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Photography Tips and Resources

This page lists all the tips and resources I have gathered through my experience, researches, including interaction with various professionals. Do note that some of the articles are written in a joking manner.

  1. Advantages of Being a Photographer
    - Find out benefits of being a freelance photographer.
  2. Beautiful Places in Singapore
    - List of some of the most popular places in Singapore that you can do photoshoot in. You can go over for fashion or wedding photography.
  3. Blacklisted Photographers in Singapore
    - The blacklisted photographers in Singapore.
  4. Crazy Things that Professional Portrait Photographers Do
    - Crazy things that professional photographers would do for portrait photoshoots in order to get good photographs.
  5. Creative Photography Themes
    - Some creative photography concepts that you can work on. List of different genres of photography for models.
  6. Dangers of Doing Sexy Photoshoot for Female Models
    - Find out how dangerous it is for female models to do sexy photoshoot. Real life stories are included.
  7. Differences between Professional and Casual Portrait Photoshoots
    - The pros and cons of professional and casual photoshoots.
  8. Disadvantages of Being a Photographer
    - Find out problems of being a freelance photographer.
  9. FAQ about Photography
    - Frequently asked questions for Skai about photography, such as his opinions and decisions.
  10. Fashion Disasters for Portrait Photoshoots
    - What not to wear to avoid looking awful or weird, especially for a photoshoot.
  11. Fat Girls Can Still Look Good in Photographs
    - Body size isn't the only factor to determine beauty.
  12. Good Models, Bad Models
    - How to differentiate between good and bad models.
  13. Hair & Makeup Artists (HMUA) in Singapore
    - Reasons why you need a good hair & makeup artists (HMUA) and the listing of some of the most professional HMUAs in Singapore whom I have worked with.
  14. How can Photographers Return Photographs Fast
    - The secrets to return clients the photographs fast.
  15. How many Photographs Should a Photographer Give?
    - The estimated number of photographs a photographer would return for various kinds of photoshoots.
  16. How to Become a Model in Singapore
    - Tips for aspiring model in Singapore.
  17. How to Build a Stronger Modelling Portfolio
    - Tips and tricks on how to build a stronger modelling portfolio for models who wish to be more recognised.
  18. How to Get More Real Instagram Followers Legally
    - Tips and tricks on how to increase your instagram follower count with real followers.
  19. How to Judge a Model
    - Tips for judging a model before you work with her.
  20. How to Judge a Photographer
    - Tips for judging a photographer before you contact him.
  21. How to Tell If Someone Truly Appreciates a Photographer's Work
    - Tips to judge if a person is truly sincere in working with a photographer.
  22. How to Offend and Piss off Models
    - Tips and lessons to learn in order not to repeat the same mistake of offending and pissing off models.
  23. Implied Nude Photoshoots - Facts
    - The facts on doing implied nude shoots.
  24. Misconceptions and Myths in Professional Photography
    - Wrong perspectives of photography from non professional photographers.
  25. Model Release Form Template
    - Download free Model Release Form in PDF format.
  26. Modelling Casting Calls in Singapore
    - Casting calls for models to get free portfolio.
  27. Party Ideas in Singapore
    - List of party ideas for organising parties in Singapore.
  28. Photography Fees, Rates & Prices in Singapore
    - Find out about the photography fees, rates and prices in Singapore - reasons why you are paying photographers the amount for their photography services.
  29. Photography Shooting Style
    - What is a shooting style? Why is every photographer unique?
  30. Photography Post-Production (editing)
    - Types of post-production and more information.
  31. Photography Tips - Shooting Parade at Audience Seat
    - How to take some good photos even if you were stuck at the audience seat.
  32. Photography & Modelling Scams
    - Scams that targets photographers, models, makeup artists and related professions.
  33. Quality and Quantity of Photographs - Contributing Factors
    - The limitations that will affect both the quality and quantity of photographs.
  34. Reasons to Engage a Professional Photographer
    - Why should you engage a professional photographer.
  35. Reasons Why Models Shouldn't Bring Their Partners along for Photoshoots
    - The reasons why models shouldn't bring their boyfriend or husband along for photoshoots.
  36. Special Photoshoots You can Hire a Professional Photographer to Do
    - Unique genres of photoshoot.
  37. Talents You Should Avoid Working With
    - The types of talents you should avoid working with, especially for collaboration.
  38. Things to Take Note when Hiring a Professional Photographer
    - The important points to take note of when you're hiring a professional photographer.
  39. Tips for Models using Modelling Website
    - Tips for models to improve their user experience in modelling website such as Modelmayhem.
  40. TFP / TFCD Photoshoot
    - Explanation of TFP / TFCD photoshoot and guidelines.
  41. TFP / TFCD Tips for Models & Photographers
    - Tips for both models and photographers to do TFCD shoot. Things to take note of!
  42. Tips on Buying Second Hand Camera and Equipment in Singapore
    - Tips to buy used camera and equipment in Singapore to avoid buying overpriced items.
  43. Top Most Popular Instagram of Photographers and Photography
    - The top most popular photographers and photography accounts to follow in Instagram.
  44. Top Ridiculous Things TFCD Models Do
    - The top ridiculous things that bad TFCD models do.
  45. The Importance of Watermark
    - The reasons why is watermark necessary.
  46. Things that Models have been doing Terribly Wrong
    - What models have been doing wrongly for their modelling careers.
  47. Tutorial - Boy Shirt to Dress DIY
    - Tutorial on how to turn a boy shirt and T-shirt into dress for female fashion.
  48. What makes a Photographer Professional
    - Things that make a photographer professional - to do and not to do.
  49. What is Garden Shoot
    - Definition and history behind the term "Garden Shoot".
  50. What is being Open-minded in Photoshoot
    - The levels of open-mindness in photoshoot.
  51. Why can't Professional Photographers Take up Cheap Jobs
    - The reasons why professional photographers cannot take up cheap jobs.
  52. Why do People do Portrait Photoshoot
    - The reasons why people want to do photoshoot.


  1. Survey - Questionnaires for Nude Models
    - A deeper understanding of models who have done nude shoots before.

Articles / Stories

  1. 10-Year Challenge Photos Game
    - The challenge of posting of photos taken 10 years ago and recently.
  2. Actual Day Wedding Photography Gone Wrong
    - Case study of an actual day wedding photography that went viral for the wrong reason.
  3. Amateur to Professional Photographer - The Portrait Journey
    - The journey from an amateur photographer to a professional photographer. The hardship, limitation and obstacles. The learning journey that you can learn from to speed up the process of learning photography.
  4. Bikini Photoshoot is Underrated
    - Everyone should stop labelling bikini photoshoots and models as long as the shoots are done tastefully.
  5. Cheapo the Photography Story
    - Stories of how people try to abuse photographers.
  6. Clients from Hell (Photography Services)
    - Stories of very nasty clients who have engaged photographers.
  7. Do you need a Model?
    - Stories of desperate models soliciting business at professional photographers without finding out about the photographers.
  8. Experience of Photoshooting with Nude Models
    - Stories of doing photoshoot with models who have done nude shoot with other photographers.
  9. Photographers from Hell
    - Bad photographers - stories about them.
  10. Photography is a Sunset Industry
    - The reasons that it's getting more difficult for professional photographers to continue with the industry.
  11. Quality of Singapore Beauty Pageant Photos
    - About the low quality photographs of Singapore beauty pageants.
  12. Scammers Impersonating Skai Chan
    - Stories about scammers impersonating Skai Chan.
  13. The Worst Actual Day Wedding Job for a Photographer
    - One of the worst actual day wedding photography situation a professional photographer has encountered.
  14. Ways to Insult a Professional Photographer
    - There are many ways you may unintentionally insult a professional photographer. In order to prevent such unpleasant things from happening, you should try to understand a photographer.
  15. Weird Requests for Photographers
    - The weird people and incidents photographers face, sometimes.