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Welcome to the heart of my creative journey, where the lens meets the world in a symphony of published brilliance. In this curated space, I proudly present a chronicle of my photographic ventures that have found their way into the limelight.

Each frame tells a story of collaboration, artistry, and the vibrant life infused into my work by esteemed clients. From the digital realms of websites to the tangible grace of print in magazines, this collection is a testament to the diverse platforms that have embraced the visual tales I've had the privilege to capture.

Join me on a visual odyssey through the "Published Work" gallery, where every image is not just a photograph but a published narrative, a testament to the real-world impact that transcends pixels and ink. It's more than a portfolio; it's a celebration of shared visions, transformed into captivating realities.

Dive in, explore and witness the fusion of my lens with the dynamic canvas of the world – a canvas that extends far beyond the frame.

Gallery of Published Work

corporate headshot for Tamara Dunne for MCM
Melbourne City Mission (MCM): Corporate headshot for Tamara Dunne for MCM website.
commercial portrait work for urban active fitness
Urban Active Fitness: Commercial fitness shoot for Urban Active Fitness' website.
commercial shoot for BFT Changi
BFT Changi: Portrait for marketing materials. Screenshot from Instagram.
commercial shoot for Kaaryka Singapore's website
Kaaryka Singapore: Corporate headshot for website.
commercial shoot for Gold's Gym Singapore's marketing
Gold's Gym Singapore: Portrait for marketing work in social media. Screenshot from Facebook.
commercial shoot for Platinum Fitness
Platinum Fitness: Portrait photographs of founder and models, and facilities pictures of Tanglin Mall outlet on the website.
commercial shoot for RPT Range Personal Training
RPT Range Personal Training: Portrait photographs for Instagram marketing.
commercial shoot for RPT Range Personal Training
RPT Range Personal Training: Portrait photographs of the founder, training and interaction with clients and abstract pictures of a gym on the website.
commercial shoot for disinfect
Disinfect Ptd Ltd: Printouts of group photos for team Disinfect as marketing materials.
commercial shoot for disinfect
Disinfect Ptd Ltd: Photographs of staff in action to showcase their projects/portfolios on the website.
commercial shoot for tsao foundation
Tsao Foundation: A showcase of photographs from a community event on their website.
commercial shoot for infunde development
Infunde Development: Corporate group photographs to showcase their staff from different regions.
commercial shoot for framing angie for expat living
Framing Angie @ Expat Living: A showcase of Framing Angie on the Expat Living website. (also printed on the magazine)
commercial shoot for image avenue
Image Avenue: Portrait photographs to showcase some corporate look for the book "Image Avenue", which is sold in many countries.
commercial shoot for Fashion for a Social Cause runway 2018
Fashion for a Social Cause: Prints using the photographs taken during the event for the Fashion for a Social Cause runway.
Portrait photograph for Elieen Yap, founder of Singapore Fashion Runway
Singapore Women's Festival 2021: (left) Portrait photograph to showcase special guest Eileen Yap, founder of Singapore Fashion Runway, on the slide. (screenshot from YouTube)
Pre-wedding photo printout
Pre-wedding Photos: Printouts of pre-wedding photos on canvas.

My clients & Testimonials

You may like to look at the list of my clients and testimonials written by some of them.


As I bring the curtain down on this gallery of published wonders, I must share a candid glimpse into the behind-the-scenes hustle. Admittedly, I started curating this collection a tad late in the game. Tracking down every nook and cranny where my lens has left its mark, especially in the glossy realms of magazine prints, has been a bit like searching for treasure in a vast sea.

Now, here's the thing – not every client has a radar for remembering to notify me when our collaborative magic finds its way into the spotlight. And you know, I'm not one to pester folks, constantly nudging them to check in on the status of my photographic offspring. It just doesn't sit right with my vibe.

Yet, here's the pledge: I'll keep on this mission of collecting these published gems whenever I can. It's a labour of love, a digital scrapbook of shared triumphs.

Now, dear past and potential clients, here's where you become my partners in crime. I'm not into playing the persistent detective, so if you happen to spot my work out there in the wild – be it on a website, a social media feed or the glossy pages of a magazine – do me a solid. Drop me a line, shoot me an email or send a carrier pigeon my way (well, maybe not the pigeon). Help me keep this collection alive and kicking.

Your updates aren't just notifications; they're the heartbeat of this ongoing narrative. So, as I bid you farewell from this visual journey, I extend a humble plea: Keep me in the loop when our shared creations bask in the limelight. Let's make this gallery of published wonders a living, breathing testament to the art we've crafted together.

Until then, here's to more frames, more stories and more shared victories. Cheers to the journey ahead!

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