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Thanks for dropping by!

If you have not accidentally clicked on this page, your arrival most likely shows that you either appreciate me or my work, or both, and likely wish to know how you can render some help to me. I appreciate it.

Ways to Show Your Appreciation

  1. Write me a testimonial/ review A simple testimonial can help to let more people understand me and my artwork, so that potential clients may decide to work with me.
  2. Interact with my social media accounts Follow both my Instagram and Facebook accounts (both ID: @skaichanphotography) even if you aren't active in them. Whenever you happen to see any new updates from me, do interact by liking and/ or commenting on the posts.

    It will help to battle the algorithms to allow more of my followers to get to see my new posts. Instagram/Facebook has its own algorithms to determine whether a post is interesting or not. For example, when Instagram/Facebook chooses to display my post in the "first batch" of followers' newsfeeds if the viewers don't click LIKE, Instagram/Facebook may think the post is not interesting and thus the post may not be shown to the rest of my followers.

    Therefore, being a silent supporter won't help. It takes only a second to click the LIKE button. Any positive comment on the posts is very much welcomed as well!
  3. Upload our work to social media If you have worked with me before, do (1) upload the photographs to your social media (Facebook/ Instagram), (2) tag my account and (3) credit me in the caption/description. It's best if you (4) include your recommendation to encourage your friends to my photography services or, at least, follow my social media accounts.
  4. Introduce good models to me When I manage to squeeze time out of my tight schedule, I may need to test my equipment or create some images for marketing purposes. Therefore, I may occasionally need good volunteer models in terms of both looks and attitude.
  5. Sponsor me photography equipment Sponsor me some photography equipment to take my photography to a higher level, with an improvement of efficiency and creativity.
  6. Lend me a venue Let me know so that I can borrow the place from you. For example, some friends have been lending me their houses, gyms and cafes for photoshoots.
  7. Link to my photography page on your website/blog Create a link to https://skaichanphotography.com! You can contact me for a link back as long as your website is not a porn site or selling any product/service that may not be suitable for my visitors.

My heart speaks

Reality is cruel - no matter how good or special my work is, it's useless if nobody knows about them. Photography is a sunset industry and I'm struggling to pursue it and create more artwork for everyone.

Your help to make my artwork known to more people will greatly be appreciated as it will boost both my confidence and perseverance. Yes, you can definitely help to make a difference in both my life and the photography industry!

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