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Appreciate Good Photography

Thanks for dropping by! If you have not accidentally clicked onto this page, your arrival most likely shows that you either appreciate me or my work, or both.

Reality is cruel - no matter how good or special your work is, it is useless if nobody comes to know about it. So, your help to make my art work known to more people will be greatly appreciated as it will boost my confidence and perseverance. Yes, you can definitely make a difference.

While I'm currently concentrating on my Facebook page, I'm facing problems of more friends taking "holidays" from Facebook while countless companies are already flooding the entire social network (everyone's news feed) - how is everyone going to get to see my art work (photos) then? Somehow, most of my fans do not get to see my posts.

If you find the list below too long, all you have to do is to follow me at my Facebook page and Instagram. Thanks a million!

  1. If you own a website/blog
    Link to my portfolio - https://skaichanphotography.com! You can contact me for a link back as long as your website is not a porn site or selling any product/service that may not be suitable for my visitors.
  2. If you have a Facebook account
    1. LIKE my Facebook page.
      Somehow, people always relates the number of LIKEs to how popular and good the owner/company/product is. This will also allow you to view updates in your news feed.
    2. Prioritize my posts in your news feed.
      It has been getting difficult for Facebook pages to reach out to their fans, including mine. For every new photo/album posted, you may not even know its existence as you may not see it in your newsfeed.

      In order to avoid missing out any new work from me, do set a higher priority in seeing my posts. Simply go to the bottom right side of my cover photo, put your mouse over "Following" and click "See First" at the dropdown box (make sure it has a tick besides it).
    3. Give a good review.
      Write something good or encouraging! People always want to work with a business/individual with more positive reviews right?
    4. Share my page
      and include some lines to encourage your friends to LIKE my page.
      You can simply say "Hey, please help to LIKE my friend's photography page!". By doing so, your friends may get to see your post in their news feed. The exposure and recommendation from you will help to get some of your friends to LIKE my page.
    5. Invite all friends
      to LIKE my page using the feature on the page.
      There is an "Invite Your Friends to Like this Page" feature on the page itself. Click "See All" and click the "invite" buttons one by one to invite all your friends to LIKE my page. I know it is going to be a little tiring if you have many friends in your list.

      They will simply receive a notification, which unfortunately, many people are ignoring. However, this will encourage some of your friends to do the favour. I have done it and only around 10% of my friends have LIKEd the page while the rest only start LIKE-ing as they see me post my art works into my profile, which means they have not been noticing the notifications. Like what I have mentioned, many people are taking "break" from Facebook as well.
    6. LIKE my albums and individual photos.
      Many friends start complimenting my work only when we get to chat in private. They can relate to the models who they think are pretty but they actually do not give a generous LIKE to the photos and albums.

      LIKE-ing the photos and albums is very important in Facebook ever since they start sorting the news feed in order of "Top stories" (default) and "Most recent", such that a post without LIKE may not appear in some fans' news feed or at least not near the top before the user gives up scrolling down. LIKE-ing them may also allow them to appear in your friends' new feeds, so that they will have the chance to appreciate my work and may LIKE my page voluntarily.
  3. If you own an Instagram account
    Follow my Instagram account at https://instagram.com/skaichanphotography or ID @skaichanphotography.
  4. If I have worked with you before
    Upload the photos to Facebook or/and Instagram, and link to my Facebook page and this portfolio site in the caption/description. It's also good if you can include a line to encourage your friends to LIKE my page. If your friends think I have done a good job with you, they may want to LIKE my page to get updates of my other work.
  5. Introduce good models to me
    I do selective TFCD shoot with models who can benefit my portfolio when I'm available. If you have any pretty or hot female friend with good attitude, introduce her to me to collaborate! Getting a few extra good quality photos won't harm anyone right?
  6. If you have extra cash to spare
    Sponsor me some equipment so that I can do more types of shoots and able to be more creative.
  7. If you have an indoor place
    Let me know so that I can borrow the place from you to practise/test my lighting equipment or arrange with my models for photoshoot.

Page last modified on Tue, 23 March 2021