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17. Reasons Why Portrait Photography is Important

Portrait photography is important for business, the society and individuals.

Whether it's for work or personal reason, there's nothing wrong for a person to be interested in being photographed. Everyone, regardless of looks, deserves the right to have her photographs being taken - it's not an exclusive right for just pretty girls. Even if a person doesn't want to engage a professional photographer to do a photoshoot, she can at least use her phone camera to do selfie.

Honestly, some people may feel awkward or less confident to do a photoshoot, especially when they feel that people in their social circles are not open-minded or not exposed to photoshoot. Perhaps, they have over-worried about the views of others while their youth fades away everyday. No matter how good looking a person, including celebrity and model, is, there will be people criticising or mocking over her photographs; hence, it shouldn't be a reason to not take photographs.

Sometimes, people who are totally unexposed to the photography world would ask me why do other people want to do portrait photoshoot. There are, of course, many different reasons and everyone probably has a combination of reasons to do it.

    Corporate / Business

  1. Advertising
    why photography is important for business? Businesses will definitely need some forms of advertising in order to reach out to new clients. Sometimes, in the advertisement, poster or brochure, the business may need to feature an ambassador, its owner or some of the key personnel.
  2. Publication
    Some people are being requested to be featured in publication like magazines and thus they need to get themselves photographed. It is also good to publish photographs on the company website to show clients whom they are going to work with.
  3. Be a model
    To become a model, a girl would need to get a modelling portfolio. There are different kinds of modelling jobs, such as runway, event and photo models. In most cases, the model would need to present her modelling portfolio in order to get the job because the employer would want to see how well the model can present herself in different varieties of looks. Her portfolio can also roughly tell her experience.
  4. Resume
    For a resume, a person who wants to show his creativity and sincerity, or just wants to outdo others may want to get some non-standard IC required kind of corporate headshot.
  5. Personal / Private

  6. Wedding
    It is not a must but a trend to do a pre-wedding shoot and create an album to show to the guests during the actual day wedding. Most couples do it anyway.
  7. Fulfil one-time model's dream
    Models, like cabin crews, are a recognition of looks and thus, it is many young people's dream to become one. However, reality is cruel, and for many reasons, not many people would get into the profession - be it height issue or simply because the career is very uncertain. Eventually, when a person grows up and starts working, she may want to have a try of the feeling of being a model just for at least once.
  8. Fun
    For some people, it is simply something new and thus worth trying for fun. It is different from activities like bungee jumping but the moment of having a photographer with a professional DSLR camera and various lighting strobes pointing at her may be something exciting or challenging too.
  9. Find confidence
    Due to the fact that standing in front of the camera can be intimidating, it is one way to build confidence. This is also one of my goals, which I want to achieve to help people.
  10. Art
    Just like music, painting and drawing, modelling is a form of art. People who appreciate this form of art may want to create it.
  11. Competitive mind
    For some people, they just want to outdo others. Given the number of beginners in the market who have been uploading substandard photographs online, no doubt it will cause a strong urge in some people.
  12. Keep a good memory
    Photography helps to retain the moments. If you are a great sportsman or good in some things, you may want to take some photographs to show to your grandchildren in future. Some people definitely want to keep some memories of themselves when they are still young and for this case, some ladies may want to do boudoir shoot just for themselves.
  13. Special event
    Some couples would want to celebrate their anniversary by having a photoshoot. For events like father's day or mother's day, some children may want to do a family photoshoot. Whereas for graduates, they may also want to keep a memory of themselves in the graduation robes.
  14. Help a friend
    Given the drop in prices of cameras, more people are owning a DSLR and may want to try shooting a model. If they are not wealthy, they are likely to approach their friends to model for them and some girls will gladly accept the request since it is a mutual gain - free photographs, why not?
  15. Better social media profile
    The quality of photographs inside your social media profile will definitely affect how people judge you. That is to say if you want to impress more people, you probably can upload some good quality photographs taken by professional photographers. This is the reason why many "social influencers" manage to gain many followers - somehow they do post better photographs.
  16. Rebrand online dating profile
    The most crucial part of an online dating profile in a dating APP or website is the picture section. People are visual animals after all. Most people aren't looking for someone with the looks of a winner of a beauty pageant or a celebrity, but someone whose look is comfortable to the individual's sight. Therefore, some people do seek help from a professional dating profile photographer.
  17. Private photos for the other half
    Some couples are more open-minded and would want to surprise their the other half with intimate photographs of themselves, such as boudoir photoshoot.
  18. Become famous
    Some people may do photoshoot to get famous, whether in a positive or negative way. Some girls may choose to shoot with photographers who are good in PR (public relationship), regardless of the tastefulness of their work, in order to achieve their goals in getting famous.

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