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#1: Some uses of my work

commercial shoot for disinfectant
Disfectant Ptd Ltd: photographs of staffs in action to showcase their projects / portfolios on the website
commercial shoot for tsao foundation
Tsao Foundation: showcase of photographs from a community event on their website
commercial shoot for infunde development
Infunde Development: corporate group photographs to showcase their staffs from different regions
commercial shoot for framing angie for expat living
Framing Angie @ Expat Living: showcase of Framing Angie on the Expat Living website (also printed on the magazine)
commercial shoot for image avenue
Image Avenue: portrait photographs to showcase some corporate look for the book "Image Avenue", which is sold in many countries
commercial shoot for Fashion for a Social Cause runway 2018
Fashion for a Social Cause: prints using the photographs taken during the event for Fashion for a Social Cause runway
Portrait photograph for Elieen Yap, founder of Singapore Fashion Runway
Singapore Women's Festival 2021: (left) portrait photograph to showcase special guest Eileen Yap, founder of Singapore Fashion Runway, on the slide (screenshot from YouTube)

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#2: Corporate / Companies

#3: Hair and Makeup Artists (HMUAs)

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#4: Beautiful People

I'm grateful to have worked with people from various countries for solo portrait shoots. To date, my subjects come from Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Britain/UK, Cyprus, Venezuela, USA, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Paraguay, Taiwan, Brunei, Ukraine, France, Australia, Canada, Cambodia, Laos, Hungary, Austria. I'm looking forward to create more portrait work with people from all over the world.

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