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Photography Collaboration Opportunities

I'm looking forward for long term collaboration with honest and friendly people from various industries that can link up with photography somehow or rather. If you have a good quality service or product that may be able to benefit my clients, we can work together to ensure my clients get the best out of the deals they need.

Sponsorship is very welcome.

Looking for:

  1. Hair & Makeup Artists (HMUA)
    Recommendation to my clients is only applicable to HMUAs who have somehow worked with me before, through clients or TFCD shoot. This is for quality control and to ensure we have the chemistry to work together. For HMUAs who wish to build up their portfolios or gain exposure, we can work on TFCD basis together when I'm available.
  2. Photographer assistants
    This is currently applicable to female only. For more information, do read photographer assistants needed.
  3. Freelance models
    Please refer to volunteer as a model.
  4. Printing Services
    For printing such as canvas, photo albums and normal photographs etc. If your company has been doing regular spamming through whatever way, please skip me.
  5. Bridal Studio
    For renting or buying of wedding gowns.
  6. Body paint artists
    To provide painting or temporary tattoo (stickers) services for guests during any event.
  7. Game masters
    To provide games for the kids during parties or any event.
  8. Magicians
    Interactive magicians to provide entertainments for the kids during parties or any event.
  9. Live band
    To provide live music for the event to spice up the atmosphere.
  10. Photo Booth
    For any event that my clients may want to keep their guests occupied or bring a souvenir home.
  11. Website or Blog Owners
    If you have a decent website, we can do links exchange to link up each other's site. This will benefit both our visitors.
  12. Others
    If you think your product or service can benefit my clients, do suggest.

Contact me for discussion.

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