy of childhood.

Couple photographer in Singapore
Couple Photography

Your love story deserves to be told.

Family photographer in Singapore
Family Photography

Capture your family's love and joy in beautiful pictures.

Friends photographer in Singapore
Friends Photography

Preserve the memories of your friendships.

Home portrait photographer in Singapore
Home Portrait Photography

Your home, your story, captured in beautiful photos.

Maternity photographer in Singapore
Maternity Photography

Celebrate the miracle of life with stunning maternity photos.

Pet photographer in Singapore
Pet Photography

Capture the unconditional love of your furry friends.

Event photographer in Singapore
Event Photography

Capturing life's special moments.

Personal Photography

As a personal photographer in Singapore, Skai specialises in capturing the essence and individuality of each of my clients. He offers a range of photography services to meet the diverse needs of individuals, from capturing personal moments and memories to building personal brands.

Skai's personal photography services include:

Art photographer in Singapore
Art Photography

Showcase your artsy self; create stunning art images.

Bikini photographer in Singapore
Bikini Photography

Embrace your beauty. Celebrate your body and confidence.

boudoir photographer in Singapore
Boudoir Photography

Empower yourself with confidence;
embrace your sensual side.

dating profile photographer in Singapore
Dating Profile Photography

Speed up & increase your chance of getting suitable dates.

Personal branding photographer in Singapore
Personal Branding Photography

Establish your personal image; make a strong first impression.

Profile photographer in Singapore
Profile Photography

Elevate your profile by showing your unique personality.

Implied nude photographer in Singapore
Implied nude Photography

Baring all, without showing it all; show your artsy self.

Social media photographer in Singapore
Social Media Photography

Bring your brand's personality to life with stunning photography for social media.

Tattoo photographer in Singapore
Tattoo Photography

Celebrating your skin as a canvas.

Lifestyle Photography

As a lifestyle photographer in Singapore, Skai is dedicated to capturing the beauty, authenticity and unique moments that make up the tapestry of life through his lens. He offers a range of heart-warming photography services designed to showcase the hobbies and activities of each subject, and promote healthy living.

Skai's lifestyle photography services include:

Beach portrait photographer in Singapore
Beach Portrait Photography

Coastal beauty captured, memories preserved.

Dance photographer in Singapore
Dance Photography

Capturing the rhythm of life and magic of movement.

fitness photographer in Singapore
Fitness Photography

Your hard-earned progress deserves some recognition & compliments.

Lifestyle photographer in Singapore
Lifestyle Photography

Celebrate your daily life and moments.

Music photographer in Singapore
Music Photography

Preserve your memories and legacy.

Vacation photographer in Singapore
Vacation Photography

Remember your adventures forever.

Yoga photographer in Singapore
Yoga Photography

Finding inner peace, one picture at a time.

Model Photography

As a model photographer in Singapore, Skai specialises in capturing the beauty, grace and style of models and fashion. He offers a range of photography services designed to build and enhance modelling portfolios, showcasing the unique qualities of each model.

Skai's model photography services include:

Beauty photographer in Singapore
Beauty Photography

Celebrate your beauty and confidence.

Conceptual photographer in Singapore
Conceptual Photography

Telling a story through art; showcase your vision and creativity.

Glamour photographer in Singapore
Glamour Photography

Showcase your sense of elegance and class.

Headshot photographer in Singapore
Headshot Photography

Unveil your essence with captivating headshots.

makeover photographer in Singapore
Makeover Photography

A fresh start with a fresh look.

modelling portfolio photographer in Singapore
Modelling Portfolio Photography

Showcasing your potential;
get noticed by the industry.

men's fashion photographer in Singapore
Men's Fashion Photography

Bring out the stylish gentleman in you, capture your fashion statement.

night portrait photographer in Singapore
Night Portrait

Let yourself shine among the captivating night lights.

Sunrise & sunset portrait photographer in Singapore
Sunrise & Sunset Portrait

Make memories that will last a lifetime with a stunning sunrise or sunset portrait session.

Themed photographer in Singapore
Themed Photography

Showcase your creativity and imagination.

Women's fashion photography in Singapore
Women's Fashion Photography

Elevate your style and beauty; empower yourself with confidence.

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