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Special Photoshoots You can Hire a Professional Photographer to Do

The most common photoshoot you will see in your social media's newsfeed is probably fashion shoot. Apart from enjoying the view of hot models, you may probably find the photographs boring. If you're an aspiring model or you just love taking photographs of yourself to post onto your social media, you may also be seeking for some special photoshoots.

I do almost all kinds of portrait shoots. There are some special genres that not every portrait photographer will do and there are also some genres that I've been doing very differently from other photographers.

I hope these will inspire you into doing some professional photoshoots.

  1. Art Photoshoot
  2. Boudoir Photoshoot
  3. Bridal (Solo) Photoshoot
  4. Bridal (Sexy) Photoshoot
  5. Dance Photoshoot
  6. Home Lifestyle Photoshoot
  7. Hiking Photoshoot
  8. Night Outdoor Photoshoot
  9. Profile Branding Photoshoot
  10. Tattoo Photoshoot

#1: Art Photoshoot

Art photoshoot with Karina Cognomen Art photoshoot with Valeria Gonzalez

Art is different from porn, although they may be both sexy in nature. There are many artistic people among us. Unfortunately, the society does stop many people from unleashing their artsy selves. For instance, I have quite a number of friends who are very interested in creating art work but the worries of being condemned by their families and friends do stop them from doing any such shoot.

Fortunately, more people in Singapore are becoming more open-minded. Unfortunately, not all art work are done tastefully. Do you think you can do a good one?

While most full-time photographers focus mainly on wedding and commercial shoot because of the larger and more consistent income, I set aside some of my time to work on art shoots. I think creating special art work is something that motivates all artists to persist.

#2: Boudoir Photoshoot

Boudoir photoshoot with Karen Ivy Diaz Boudoir photoshoot with Bianca Pietersz

Every girl has the right to be sexy and to keep a memory of their bodies before they age. Doing a boudoir shoot is an ideal way to achieve these.

Anyone with a camera can do a boudoir shoot for a girl but producing tasteful boudoir photographs requires the equipment, skill and mindset. You need a discipled photographer who can focus on getting good photographs rather than a "photographer" who's more interested in taking advantages of you.

The usual boudoir photographs I see in social media are just heavily processed work (adding of filters and blurring of face). Many turn out to give viewers the sleazy feel.

What I focus on is to get things right during the shoot and keep the photographs tasteful. Since my models know I'm harmless to them, they kind of get more comfortable during the shoots.

#3: Bridal (Solo) Photoshoot

Solo bridal photoshoot with Hilary Tay Solo bridal photoshoot with Robyn Skye

While pre-wedding shoot is usually done by a couple, girls have the right to do a solo wedding shoot on their own at any point of time.

Due to the requirement of bridal gowns and detailed hair and makeup, bridal shoots are not the usual causal shoots girls can easily do with any camera owner.

Some girls do engage professional photographers for casual shoots. However, doing a bridal shoot is way more interesting than doing a normal fashion shoot, although the price will be higher due to the props (gown) and more detailed styling work (hair and makeup).

#4: Bridal (Sexy) Photoshoot

Sexy bridal photoshoot with Eva Loa Sexy bridal photoshoot with Eva Loa

While creating art and bridal work are both my passion, I combine them into a concept.

Doing a sexy bridal shoot is something very unique. It requires great skill to produce very artistic work since art and porn are separated by just a fine borderline.

With my professionlism and concept of lighting, I will make the model feel good and look good.

#5: Dance Photoshoot

Dance photoshoot with Jasmine Lim Dance photoshoot with Teo Shu Ying

Dancers are mostly artistic people; dance is a form of art. In fact, dancers usually perform well in photoshoots because they are trained with showing elegant body gestures, for example, the soft fingers and pointing toes.

While I see most dance photography are focusing a lot on the scenery (their primary target is to achieve a "feel", regardless whether viewers can recognise the dancers a not), I see the need to set the viewers' eyes on the dancers' faces and bodies. While I try to utilise the good sceneries, I keep my dancers properly lighted with soft light, so that viewers will look at them and also feel the softness of dance.

#6: Home Lifestyle Photoshoot

Lifestyle home photoshoot with Tommy & Evelyn Lifestyle home photoshoot with Mitsuya Nakata

To me, home is the most important place for everyone. You work hard to get a house of your own and then you spend more money to decorate it. Therefore, isn't it good to have a professional portrait shoot inside your home to keep a good memory of it?

#7: Hiking Photoshoot

Hiking photoshoot with Amber Nguyen Trang Hiking photoshoot with Ao Xuan

While people are more health-conscious, exercising has become part of their lifestyle. Exploring Singapore (hiking) can be much more interesting than visiting the gym for cardio workout. I know a girl who does hiking weekly who has very nice butts and toned body.

Many people think Singapore is small and boring, and they prefer to go overseas for holidays, but I can assure them that they haven't visited many beautiful parts of Singapore. I personally love exploring Singapore. Southern ridges trail is one of my favourites.

Getting to exercise while enjoying fresh air and admitting good scenery is an enjoyable. I combine this joy with my passion in photography.

Since it requires good physical strength and stamina to complete the journeys, not every photographer can take it. Besides, each trip would probably cause the photographer to exert himself and land with muscle aches for a few days.

#8: Night Outdoor Photoshoot

night outdoor photoshoot with Tan Rou Ying night outdoor photoshoot with Ng Shinyi

It's easy for any camera owner to snap photographs during day time with the availability of the sunlight in outdoor area. Night outdoor shoots are very different.

Of course, with the availability of the streetlights in most places in Singapore, anyone can still snap a photograph. However, producing great photographs with good lighting at good angles requires equipment and skill of the photographer.

Due to the limitation, doing a night outdoor shoot is more difficult than a day shoot; therefore, it's more rare.

#9: Profile Branding Photoshoot

Violinist photoshoot with Hannah Tan Bohemian fashion photoshoot with Gilbert Lew

Whether or not, you're a master of your hobby/passion, you can take some professional photographs of you doing it. For example, if you're a musician or a sportsman, why not have a shoot to keep a memory of it?

Or perhaps, you want to impress people in your social media profiles or tell them about your lifestyle.

#10: Tattoo Photoshoot

Tattoo photoshoot with Isabelle Raphaela Leong Tattoo photoshoot with Kelly Lim

Getting inked is getting very common nowadays. Unlike the past when people usually associate tattoos with triads, nowadays, even sweet-looking young girls also add some tattoos onto their bodies.

While most tattoo lovers ink their bodies for their own agendas (eg. they love the art) and don't intend to highlight the tattoos to others, it's actually something to keep a good memory about. Besides, I strongly feel that art should be shared with people who would appreciate them.

Doing a tattoo photoshoot is something nice.

Of course, doing a tattoo photoshoot means the focus is on both the tattoo and your face, which means both must be properly lighted up. Not every camera owner can do it.

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