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Glamour Photoshoot with Rachel Liew - Virgin Killer

Glamour photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines (home)

Glamour photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines (home)

Glamour photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines (home)

Glamour photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines (home)

Glamour photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines (home)

This was yet another long-awaited photoshoot. Rachel approached me with this concept during the mid of the lockdown due to the virus. I was at a loss when she told me "virgin killer". I had seen it being worn by many cosplayers before but I had never bothered about the name. I wasn't a fan of the turtleneck outfit but, without a doubt, the outfit was quite sexy.

I asked her for the price that she had found online and then I used my talent in online shopping to source for a much cheaper piece. I felt proud of myself.

We proceeded with the photoshoot one week after the lockdown was eased for house visiting. I had a busy week filled with photoshoots after months of being on hiatus due to the lockdown. Even the day before this photoshoot, I had another one. I was drained and had to drag myself up from my bed in the morning.

Upon arriving at Rachel's place, she gave me her cats' treats to bribe them. We ran through her outfits for all the concepts before I started setting up my equipment. Rachel knew my style and determination to create good lighting and she was very patient with me and my set-up. The cats did inspect my stuff and I was glad that none had jumped on top of my softboxes.

The living room was huge and thus good for setting up my lighting. However, I tried not to move the furniture too much, especially the heavy coffee table. Eventually, I did make a "mess" by shifting the smaller furniture around.

Rachel was creative as usual and it helped to create interesting work.

FeaturingRachel LiewHairstylistRachel LiewMakeup Artist (MUA)Rachel Liew
Wardrobe ↬ Rachel Liew
CameraCanon 6DLensCanon 24-70mm F2.8L IILightingGodox AD600BM, Cononmark B4
PlaceTampines (home)Date ↬ 05 July, 2020

Photo Editing type ↬ Advanced
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