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Photography Collaboration Opportunities

Collaboration is similar to cooperation and at no time any partner is paying another. The benefits of collaboration include the exploration of ideas, access to greater resources, recognition and stronger marketing.

I'm looking forward to long-term collaborations with honest and easygoing people (and companies) from various industries that can link up with photography somehow or rather. If you have a good quality service or product that may benefit my clients, we can try working together to ensure my clients get the best out of the deals that they need.

Contact me for discussion.

Photography Opportunities for Collaboration Photoshoot

Most professional photographers and artists in related fields probably understand that most clients are only looking for common projects that may likely under-utilise our creativity.

Sometimes, we just need to do projects that can stimulate our interest in order to keep our passion going. Perhaps, we also need to showcase to our potential clients that we are doing creative work.

As a photographer, there are many photography concepts that I wish my clients would approach me for; I can't wait forever. Therefore, in my very limited time, I may be open to do collaboration photoshoot. This opportunity is open to both models and makeup artists, regardless of experience.

I Appreciate All These Talents:

  1. Hair & Makeup Artists (HMUA)
    I have a list of trusty hair and makeup artists. Since we have worked together before, I'm able to put up the finished photographs from our projects on my website to showcase to my visitors. I would recommend them confidently to whoever needs professional hair and makeup services.

    One issue I have been facing is their availability, especially on weekdays. Therefore, I'm looking forward to meeting more makeup artists, partly to get fresh ideas and to network.

    If you are interested to collaborate with me, do approach me and we can make time to plan some test shoots together to see if we are comfortable with each other's working style.
  2. Photographer assistants
    This is currently applicable to females only. For more information, do read photographer assistants needed.
  3. Freelance models
    Please refer to volunteer as a model.
  4. Bridal Studio
    For renting or buying wedding gowns.
  5. Body paint artists
    To provide painting or temporary tattoo (stickers) services for guests during any event.
  6. Game masters
    To provide games for the kids during parties or events.
  7. Live band
    To provide live music for the event to spice up the atmosphere.
  8. Magicians
    Interactive magicians provide entertainment for the kids during parties and events.
  9. Photo Booth
    For any event my clients may want to keep their guests occupied or bring a souvenir home.
  10. Printing Services Providers
    For printing such as canvas, photo albums and normal photographs etc. If your company has been doing regular spamming in whatever way, please skip me.
  11. Website or Blog Owners
    If you have a decent website, we can do links exchange to link up each other's sites. This will benefit both our visitors.
  12. Others
    If you think your product or service can benefit my clients, do suggest.

Photography Sponsorship

Sponsorship of any kind is greatly welcome!

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