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The Boudoir Photographer

Professional boudoir photographer in Singapore Hey there, I'm Skai, your go-to boudoir photographer here in sunny Singapore!

Boudoir photography is my jam and I'm all about capturing those intimate and romantic moments that celebrate your stunning sensuality. No need to be shy, my friend, I've got you covered! I understand that this can be a personal and vulnerable experience, but fear not - I'll create a comfy and relaxed atmosphere that'll make you feel like you're just hanging out with an old friend.

When it comes to gear, I'm all about that professional stuff - cameras, lenses and lighting to ensure we get nothing but the best quality images. No blurry selfies here! With my keen eye for detail and passion for creating jaw-dropping visuals, we'll have you looking like a bona fide superstar.

Oh, and let's talk lighting - it's like my secret sauce! I blend natural light with a touch of flash to conjure up different vibes and moods. Picture yourself with that soft, delicate glow from the sun or imagine yourself shining like a fierce and bold diva under that flash. It's all about creating that perfect atmosphere that truly showcases your unique beauty.

So, are you ready to step into the spotlight and let your confidence shine through? I can't wait to work with you and capture the essence of your beautiful soul. Let's make some memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Trust me, we're gonna have a blast!

What Sets Skai Apart from Other Boudoir Photographers

As a professional boudoir photographer, let me share with you why working with me will be a unique and memorable experience:

  1. Sexy but tasteful pictures: Without a doubt, boudoir photography is a sexy genre. While you want to look seductive, you want to present a classy look as well. Being guided by a professional commercial makeup artist in the initial stage of my photography journey, I have been working towards tasteful art. That means no matter how little cloth you put on, I'll make you look flattered and elegant, and be admired by others in a positive and decent way.
  2. Professional equipment: When it comes to capturing stunning images, having top-notch equipment is key. That's why I invest in high-end cameras, lighting and accessories to ensure that your boudoir images are of the highest quality. From the sharpness of the images to the richness of the colours, you can trust that your photos will look amazing. I work on two kinds of photography - with and without professional lighting (flash). While most boudoir photographers in Singapore are skilled only in natural light, I'm a master in high-end photography as well. Thus, you have the option to do a high-end boudoir shoot as well.
  3. Skill and experience: I have been obsessed with photography since the year 2012, honing my skills and perfecting my technique. As a result, I am confident to create stunning images that showcase you in the best possible light. Whether it's through lighting, posing or camera angles, I will work with you to create images that are both beautiful and meaningful.
  4. Comfort and safety: I understand that having your photo taken can be nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to boudoir photography, which can be very intimate. That's why I strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for my clients. I aim to put you at ease and make you feel confident throughout the process. Additionally, I take great care to maintain a professional boundary and always minimise physical contact with my models. I never touch my models when posing them, so you can feel completely at ease and comfortable during the photoshoot.
  5. Bespoke photography: Every person is unique and every photoshoot should reflect that. That's why I take the time to get to know you, your preferences and your desired outcome. By doing so, I can tailor the photoshoot to your needs and create images as unique and special as you are. Let's get creative together!
  6. Professional editing: I have the eyes and skills to make necessary adjustments and retouch the images. I understand that some people prefer heavy editing, while others prefer to keep everything natural. That's why I leave the decision to you. My goal is to create images that reflect your personal preferences and style, and you will be proud to display and share them.

So, if you're looking for a boudoir photographer who will go above and beyond to create amazing images for you, I would be honoured to be the one to capture this special moment in your life.

Find out more about what sets my photography apart from other photographers in terms of transparency, value for money, high-quality and personalised photos and great experience.

Testimonials: What Clients Say about Skai

boudoir session

"Skai Chan (@skaichanphotography) is a very respectful and professional photographer. It was very comfortable doing a boudoir shoot with him. There were lots of trust, honesty and respect, hence everything went very smoothly during the shoot without any problems or discomfort. It was my first time doing a boudoir shoot, and he was very patient with me when I struggled with some poses. Overall, I absolutely respect Skai Chan's professionalism and efforts he put into his work. He is a highly recommended photographer and it has been a huge pleasure working with him!" - Rina

boudoir photoshoot

"I was so impressed with how comfortable and relaxed Skai made me feel. When I saw the finished pictures, I was so pleased and never thought I could feel so beautiful and sexy at the same time!”

Skai is so, so talented! His relaxed personality made this such a fun experience. Skai had such a great eye for posing me in ways that were very flattering! The pictures are simply beautiful!" - Jane

Thank you for considering me for your boudoir photography needs. To fully understand my working style and the experience you can expect from a photo session with me, I invite you to take a moment to read through the testimonials provided by my past clients.

These testimonials will give you a glimpse into the level of professionalism, dedication and care that I bring to every photoshoot. They will also provide insight into the results that my clients have achieved through working with me. I believe that the best way to understand my approach is to hear it directly from my clients, and I am confident that their words will give you a better understanding of what to expect when you choose me as your boudoir photographer.

Portfolio: Boudoir Photoshoots

🔍19       Intimate Couple Boudoir Hotel Photoshoot - Couple: Alan Low & Cheryl Chua @ Park Hotel Alexandra
1. Couple: Alan Low & Cheryl Chua

@ Park Hotel Alexandra
⚡ Flash photography
🔍11       High-End Hotel Boudoir Photoshoot - Jane @ Lloyd's Inn
2. Jane

@ Lloyd's Inn
⚡ Flash photography
🔍4       High-End Hotel Boudoir Bathtub Photoshoot - Audrey Chen @ Marina Bay Sands (MBS) hotel
3. Audrey Chen

@ Marina Bay Sands (MBS) hotel
⚡ Flash photography
🔍7       High-End Boudoir Hotel Photoshoot - Audrey Chen @ Marina Bay Sands (MBS) hotel
4. Audrey Chen

@ Marina Bay Sands (MBS) hotel
⚡ Flash photography
🔍6       High-End Hotel Sunset Boudoir Photoshoot - Audrey Chen @ Marina Bay Sands (MBS) hotel
5. Audrey Chen

@ Marina Bay Sands (MBS) hotel
⚡ Flash photography
🔍9       Studio Sofa Boudoir Photoshoot - Huiqing @ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
6. Huiqing

@ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
⚡ Flash photography
🔍6       High-End Indoor Boudoir & Pet Cats Photoshoot - Rachel Liew @ Home, Tampines
7. Rachel Liew

@ Home, Tampines
⚡ Flash photography
🔍16       Studio Lingerie Photoshoot - Tantiara Rosli @ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
8. Tantiara Rosli

@ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
⚡ Flash photography
🔍6       Studio Lingerie Photoshoot - Ko @ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
9. Ko

@ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
⚡ Flash photography
🔍5       Studio Hobby Gamer Photoshoot - Rachel Liew @ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
10. Rachel Liew

@ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
⚡ Flash photography
🔍6       Studio Christmas Themed Boudoir Photoshoot - Rachel Liew @ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
11. Rachel Liew

@ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
⚡ Flash photography
🔍7       Hotel Couch Boudoir Photoshoot - Bianca Pietersz @ InterContinental Singapore
12. Bianca Pietersz

@ InterContinental Singapore
🌞 Natural light photography
🔍6       High-End Hotel Bed Boudoir Photoshoot - Bianca Pietersz @ InterContinental Singapore
13. Bianca Pietersz

@ InterContinental Singapore
⚡ Flash photography
🔍15       High-End Indoor Boudoir Photoshoot - Karen Ivy Diaz @ Home, Hougang
14. Karen Ivy Diaz

@ Home, Hougang
⚡ Flash photography
🔍9       Bedroom Boudoir Photoshoot - Syriicyaniide @ Bedroom, Tiong Bahru
15. Syriicyaniide

@ Bedroom, Tiong Bahru
🌞 Natural light photography
🔍4       Sofa Boudoir Photoshoot - Syriicyaniide @ Sofa, Tiong Bahru
16. Syriicyaniide

@ Sofa, Tiong Bahru
⚡ Flash photography
🔍17       Bedroom Implied Nude Boudoir Photoshoot - Rina @ Bedroom, Tanjong Pagar
17. Rina

@ Bedroom, Tanjong Pagar
⚡ Flash photography
🔍17       Studio Christmas Themed Implied Nude Photoshoot - Zuzi Novakova @ Makeshift Studio @ Pearl's Hill Terrace
18. Zuzi Novakova

@ Makeshift Studio @ Pearl's Hill Terrace
⚡ Flash photography
🔍4       Maternity/ Pregnancy Milk Bath Boudoir Photoshoot - Vanessa @ Hotel Fort Canning
19. Vanessa

@ Hotel Fort Canning
⚡🌞💡 Mixed light photography
🔍10       High-End Bedroom Boudoir Photoshoot - Leila Barrick @ Bedroom
20. Leila Barrick

@ Bedroom
⚡ Flash photography
🔍6       High-End Indoor Art Implied Nude Boudoir Photoshoot - Eva Loa @ Home, Ang Mo Kio
21. Eva Loa

@ Home, Ang Mo Kio
⚡ Flash photography
🔍2       High-End Hotel Boudoir Photoshoot - Hannah Lee @ Klapstar Boutique Hotel
22. Hannah Lee

@ Klapstar Boutique Hotel
⚡ Flash photography
🔍4       High-End Outdoor Boudoir Photoshoot - Jun @ Tanjong Beach, Sentosa
23. Jun

@ Tanjong Beach, Sentosa
⚡ Flash photography
🔍5       High-End Hotel Boudoir Photoshoot - He Ling @ V Hotel Bencoolen
24. He Ling

@ V Hotel Bencoolen
⚡ Flash photography
🔍2       High-End Hotel Boudoir Photoshoot - Selvy Sequence @ Hotel Michael, Sentosa
25. Selvy Sequence

@ Hotel Michael, Sentosa
⚡ Flash photography

Boudoir Photography Services in Singapore

As a professional boudoir photographer in Singapore, I offer many photography services to help you capture your sensual side tastefully and elegantly. Whether you're interested in a classic boudoir shoot, a sultry and seductive session, or a playful and fun theme, I'm here to help you bring your vision to life. I offer a variety of packages to suit your individual needs and preferences, from short and sweet mini-sessions to full-day shoots complete with hair, makeup and styling.

I offer boudoir photoshoots for individuals and couples, for personal keepsakes and commercial use, such as lingerie catalogues. With professional photography equipment, including lighting, I can do an on-location boudoir photoshoot with you at any place, whether it's indoors, outdoors or studios. You can also do a boudoir photoshoot with me at the comfort of your house.

I specialise in capturing the beauty and confidence of my clients in two distinct styles: professional boudoir photography using natural light and high-end boudoir photography using artificial lighting. Choose the natural light session for a soft and intimate ambiance, or opt for the high-end session to indulge in a glamorous and sophisticated experience. Both of them have their pros and cons, and therefore, you should consider the kind of result you wish to produce and your situation before deciding on the type. Whichever style you prefer, my goal is to provide you with an unforgettable boudoir photography session that captures your essence and empowers you to embrace your inner beauty.

Regardless of the style you choose, my boudoir photography sessions are tailored to your individual desires and comfort level. I provide a safe and empowering environment where you can fully express your unique personality and embrace your sensuality. With my professional guidance and expertise, we will collaborate to create a collection of timeless and breathtaking images that celebrate your confidence and beauty.

Natural Light Boudoir Photography Sessions

natural light hotel couple boudoir photography
Professional hotel couple boudoir photography using natural light. The background is overexposed (white) while the couple is in the shadow. The lighting on the couple is flat. This is a more "dreamy" effect.

Step right into my natural light sessions, where I work my magic with the sun's rays to craft dreamy, otherworldly images that capture your natural beauty. With a keen eye for the available light, I create an inviting and cosy vibe that enhances your features and showcases your irresistible charm. The soft play of shadows and gentle colour palettes add a pinch of romance and authenticity to every shot, resulting in a breathtaking collection of naturally-lit boudoir images that will make your heart skip a beat.

A professional photoshoot uses natural or ambient light speeds up the entire boudoir photoshoot tremendously. Time is crucial in many situations and so does photography fees.

Flash (High-End) Boudoir Photography Sessions

High-End hotel couple boudoir photography
High-end hotel couple boudoir photography using flash. The background is properly exposed and its details can be seen. The angled soft lighting on the couple makes them well-exposed and more 3-dimensional. Since a lower ISO is used, the photograph looks cleaner and sharper.

Now, if you're craving that extra dose of glitz and glamour, my high-end sessions are your ticket to the red-carpet treatment. Armed with cutting-edge lighting techniques and top-of-the-line gear, I whip up an atmosphere that's nothing short of captivating and sophisticated. Picture-perfect placement of lights, carefully controlled shadows and unwavering attention to detail work in harmony to deliver images that exude elegance and allure. These sessions are all about embracing that polished, high-end aesthetic that'll have you strutting like a bona fide star.

I have created most of my boudoir photo albums using high-end photography because I believe it's important to create professional-looking boudoir pictures that more people would appreciate. I can make my models look more 3-dimensional and highlight any or multiple parts of the photographs as I wish; I can also create any mood I want at most parts and directions of the room. High-end photography allows flexibility in the shoot.

Unfortunately, I usually don't get to shoot in good situations where both natural light and background/ interior suit the boudoir shoot, which is why adding in flash is usually essential. Just imagine a situation that the interior (or tidiness) of the room is not pleasing and the photographer has to frame you with the windows at the back. The sunlight will cause the background to be overexposed while you're likely in the shadow. In such a situation, artificial light can be added in to balance the overall exposure, whether to light up your face properly or to reduce the exposure (distraction) of the background.

On a side note, if a photographer were to prepare for high-end photography by bringing his lighting equipment along, he can easily switch to doing a casual boudoir photoshoot. However, if the client were to opt for a natural light boudoir shoot, the photographer, without the lighting equipment, may not be able to capture some shots.

Couple Boudoir Photography Sessions

Love is a beautiful journey, and what better way to capture it than through couple boudoir photography? I'll help you and your partner create intimate and enchanting moments that showcase the connection you share.

I believe in creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that allows your chemistry to shine through. With gentle guidance and an eye for the genuine, I'll capture your natural interactions and expressions. I work closely with you to understand your dynamics, preferences and unique journey. Whether you envision a soft and dreamy ambiance or a more dramatic and passionate vibe, I'll tailor the session to your story, ensuring that your personalities and emotions take centre stage.

Maternity Boudoir Photography Sessions

Embracing the essence of maternity boudoir photography means celebrating the exquisite beauty and grace inherent in the journey of pregnancy. It's about encapsulating the remarkable transition into motherhood and capturing the resplendent glow that accompanies this transformative phase.

Within your maternity boudoir session lies a canvas that reflects your individual journey. Collaboratively, I'll closely engage with you to translate your vision into reality. Whether your preference leans towards an ethereal and serene ambiance or a bolder, more vibrant expression, I'm dedicated to ensuring your vision shines through.

Should you be inclined to commemorate this distinct and cherished phase of life while embracing the inherent beauty of pregnancy, my photography services are meticulously curated to encapsulate the essence of motherhood. In an authentic and empowering manner, I'm here to capture the radiance that defines this remarkable journey.

Lingerie Fashion Photography Sessions

Lingerie fashion photography is the epitome of capturing the artistry and allure woven into each lingerie piece. It's a journey that uplifts elegance and amplifies the confidence emanating from embracing your inner beauty.

Your lingerie fashion shoot is more than just a snapshot; it's a mirror reflecting your style and personality. Collaboratively, we'll breathe life into your vision, whether it's a soft and sensual ambiance or a daring and audacious statement.

If you're ready to unveil the elegance and self-assuredness that lingerie embodies, my photography services are curated to encapsulate your authentic, empowering essence. Perfect for lingerie fashion companies and designers, together, let's capture the uniqueness that defines your creations and the confidence they exude.

Other Art Photography Sessions

My artistic adventures don't stop at boudoir photography alone! I also dive headfirst into various other forms of art shoots. Other art photography services I provide include conceptual, implied nude, tattoo and themed photography.

You see, my passion for photography knows no bounds and exploring different genres allows me to continuously expand my skills and knowledge. I love immersing myself in diverse artistic expressions. Each new art shoot presents a fresh opportunity for growth and learning, providing me with invaluable exposure to different techniques, lighting scenarios and composition styles.

So, when you entrust me with your boudoir photography session, rest assured that my extensive experience in other art forms only enhances my ability to capture your unique beauty. It's all part of my never-ending quest to refine my craft and provide you with a truly unforgettable and artful experience.

Together, let's embark on a photographic journey that not only celebrates your sensuality but also taps into the wondrous realm of artistic exploration. Get ready to unleash your inner muse and discover the breathtaking beauty that lies within you.

Prices & Packages for Boudoir Photography

Before we jump into the lens magic, scan my service agreement and privacy policy. Every photographer has his playbook – flipping through mine ensures we're on the same visual wavelength.

🌞 Natural Light Photography

Up to:   1.5 Hour + 45 photos

More Information

  • Pace of shoot: Slow
  • Venue: Provided by client
  • Digital copies (high resolution JPG)
  • Photos selection in low resolution PDF
  • NO raw files, NO unedited photos, NO items/services that aren't stated here.

Special Requests/ Add-Ons

(Subject to availability)
  • Privacy of photos (buy over the rights so that the photos won't be published anywhere, including on this website):
    +$100/hr booked
  • Face to Face discussion:
    Starting from +$100
  • Photographer to scout venue(s):
    Starting from +$100
  • Shoot at beach/ sandy/ dirty venue:
    Starting from +$50
  • Additional photos (basic edit):
  • Same-day photo edit (basic edit):
  • Expedited photo edit (basic edit: 3 days after shoot):
    +$50/hr booked
  • Advanced edit (skin retouching):
  • Revision of photo edit (advanced edit):
  • Hairstyling & Makeup:
    Refer to the Makeover Services page.

Venue Booking

(Subject to availability)
  • Gym space:
    Starting from +$100
  • Photo Studio:
    Refer to my photo studio page


(Subject to availability)
  • Shoots on any public holiday or eve of public holiday:
    Starting from +$100
  • Shoots that require meet-up before 7 am:
    Starting from +$150
  • Shoots that end later than 11 pm:
    Starting from +$150

⚡ Flash Photography

Up to:   1.5 Hour + 45 photos
  • Additional Time: $100/block 30-minute
  • Use of flash (one-light set-up)
  • Editing: Basic (exposure & colour correction)

More Information

  • Pace of shoot: Slow
  • Venue: Provided by client
  • Digital copies (high resolution JPG)
  • Photos selection in low resolution PDF
  • NO raw files, NO unedited photos, NO items/services that aren't stated here.

Special Requests/ Add-Ons

(Subject to availability)
  • Privacy of photos (buy over the rights so that the photos won't be published anywhere, including on this website):
    +$100/hr booked
  • Face to Face discussion:
    Starting from +$100
  • Photographer to scout venue(s):
    Starting from +$100
  • Shoot at beach/ sandy/ dirty venue:
    Starting from +$50
  • Additional lighting set-up:
  • Additional photos (basic edit):
  • Same-day photo edit (basic edit):
  • Expedited photo edit (basic edit: 3 days after shoot):
    +$50/hr booked
  • Advanced edit (skin retouching):
  • Revision of photo edit (advanced edit):
  • Hairstyling & Makeup:
    Refer to the Makeover Services page.

Venue Booking

(Subject to availability)
  • Gym space:
    Starting from +$100
  • Photo Studio:
    Refer to my photo studio page


(Subject to availability)
  • Shoots on any public holiday or eve of public holiday:
    Starting from +$100
  • Shoots that require meet-up before 7 am:
    Starting from +$150
  • Shoots that end later than 11 pm:
    Starting from +$150

Booking Information

Hey there, interested in booking a boudoir photography session with me? Great choice! Let me give you all the information you need to get started.

  1. Contact me with the purpose: Firstly, to book a boudoir session with me, simply head to my contact page where you can find the link to text me via WhatsApp. Please indicate your purpose and the package you are interested in, or otherwise, I may mistake your text as a spam.
  2. Consultation: We will have a consultation to discuss the type of event, the date, location and your preferred style of photography. This will help me understand your vision and see if we are a perfect match. We will also go over the package options and pricing. However, do note that I will only provide guidance (advices, suggestions, tips etc) after you have confirmed and booked my services officially.
  3. Place deposit: To secure your booking, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. Once your deposit is received, your date and time will be reserved exclusively for you.

    Don't worry, I'll send you all the necessary payment details when you decide to book with me. Payment can be made via PayNow or PayPal (PayPal requires extra fee).

    The remaining balance is due on the day of the photoshoot.

Remember that it's best to book my photography services in advance to ensure availability. So don't hesitate to contact me as soon as possible to secure your date!

Quick Explanation of Photography Costs

I've streamlined my photography packages to be wallet-friendly, ensuring you get the best value. The most considerable portion of my photography cost is calculated based on:

  1. Duration booked: it includes changing of equipment, wardrobe, makeup, hairstyle and travelling during the shoot.
  2. Equipment required: natural light vs flash.
  3. Type of editing: basic vs advanced.
  4. Copyright/privacy: there's a fee should you don't want the photos to be published anywhere.
  5. Extensiveness of planning required.
  6. Special requests/ add-ons & surcharges.

Please read the full explanations so that you can make a better decision.

Special Requests

I've tailored these special requests and add-ons to cater to the unique tastes of my past clients, ensuring each voyage is personalised. The inclusion of these options aims to dissuade similar requests and, importantly, not as a means for me to pocket extra income from my future clients.

Think of it as a bespoke service, crafted with your preferences in mind rather than a cunning plan to boost the treasure chest.


Picture this – I'm here to offer you a good experience without breaking the bank. But, when a project starts encroaching on my personal space or health or requires any additional cost, a surcharge is the reality check. No beating about the bush – it's a straightforward acknowledgment of the extra effort.

It's about ensuring a top-notch journey. Your support in grasping this aspect ensures our photography sail stays steady. Ready to roll with this clarity? Your agreement is the fuel that powers our creative engine.

For the uncommon surcharges, do look through the full list of surcharges to avoid miscommunications.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time depends on various factors, such as:

  1. The number of photos taken
  2. The workload of the photographer
  3. The type of editing required
  4. The quantity of photos requested
  5. The condition of the venue

Generally, if the client needs to choose the photos, it will take up to two weeks for the photographer to sift through and eliminate bad and duplicate shots. The remaining photos are then provided to the clients in a low-resolution PDF file. After the client makes the selection, it will take up to a month for basic editing or two months for advanced editing before the final photos are returned.

Skai follows the practice of reviewing the photos with a fresh mind every one to three days to ensure the highest possible quality. This significant effort places him at a disadvantage in terms of profit. Therefore, clients should appreciate the value of receiving meticulously edited photos, even if it means a slight delay.

In most cases, especially when the number of photos is limited, the final edited photos can be returned much earlier without compromising quality.

For more information, read photography editing time explained.

Skai's Boudoir Photography

Skai's Vision & Goals for Boudoir Photography

As a boudoir photographer, my vision is to beautify the world with sexy and elegant photos that would raise the standard of artworks. I strongly believe boudoir photography should be done professionally with caution and proper planning to ensure every photo will be well-appreciated and treated with respect by everyone.

To me, boudoir photography is more than just taking pretty pictures – it's about helping people feel confident, empowered and utterly gorgeous in their own skin. Whether you're curvy, petite, tall, short or anything in between, my goal is to help you see yourself in a new light and embrace your body in all its glory.

Through my lens, I strive to capture not just your physical beauty but also the essence of who you are as a person – your personality, energy and spirit. Every photo shoot is a collaboration between us, with your unique vision and preferences guiding the process every step of the way.

I believe that boudoir photography is a powerful tool for self-expression, self-love and self-acceptance. It's a way to celebrate your body, femininity, sensuality and strength, all in one. And it's an experience that can leave you feeling empowered, confident and proud of who you are, inside and out.

In my limited time, I seek to create work that celebrates the unique beauty and sensuality of every person who approaches me.

So if you're ready to step out of your comfort zone, embrace your inner goddess and create some stunning photos that capture the essence of you, then I'm here to help. Let's work together to create a boudoir shoot that celebrates all that makes you unique and beautiful.

Skai's Approach to Boudoir Photoshoots

Every professional boudoir photographer does things differently. Therefore, if you're interested in my boudoir photography services, you should try to find out my working style to ensure we are a close match to begin with.

  1. Understanding: Before the shoot, I take the time to understand my clients' vision and what they hope to achieve from the experience. I listen carefully to their ideas and preferences, and work closely with them to ensure that their vision is translated into the final images. This collaborative approach helps to ensure that my clients are happy with the end result and that the images truly reflect their unique beauty and personality.
  2. Comfortable environment: First and foremost, I always make sure to create a comfortable and safe environment for my clients. Boudoir photography can be a vulnerable and intimate experience, so it's important that they feel at ease. I start by getting to know them a little bit and discussing their vision for the shoot. I listen carefully to what they want and ensure that their desires are always at the forefront of the session.
  3. Artistry: When it comes to the actual photography, I take a very artistic approach. I like to think of the human form as a canvas and my camera as a paintbrush. I use lighting and poses to create a mood and tell a story. I might use shadow and light to symbolize the dichotomy of light and dark within each of us, or use angles and lines to foreshadow a narrative. Every image is unique and has its own story to tell.
  4. Technique: In terms of technique, I like to use a variety of lenses and focal lengths to create different effects. Sometimes I might use a wide-angle lens to create a sense of expansiveness and freedom or a zoom lens to compress the image and create an intimate feeling. Personification plays a role as I use the camera to imbue my subjects with a sense of personality, to bring out their unique features and characteristics.
  5. Essence: But most importantly, I focus on capturing the essence of my clients. Each person has their own individual beauty, and I strive to capture that in every image. Hyperbole is necessary to express how stunning and amazing each person is. My aim is to make them feel confident and empowered, and to capture their unique beauty in a way that they will cherish for years to come.
  6. Respectful boundaries: As a professional boudoir photographer, it's important for me to maintain boundaries and respect my clients' comfort levels. For this reason, I refrain from having any physical body contact during the shoot. Instead, I use verbal cues and gentle direction to guide my clients into poses that highlight their best features and flatter their body type. This allows for a professional and respectful experience for all involved.

In the end, boudoir photography is about so much more than just taking pretty pictures. It's about celebrating the beauty and strength of the human spirit, and creating art that reflects that. So if you're thinking about a boudoir session, don't hesitate! Let's create something beautiful together.

How Skai Began Doing Boudoir Photoshoots

When I was new to portrait photography, I worked a lot with friends and non-models who approached me for collaboration. I was glad that my fashion work was well-appreciated. However, those people came to me for similar concepts for the reason that most of them weren't open-minded enough. Being overly conservative led to another major problem - they weren't very comfortable in front of the camera. It became a vicious cycle.

After a few shots, especially with one of the models who approached me frequently, my "teacher", a commercial makeup artist started nagging at me for doing too many Garden Shoots and thus under-utilising my time, and losing the opportunities to gain better models. My portrait portfolio wasn't diversified and lacked creativity.

Fortunately, an online friend approached me as she was coming over to Singapore with her boyfriend. We decided on a collaboration for a boudoir shoot. Although I was quite amateur in using professional lighting and had limited equipment, I was able to create some stunning work with a great concept. However, as amateur as I was, I made a big mistake by not correcting the model's makeup, which was too harsh and unnatural.

I was extremely devastated by the long hours I spent on the actual photography and the weeks of post-processing work for a huge album of photos.

Nevertheless, it was a lesson well learnt for me. It pathed my portrait photography journey for more interesting, high-quality and natural-looking boudoir work in the future.

Why Skai Loves Doing Boudoir Photoshoots

  1. Creative Challenge: Boudoir photography is a challenging and creative genre that requires a high level of skill and expertise in lighting, posing and composition. This allows me to showcase my artistic abilities and stand out from other photographers and thus satisfying my competitive soul.
  2. Embraces my creativity: Boudoir photography allows me to push my creative boundaries and explore new and exciting ways to keep my work fresh and interesting. It is a genre that allows me to express my artistic vision and create beautiful and meaningful images that will be cherished for a lifetime.
  3. Proof that decent male photographer exists: Many females are wary of male photographers who are touchy and have secret agendas. Doing boudoir photography professionally allows me to prove to the world that male photographers who do intimate photoshoots can also treat their models with respect.
  4. Indulges in being trusted: Boudoir photography can be a very personal and intimate experience. It allows me to connect with their clients on a deeper level and to create a sense of trust and understanding between us. The feeling of being trusted for my professionalism is fantastic.
  5. Positive Impact on Clients: Boudoir photography can also be a way for me to empower and make a positive impact in my client's lives by helping them to feel more confident and beautiful in their skin.
  6. Passion for Human Form: I'm passionate about capturing the beauty and sensuality of the human form and boudoir photography allows me to do this professionally and tastefully. Boudoir photography is a genre that allows me to express my artistic vision and create a unique and personal style. This can be very rewarding for me as I'm very passionate about my craft and want to make a difference in the lives of my clients.
  7. Variety: Boudoir photography can also be a way for me to work with different types of clients, from different backgrounds and with different body types. I also get to work in a variety of settings, from in-studio shoots to on-location shoots. I'm able to create different moods and atmospheres in their images. These varieties keep my work interesting and engaging.
  8. Personal Growth: Boudoir photography can also be a way for me to continue to grow and develop my skills, both technically and creatively. It allows me to push my boundaries and explore new techniques and ways of working. Boudoir photography can be a great way for me to build my confidence and gain experience in working with clients in a one-on-one setting.
  9. Uniqueness: Boudoir photography is a unique genre that is not often seen in the traditional photography realm. Therefore, it allows me to explore and create unique and beautiful images that stand out from others.
  10. Building a brand and reputation: When it comes to photography, building a brand and reputation is essential and boudoir photography is the perfect way to do that. By focusing on this specific niche, I can create a unique style that sets me apart from other photographers and establishes me as an expert in the field. Moreover, with the help of boudoir photography, I can develop a loyal client base and earn a reputation as a trusted and respected professional. Eventually, this allows me to provide my clients with high-end and bespoke on-location photography services that they can rely on.

In short, boudoir photography offers a wide range of opportunities for me to showcase my artistic abilities, connect with my clients on a deeper level and build my reputation and portfolio. It's a challenging and rewarding genre that allows me to express my creativity and make a difference in the lives of my clients.

What is Sexy to Skai

For my artwork, I always try to integrate all attributes of sexiness in order to create a huge impact and give a good vibe. The degree of sexiness depends on the theme. For example, I can't let the model expose too much skin if I don't want to distract the viewers from the actual theme. If I'm doing an implied nude shoot, somehow I have to let the viewers know the model is naked although they won't be able to see the private parts.

I have encountered aspiring models who approach me for collaboration and they specifically state that they have to be well-covered, which will generate less marketing value. They will try to debate that sexiness isn't only about showing skin. Of course, they are right but only partially right because there are many attributes. We can assume that Shuqi and Megan Fox can look sexy even without showing skin, but how many girls can have their charisma? Eventually, sexiness in styling is the most obvious and can resonate with most viewers.

These are the things I find sexy:

  1. Physical Many physical parts of the female body are sexy.

    I personally think breasts are the most attractive part of the body. However, many girls don't know that having small breasts can be sexy as well. Showing cleavage can be very stylish and it also shows confidence, regardless of the depth of contour.

    As curves make a female body look very attractive, having nice butts can help to create more curves easily; even standing straight will look extremely gorgeous from the sides.

    People usually associate height with legs but it's actually the proportion that makes many tall girls look nice. A tall girl may have long legs but it doesn't mean the ratio of the length of her legs to her full body is good. This is why short girls can look good as well and I usually try to let them show more of their legs so that the proportion will look better. Eyes can also look sexy while some people describe that eyes can speak.
  2. Gestures "A movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning." - I Googled.

    The way a girl moves can differentiate her from others. Every movement can represent a different state of mind. For most of the themes, I would ask my models to keep their bodies soft in order to show gentleness. It's absolutely difficult to specifically create certain gestures and this makes professional models stand out from the rest. My clients are non-models and I'm proud of them, although I believe the photographs can turn out to be even better should they have some training or experience.

    Certain gestures can be very sexy. However, not everyone can do it because some girls are after all, very reserved, and will find the gestures awkward no matter how they try to push themselves out of their boundaries. Viewers can see their tenseness and awkward expression.
  3. Expression The expression on a girl's face can tell a lot and often, more noticeable than gestures. Have you seen boudoir photographs with the model showing a "come and f**k me" expression?

    If you look at my work, the models give a different feel, which is more stylish and elegant. I'm proud that some of the clients who have approached me for other less provocative genres of photography told me that my sensual work is artistic.
  4. Personality Personality is closely linked to gestures and expressions. A creative girl will be able to give interesting poses out of the box without instruction. If you get a serious girl to do a bubbly shoot, the results may not be what you expect.

    Some girls have sexy personalities. The way they move and look at you inevitably makes you curious about them.
  5. Playing hard to get The biggest weapon of a girl is mental warfare - creating temptation. Having her skin partly visible and partly hidden creates temptation and makes people want to see more of her. It's also sexy to create the illusion that the "clothes are falling". This is the reason why implied nude photographs can be sexier than nude photographs.

The combination of the above can make a girl look extremely sexy. What is sexy to you?

Memorable Boudoir Photography Experience

The most memorable boudoir shoot I've experienced was with a couple who contacted me before they visited Singapore. The gentleman, familiar with my work, made the arrangements for a couple's boudoir session with his girlfriend.

Despite my initial uneasiness due to the seamless planning, their affection and chemistry during the shoot were mesmerising, resulting in natural and comfortable poses. Surprisingly, they opted for conservative outfits, yet the session was creatively fulfilling. Although the lighting wasn't perfect, their expressions took precedence.

After the shoot, they shared their remarkable love story: meeting on a dating app, they arranged this trip to meet for the first time, making the boudoir shoot a memorable keepsake. Their strong chemistry defied their short acquaintance, leaving me in awe.

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography in Singapore is a style of intimate portraiture that celebrates a person's sensuality and beauty. It typically involves capturing sexy and provocative images of the subject, often in lingerie or other intimate clothing, or even clothless. Boudoir photography aims to empower the client and help her feel confident and beautiful, capturing their essence in a way that is intimate, personal and empowering. Whether it's for yourself, a partner or just for the fun of it, boudoir photography is a great way to explore your sensuality and celebrate your body.

How Do You Pronounce Boudoir?

Boudoir is a word of French origin and is pronounced as "boo dwaa".

What is Boudoir Photography also Known as?

Boudoir photography is also recognised by several synonymous terms, including intimate photography, romantic photography and sensual photography. These terms encompass the same approach of capturing intimate and alluring images while upholding a sense of artistic elegance and individual empowerment.

What is a Boudoir Photographer?

A boudoir photographer is a professional photographer who specialises in capturing intimate and sensual images of their clients, typically women or couples, in lingerie or tastefully nude. The purpose of boudoir photography is to create images that celebrate and showcase a person's beauty, confidence and sensuality.

A boudoir photographer works closely with his clients to create a comfortable and safe environment where they can feel free to express themselves and explore their sensuality. He uses a combination of professional lighting, poses and expressions to create images that are both flattering and artistic.

Boudoir photographers often provide a range of services, including consultation, wardrobe styling, professional hair and makeup, set design and editing. They may work in a studio or on location and may offer a variety of packages.

Overall, a boudoir photographer's goal is to help his clients feel confident, empowered and beautiful, and to create images that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Types of Boudoir Photography

There are several types of boudoir photography, each with their own unique style and approach. Some of the most common types include:

  1. Classic Boudoir: This type of boudoir photography typically features elegant and timeless poses, with a focus on the beauty and sensuality of the human form. Classic boudoir photography often uses soft and natural lighting and is characterised by a romantic and intimate atmosphere.
  2. Glamour Boudoir: This type of boudoir photography is characterised by a more dramatic and high-energy approach. Glamour boudoir photography often features more elaborate poses and set designs, and uses bold and dramatic lighting to create a striking and powerful effect.
  3. Artistic Boudoir: This type of boudoir photography is characterised by a more experimental and artistic approach. Artistic boudoir photography often features unconventional poses, abstract compositions, and unique and creative lighting to create a unique and memorable image.
  4. Lingerie Boudoir: This type of boudoir photography is characterised by a focus on lingerie and intimate clothing, often featuring images of models wearing elegant and sensual lingerie.
  5. Pin-up Boudoir: This type of boudoir photography is characterised by a playful and retro style, often featuring poses and set designs inspired by vintage pin-up art.
  6. Black and White Boudoir: This type of boudoir photography is characterised by a focus on the use of black and white tones, often featuring images that are simple, elegant and timeless.
  7. Outdoor Boudoir: This type of boudoir photography is characterised by outdoor shoots, often featuring images that are more natural and candid, using natural light and the beauty of the outdoors as a backdrop. Outdoor boudoir photography can include images shot in gardens, parks, beaches or other natural settings.
  8. Fine Art Boudoir: This type of boudoir photography is characterised by a more artistic approach, often featuring images that are more conceptual and abstract, and using a variety of techniques such as creative editing, alternative printing methods and other techniques to create a unique and evocative image.
  9. Couples Boudoir: This type of boudoir photography is characterised by a focus on couples and romantic relationships, often featuring images of couples in intimate and romantic poses.
  10. Bridal Boudoir: This type of boudoir photography is characterised by a focus on brides-to-be, often featuring images of brides in their wedding attire or lingerie.
  11. Maternity Boudoir: This type of boudoir photography is characterised by a focus on expecting mothers, often featuring images of pregnant women in elegant and sensual poses, showcasing the beauty and grace of motherhood.

It's important to note that these are not mutually exclusive and some photographers may blend different styles together to create unique and personalised images.

Why Do People Do Boudoir Photoshoots?

What is the point of boudoir? Is a boudoir photoshoot worth it? Why do couples do boudoirs?

There are many reasons why women and couples are doing boudoir photoshoots. It is important to note that these reasons can vary from person to person and a boudoir photoshoot can have a different significance for everyone.

  1. To celebrate and appreciate one's own body and sensuality: Many people do boudoir photoshoots as a way to embrace their bodies and feel proud of their sensuality.
  2. As a form of self-expression: Some individuals use boudoir photoshoots as a way to express themselves and showcase their personality and individuality.
  3. To feel confident and empowered: Boudoir photoshoots can be a way for some people to boost their self-confidence and feel empowered in their own skin.
  4. To boost self-esteem and self-confidence: Boudoir photoshoots can be a way to boost self-esteem and self-confidence for some individuals; they feel great after seeing themselves looking fantastic on the boudoir photographs.
  5. To commemorate a significant life event like a wedding or anniversary: Some people choose to do boudoir photoshoots to mark a special occasion in their lives, such as their wedding or a significant anniversary.
  6. To capture a specific stage in life like pregnancy: Some women use boudoir photoshoots to capture a specific stage in their lives, such as pregnancy.
  7. To overcome body image issues: Some individuals use boudoir photoshoots as a way to overcome body image issues or negative self-perception.
  8. To create a memory of a special time in life: Boudoir photoshoots can be a way to create a lasting memory of a specific stage in life.
  9. As a gift for oneself: Some people choose to do boudoir photoshoots as a way to treat themselves, feel good and appreciate themselves.
  10. To create a portfolio for modelling or acting: Some people use boudoir photoshoots to create a portfolio for modelling or acting purposes.
  11. As a way to express their identity: Boudoir photoshoots can be a way for some people to express their identity and showcase their individuality.
  12. To create a unique and beautiful art piece: Boudoir photoshoots can be used to create a unique and beautiful art piece.
  13. To give as a gift to a romantic partner: Boudoir photos can make a unique and intimate gift for a romantic partner.
  14. To see their sexy selves in the view of another person: Some people may want to see themselves from a different perspective, in a way that highlights their sensuality.
  15. To have a unique experience doing a boudoir shoot with their partner together: Some couples may choose to do a boudoir photoshoot together as a way to create a unique and intimate experience.

Challenges of Doing Boudoir Photoshoots

  1. Challenge of Posing: Posing is a crucial aspect of boudoir photography and finding the right poses that flatter my clients' bodies and highlight their best features can be a challenge. Since I aim to have no body contact with my clients during their photoshoots, I have to be creative and find ways to guide them into the right pose without physically adjusting them. This requires careful observation, an understanding of the human body and a good sense of composition.
  2. Challenge of Lighting: Proper lighting is essential to capturing stunning boudoir photos, but it can also be a challenge. I have to balance the use of natural light and flash to create the right mood and mood that suits my clients' preferences. This requires an understanding of lighting techniques and the ability to improvise when necessary.
  3. Challenge of Space: Not all clients have access to a spacious, well-lit room or a boutique hotel to conduct a boudoir photoshoot. I have to work with what's available, sometimes in tight spaces that can limit my creativity. Finding ways to make the most of the available space and still create beautiful, flattering photos is one of the challenges I face as a boudoir photographer.
  4. Challenge of Managing Expectations: Managing expectations is always a challenge, especially when it comes to boudoir photography. Some clients may have a specific vision in mind, while others may not be sure what they want. It's my job to guide them, help them feel comfortable and ensure that they love the end result. This requires effective communication, an understanding of the client's needs and a willingness to go the extra mile to make their experience as enjoyable as possible.

Despite these challenges, I love every moment of being a boudoir photographer. Seeing the joy and confidence on my clients' faces after their photoshoot makes it all worth it.

Why are Boudoir Photographers Important?

Boudoir photographers play a crucial role in helping individuals feel confident and beautiful in their skin. Boudoir photography is a highly personal and intimate experience, and skilled photographers can make all the difference in creating a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience for their clients.

For many people, boudoir photography is about embracing their bodies and celebrating their unique beauty. Professional boudoir photographers know how to pose and light their clients to flatter their bodies, highlight their best features and help them feel confident and beautiful. They have the expertise to create tasteful images and make their clients feel empowered.

Moreover, professional boudoir photographers also know how to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for their clients. They understand the importance of privacy and take the necessary steps to ensure their clients feel at ease throughout the photoshoot.

In conclusion, boudoir photographers are essential because they provide individuals with an opportunity to embrace and celebrate their bodies, and create memories that will last a lifetime. They help their clients feel confident, beautiful and empowered, and their work results can be life-changing.

Should I hire a Professional Boudoir Photographer?

Whether you're located in Singapore or anywhere else, hiring a professional boudoir photographer can bring numerous benefits to your photoshoot experience. Here are a few reasons why you should consider working with a professional:

  1. Expertise: A professional boudoir photographer has the technical knowledge and experience necessary to capture stunning images. They understand lighting, composition and how to pose clients in a way that flatters their body. This expertise can ensure that your images are visually appealing and capture the essence of your individuality.
  2. Comfort and Confidence: Boudoir photography can be an intimate and vulnerable experience, but working with a professional can help you feel comfortable and confident. A professional photographer will work with you to create a relaxed and safe environment, and they will help guide you through the poses and lighting that work best for your body type.
  3. Quality Equipment: Professional photographers use high-quality equipment to ensure the best possible results. From camera bodies and lenses to lighting and backdrops, the investment in equipment can make a significant difference in the quality of your images.
  4. Individualised Attention: A professional photographer will take the time to get to know you and understand your vision for your photoshoot. They will work with you to create images that are tailored to your individual style and preferences, so that you can be proud of the results and feel confident in your own skin.

In conclusion, hiring a professional boudoir photographer in Singapore or anywhere else can bring many benefits, from expertise and comfort to quality equipment and individualised attention. Whether you're looking to capture memories, celebrate a milestone or simply celebrate your own beauty, working with a professional can help you achieve the results you're looking for.

Tips & Tricks for Boudoir Photoshoots

How to Plan for a Successful Boudoir Photoshoot

As a professional boudoir photographer, let me share some tips on how you can plan a successful boudoir photoshoot.

  1. Choose the location: Location is an essential factor for boudoir photography. A nice-looking place that is comfortable and intimate will make a big difference in your final photos. You can choose to have your photoshoot in the comfort of your own home, a boutique hotel or studio. Choose a location that makes you feel comfortable and relax, and where both you and I have enough space to move around.
  2. Discuss and show me the outfits: Outfits play a big role in boudoir photography. You want to feel comfortable and confident in what you're wearing. It's important to discuss and show me your outfits in advance to ensure that the outfits are suitable for the shoot. If your existing lingerie are not suitable, I can suggest alternatives.
  3. Set your expectations: Having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve from your boudoir photoshoot will help us to plan and execute the shoot more effectively. Set your expectations, share your vision and let me know what you're looking for in your final photos. This way, I can make sure to capture the images that you'll love.
  4. Props: Props can add a fun and playful element to your boudoir photoshoot. Whether it's a sheer scarf, a pair of high heels or a piece of jewellery, props can help to bring your photos to life. Consider bringing along items that are meaningful to you or items that you love, to personalise your shoot.
  5. Be open and communicate: Boudoir photography can be a vulnerable and intimate experience. Being open and communicating with me is the key to making the most of your photoshoot. Don't be afraid to ask questions, share your thoughts and let me know your feeling. Communication is the key to ensuring that we both have a great time during the shoot.
  6. Trust me: As a professional boudoir photographer, I have a lot of experience in capturing intimate and sensual images. Trusting me and allowing me to guide you through the process will help to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. I want to help you feel confident and beautiful, and I'll do everything I can to ensure you have a positive and memorable experience during your photoshoot.

Places to Do Boudoir Photoshoot in Singapore

I've done boudoir photography both outdoors and indoors. Boudoir photoshoots can be done indoors at private homes (using bedrooms or living rooms), hotels and photography studios. Eventually, it depends on the kind of mood that you wish to create and your budget.

The most ideal place to do a boudoir photoshoot is at a boutique hotel or a hotel with a big space.

Hotel Boudoir Photography

hotel boudoir photoshoot
Hotel boudoir photoshoot

The background is very important for a boudoir photoshoot. The main advantage of a hotel boudoir photoshoot is the interior design of the venue, which would help to set a very good mood for your pictures. For people who don't have the luxury of owning a beautiful and neat private house and yet wish to have privacy during the shoot, a hotel room is the most ideal solution.

However, doing a boudoir photoshoot in a hotel requires extra cost. A good hotel room should not only look beautiful (or fit the mood of the concept) but should also be spacious enough. A big challenge in doing boudoir photoshoots in many hotel rooms is that there may be many reflective surfaces, including glass and mirrors.

While cost is a big factor in choosing the location, the model should take into consideration the improvement of the quality of photographs. Having a professional boudoir session isn't cheap and thus it's not recommended to skimp on the cost of the hotel room, which may lead to the degradation of the quality of the boudoir photoshoot.

Booking a hotel room for a boudoir photoshoot may seem to be a luxury, however, the hotel room can be utilised well after the photoshoot, for a staycation. Most models who approach me for hotel boudoir photography book hotel rooms for special occasions or to have a good recharge, and they use the opportunity to do a professional boudoir photoshoot.

Bathtub Boudoir Photography

bathtub boudoir photoshoot
Bathtub boudoir photoshoot

Bathtub boudoir photography is a popular choice for ladies who wish to get some intimate photos of themselves. Wet clothes and bodies are always alluring.

However, in Singapore, not many people own a bathtub at home and not every hotel room comes with a bathtub as well. Even if a bathtub is available, the shape/ size/ design may not be very good or the background can be quite plain or simply not suitable to achieve the kind of mood you have in mind.

Bedroom Boudoir Photography

bedroom boudoir photoshoot
Bedroom boudoir photoshoot

If you have the opportunity of using your house for boudoir photography, you can save up on booking a hotel. The greatest advantage of doing the boudoir shoot at your house is that we may have more choices of outfits (maybe not only lingerie) that you may have missed out on showing me during the discussion. There may be some suitable outfits that I can find on the same day. Furthermore, you may be able to perform well in a familiar and comfortable place.

Privacy may be a big issue if you're sharing the house with another person. I have plenty of interesting experience doing boudoir and art photoshoots at the models' houses. There was once when I did a shoot inside a model's bedroom and I had to be extra careful with my words in case her parents who were at home would be misunderstood. Another model was co-sharing the house with another two male housemates and we were doing the shoot in the living room while her friend was using her bedroom. One of her housemates was sick and stayed at home while another happened to return from overseas at the same time; the boudoir session was awkward and we wasted lots of time.

On the other hand, the interior design and space of the house do affect the boudoir session as well. I did a photoshoot in a very messy bedroom and I had to take mainly close-up shots instead of having more varieties of them. Of course, there will still be many nice pictures.

Sofa Boudoir Photography

sofa boudoir photoshoot
Sofa boudoir photoshoot

If you happen to have a sofa with a nice background at your house or a hotel, you can use it for your boudoir photoshoot.

Studio Boudoir Photography

studio boudoir photoshoot
Studio boudoir photoshoot

Booking a photography studio means, similar to a hotel room, that there will be an additional cost. Photography studios usually charge hourly rates, including the duration for doing makeup and hairstyling, and setting up the lighting equipment. It's best to do the makeup and hairstyling at the shooting venue because you want to start the shoot immediately with fresh makeup; the makeup artist can do the necessary touch-up after looking through the initial test photographs.

Apart from the cost that you've to book the photography studio, inclusive of the duration for makeup and setting up of the necessary lighting equipment, there are also other cons. Firstly, some photography studios do have CCTV installed. Thus, the owners of the studios would own a video of you in your private outfits or private body (parts) if you were to accidentally reveal them during the photoshoot.

If you're looking more for a modelling portfolio kind of boudoir pictures with a plain backdrop, a studio shoot suits you more. However, for the usual soft boudoir, having a comfortable-looking background, including a bed or sofa, will be ideal. When I was new to photography, a lady wanted to cut costs and thus she chose to book a photography studio instead of a hotel room for her boudoir shoot. We wasted a lot of time remaking a picture she downloaded but it just couldn't be done without the comfortable low bed.

I've done quite a number of boudoir and intimate photoshoots in my home studio and it's one of the best options, depending on your requirement.

Indoor Boudoir Photography

indoor boudoir photoshoot
Indoor boudoir photoshoot

You can do a boudoir photoshoot at any indoor place that you have permission to use. It can be an office, someone's house or even an abandoned place.

Outdoor Boudoir Photography

outdoor boudoir photoshoot
Outdoor boudoir photoshoot

Some people may think that boudoir photography refers strictly to private bedroom shoots, however, why just stick to the norm and restrict your creativity?

Boudoir photography can be done at an outdoor location. Of course, Singapore isn't yet an extremely open-minded country and there will be some restrictions. It's challenging to find a suitable location to do the outdoor boudoir shoot without affecting the public. You shouldn't be exposing your private parts as well.

Although it may be awkward if someone happens to pass by during the photoshoot, the good thing is that not everyone can differentiate between two-piece lingerie and bikini sets. It's normal for girls to be in their bikinis around the beach or forest nearby.

Outfits to Wear for Boudoir Photoshoots

Outfits for boudoir photoshoots can be one of the most important aspects to consider when planning your photoshoot. The right outfit can help you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful. When it comes to choosing the right outfits, there are many options to consider, from lingerie and intimate wear to more casual clothing like robes or tank tops. It's important to choose outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable, but also flatter your body and show off your best assets.

When planning a boudoir photoshoot in Singapore, it's a good idea to bring a variety of outfits, including different styles of lingerie, such as a lacy babydoll or a silky chemise. You can also bring outfits like a robe, tank top and shorts, or even a simple sundress. The idea is to have a variety of outfits that can help create different moods and looks in your photos.

It's also essential to think about the colour of your outfits. Neutral colours like black, white and beige are always safe choices, but you can also consider brighter, bolder colours that match your personality. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colours, patterns, and textures to see what works best for you.

When selecting your outfits, it's a good idea to keep in mind the style and vibe of your photoshoot. If you want a more intimate and romantic look, choose outfits with delicate lace or satin. If you're going for a more playful and flirty vibe, consider outfits with bold prints or bright colours.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose outfits that make you feel confident and beautiful. Don't be afraid to show off your personality and have fun with your boudoir photoshoot outfits. If you are confident enough, you can even opt to shoot without clothes, which will help to create a more artistic look.

How Do I Prepare My Body for a Boudoir Photoshoot?

Here are a few tips for preparing your body for a boudoir photo shoot:

  1. Practice good hygiene: This is a no-brainer, but make sure to shower and groom yourself before the shoot, paying attention to areas such as your hair, nails and teeth. You want to feel fresh and clean, and you want your photos to reflect that.
  2. Get plenty of rest: It's important to get enough sleep the night before the shoot so that you look and feel your best. A good night's rest can help you feel more energized, confident and ready to take on the shoot.
  3. Eat well: Eating a healthy and balanced diet can have a big impact on your skin and overall appearance. Try to avoid junk food and processed snacks leading up to the shoot, and focus on eating nutritious foods that will help you look and feel your best.
  4. Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water is always important, but it's especially important before a boudoir shoot. Hydration can help keep your skin looking radiant and healthy, and it can also help you feel more awake and alert.
  5. Moisturise your skin: Moisturising your skin can help it look and feel smooth and soft, which can be especially important for close-up shots. Find a moisturizer that works well for your skin type and make sure to apply it regularly in the weeks leading up to the shoot.
  6. Consider getting a manicure and pedicure: Clean and well-groomed hands and feet can be important in boudoir photography, so consider getting a manicure and pedicure before the shoot. This can help you feel more confident and put-together, and it can also help your photos look more polished and professional.
  7. Consider using makeup and accessories: If you don't hire a professional hair and makeup artist, at least learn to do some light makeup and try out different hairstyles before the shoot. Makeup and accessories can be a great way to add some flair and personality to your photos, so consider experimenting with different looks to see what works best for you.
  8. Practice good posture: Good posture can help you look and feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera, so practice standing and sitting up straight in the weeks leading up to the shoot. Try to be aware of your posture throughout the day and correct it whenever necessary.
  9. Practice posing in front of a mirror: Practicing different poses in front of a mirror can help you get a sense of what looks good on camera and what doesn't. Try out different poses, angles and expressions, and pay attention to how your body looks in each one.
  10. Wear loose clothing: Avoid wearing tight clothing or underwear that may leave marks on your skin, as these may show up in the photos. Try to wear loose and comfortable clothing in the days leading up to the shoot, and make sure that your skin is completely unmarked on the day of the shoot.
  11. Do some light exercise: Engaging in some light exercise, such as yoga or stretching, can help you feel more relaxed and confident in front of the camera. Exercise can help you feel more in tune with your body, and it can also help you feel more relaxed and confident in front of the camera.
  12. Relax and have fun: Boudoir photography is all about capturing the essence of a person's sensuality and femininity, so it's important to let your guard down and relax during the photoshoot. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident in front of the camera, which will in turn result in better photos.

    Remember, the photographer is there to guide you every step of the way, so don't be afraid to ask for help or feedback if you need it. And if you're feeling nervous or self-conscious, try to remind yourself that you're there to celebrate your body and all its beautiful imperfections.

    At the end of the day, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the experience. So take a deep breath, relax and let your personality shine through in the photos. Whether you're doing this for yourself or for someone special, the results will be stunning and you'll have memories to cherish for a lifetime.


  1. What is the difference between boudoir and glamour photography? Boudoir and glamour photography are both sexy photography categories and they can be overlaid.

    However, boudoir photography deals more with lingerie, loose-fitting clothes and even bare body in a more private indoor place usually. Glamour photography is done with more varieties of sexy styling and it can be done anywhere, but mostly not in a bedroom set.
  2. Why is boudoir photography so popular? As the population becomes more open-minded, more women are willing to do this form of art photography for various reasons. Most of all, many women want to keep a good memory of their bodies.
  3. What does a boudoir photographer do? A boudoir photographer will help to create the most ideal boudoir pictures for his clients. It involves suggestion and selection of outfits, location, props, styling and mood. Therefore, the boudoir photographer has to communicate with the client to find out a lot of details through direct questioning and also casual conversation.
  4. When should I shave before a boudoir? If your skin is usually sensitive to shaving and may have a bit of rash after shaving, shaving the night before your boudoir shoot is a safer decision.
  5. Is it better to hire a male and female photographer for my boudoir shoot? There's no right or wrong answer.

    In general, women may feel safer with a female boudoir photographer as it can be more intimidating to expose skin in front of a male, especially in a private place. However, the fact is if the male photographer is a professional photographer with a good portfolio and not just a hobby photographer who collects just a small token as a fee, it should generally be safe.

    On the other hand, male photographers usually view things differently from their female counterparts, and thus some clients may opt for a male boudoir photographer instead.
  6. Can I shoot my own boudoir photos? Technically, yes. However, it's much more tedious without a cameraman. It may also be more challenging to get the right focus and natural expression. If you want to shoot your own boudoir photographs for the fun of it and not expect any high-end results, why not?
  7. Should I get boudoir photos done? Is a boudoir shoot worth it? Well, if doing a boudoir photoshoot can fulfil any of your objective(s), such as improving your confidence and creating good memory, then yes!
  8. How much should I spend on my boudoir photographer? You should set a budget of at least $350 if you wish to go for a very simple boudoir photoshoot using natural light. This, unfortunately, doesn't include professional skin retouching. However, if your skin is very good and you are able to do good makeup for yourself, it should work.

    Of course, you can easily get boudoir photographers who charge you at very low rates or even get free services. Eventually, the decision is up to you whether what kind of quality of boudoir photos you are looking for and whether you value your safety and dignity.
  9. Will I be judged negatively if I were to do a boudoir shoot? No matter what you do, you will be judged by others. Why do you want to be dictated to by others over your life?

    There is nothing wrong with doing a sexy photoshoot, such as a boudoir, for the sake of your own self-keeping, purely for the sake of art or to surprise your boyfriend or husband. What you should focus on is to make sure the boudoir photographs would turn out tasteful and stylish. Nevertheless, being sexy is your personal choice. If empowering women resonates with you, this is one big reason you should do a boudoir photoshoot.
  10. Am I good enough to do a boudoir shoot? You should be in love with your body! You are better than you think you are. With proper makeup and hairstyling, outfit, background, posing, expression, lighting, angle and photography equipment, you can make yourself appear stunning in the boudoir pictures. You don't have to be a professional model to do a boudoir photoshoot. Most of my boudoir models aren't professional models and have no experience in doing any professional photoshoots. If they can do it, why can't you?
  11. I'm fat, can I do a boudoir shoot? Regardless of looks and body type, everyone can do a boudoir photoshoot, and so do women who consider themselves as fat. After all, doing a boudoir photoshoot is your choice and you do not have to answer to anyone.

    If you're worried about not looking as good as what others expect of a boudoir model, you need not be. A professional hair and makeup artist can help you to improve your looks. I can use my lighting to beautify you and slim you down, while I give you guidance in your poses. Eventually, you can look slimmer.

    If you're comfortable in your body, then it's not an issue. Do note that there are even professional plus-sized models in the market.
  12. What should I wear to my boudoir shoot? Women should be wearing clothes that they feel most comfortable in, not limited to lingerie, corset, bodysuit, costume and any tops (boyfriend shirt) without bra. The clothes may have mesh, lace or embroidery, and the material can be satin, silk or any sheer kind.

    Women who are more confident with their bodies may even choose to be naked for either the entire or partial boudoir photoshoot session.
  13. Why is it necessary to do a boudoir photoshoot professionally and tastefully? Unlike a casual outdoor photoshoot, doing boudoir photography means you will be revealing a lot of skin; you may be wearing your lingerie or even nothing.

    Since boudoir photoshoot is of such sexy nature, the quality of the photographs will be heavily scrutinised by others and every flaw would be greatly amplified. If the quality of your boudoir photographs looks amateurish, the photographs will remind viewers of perverted old phone camera users who pay young and innocent girls to do sleazy photoshoots in hotels. They may assume that "wild incidents" had happened during the photoshoot and it would end up tarnishing your reputation badly. Unfortunately, if the photographer has a bad reputation, you'll be affected as well.

    In the year 2013, many freelance models who had done private sexy photoshoots with their clients (hobbyist "photographers") had their photographs leaked. Unfortunately, most of the photographs are distastefully done. I believe if the photographs are tasteful artwork, the public would have a much better impression of the girls.

    Unfortunately, even if you were to keep the photographs private and secured, eventually, they may still be leaked. You want all your intended and unintended viewers to appreciate the boudoir photographs as artwork; they shouldn't give a "cheap" feel as if you are selling your body. What you truly need to do is to keep the photographs tasteful. However, this is a great challenge as art and porn are separated by just a fine line. You definitely need a boudoir photographer with the art sense for such a sensitive and sexy genre.

    It's therefore extremely important for you to hire a professional photographer for your boudoir photoshoot and not skimp on the photography cost.
  14. How long should a boudoir session last? It depends on how many good photos you are looking at. If you don't have a very high standard for photo quality, any amount of time will be fine.

    If you ain't a professional boudoir model, you should expect at least 1.5 hours of natural light boudoir photoshoot in order to get very nice photos.

    This is because you will likely take some time to get warmed up, especially for such a sexy photography genre that you will be showing quite an amount of skin. Therefore, don't expect to get the best boudoir photos from the first half an hour of the shoot.

    If you were to do a professional high-end boudoir photoshoot with flash, do expect twice the amount of time because, for every different pose and angle, the photographer may need to change the position, angle or power setting of the lighting equipment.

    One tip is that if you want to get very good quality boudoir photos, set aside more time for the boudoir session.
  15. How do you take classy boudoir photos? Firstly, in order to take classy boudoir photos, you need to hire a professional boudoir photographer whose portfolio displays such a decent kind of boudoir work.

    I personally plan and communicate with my clients a lot before the boudoir shoot. Location, outfit(s) and styling are crucial.

    Next, the most important part of photography is lighting. It can change the mood.

    Finally, with proper communication, the client will be more aware of the goal and my photography style. Together with the fact that I don't touch my model while posing them, and my style of posing models is non-posey style, it makes them feel more comfortable.

    With all these, the boudoir photos will turn out to be classy.
  16. Is it OK to post boudoir photos on Instagram? Yes. You shouldn't be taking any boudoir photos if you don't ever want anyone to see them because there's no forever "secret". Somehow, your private boudoir photos may be leaked. Therefore, if you have the courage to do a boudoir photoshoot, you shouldn't be worried about whether it's OK to post them on Instagram or not.
  17. What happens at a boudoir shoot? If you hire a professional hair and makeup artist, you will have your hair and makeup done. If it's a high-end photoshoot, the photographer will be there to set up the lighting. The hair and makeup artist may or may not stay behind to assist you in touching up your hair and makeup, depending on whether you have the extra budget. Anyway, if you find it awkward to have another person around during the shoot, it's better not to have the makeup artist stay behind. In the latter scenario, the hair and makeup artist may stay for a short while to check your look on the camera's screen before leaving. The photographer will then proceed with the shoot.
  18. How do I take intimate pictures with my boyfriend? There are unlimited ways of doing intimate photography. Perhaps, you should research online and share some samples with your photographer in order to have a rough understanding of what you have in mind. It will help in getting a kick-start before your photographer gives more suggestions during the shoot.
  19. Are boudoir shoots awkward? Boudoir shoots can initially feel awkward for some individuals, especially if it's their first time. However, a skilled and professional photographer can create a comfortable and empowering atmosphere, helping clients relax and enjoy the experience.
  20. What do guys think of boudoir photos? The perception of boudoir photos varies among individuals. Some guys may appreciate the artistry and find them attractive, while others may have different preferences. It ultimately depends on personal taste and comfort levels.
  21. Do guys actually like boudoir photos? Many guys do appreciate boudoir photos. The images are often tastefully done and can celebrate the beauty and confidence of the person in the photos. Communication with a partner about preferences is key.
  22. Will a boudoir shoot make me confident? A well-planned and professionally executed boudoir shoot can indeed boost confidence. The experience of being photographed in a positive and empowering way can help individuals see themselves in a new light and embrace their unique beauty.
  23. Can couples do a boudoir shoot? Absolutely! Couples can do boudoir shoots, often referred to as couple's boudoir. It's an intimate and shared experience that can strengthen the connection between partners.
  24. What not to do before a boudoir photo shoot? Avoid extreme changes to your appearance, such as drastic haircuts or tanning, right before the shoot. Also, avoid trying a new skincare routine or beauty treatment that could cause adverse reactions. Communicate with me about any concerns.
  25. What is the best colour to wear for boudoir? The best colour to wear for a boudoir shoot depends on personal preferences and skin tones. Classic choices include neutral tones like white, black, and nude, but bold colours can also make a statement. It's essential to choose colours that make you feel confident and complement your features.

Your Goals: What Do You Want to Achieve from Your Boudoir Photoshoot?

Hey there, let's dive into the wonderful world of boudoir photography! This isn't your everyday snapshot; it's an opportunity to create memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime. So why not aim for a professionally guided experience that leaves no room for regrets?

  1. Quality that Shines: Boudoir photography is all about capturing your true essence in the most flattering way. It's not just about snapping a picture – it's about the artistry of lighting, angles, and poses. Whether it's a soft and sensual vibe or a couple's boudoir shoot, the aim is simple: make you look absolutely stunning. Think of the photographer as your fairy godmother – they'll guide you, highlight your best features, and make you radiate confidence.
  2. Tasteful Elegance: Sure, boudoir photography can be alluring but it's about striking the perfect balance between sexy and tasteful. Think of it as a form of art that showcases your sensuality in a classy way. You're in safe hands with someone who appreciates the beauty of art and will capture your allure with style and sophistication.
  3. Unleash Your Uniqueness: In a world full of boudoir photoshoots, why not stand out? Imagine having eye-catching photos that tell your story. By infusing high-end photography with creative concepts, your images will be one-of-a-kind. Let your personality shine through – this is your moment to shine like the star you are.
  4. Personalisation, Your Way: Your boudoir experience should be a reflection of you – your ideas, your outfits, your location. It's more than just being in front of the camera; it's about sharing your story. Look for a boudoir photographer who truly listens and works with you to make your vision come alive.
  5. Dignity and Comfort: When it comes to boudoir photography, safety and respect are non-negotiable. It's a revealing genre and you deserve an experience that puts your comfort first. Steer clear of any negativity and find a photographer who values professionalism and treats you with the utmost respect.

As you embark on your boudoir adventure, keep these goals in mind: quality, style, uniqueness, personalisation and safety. They're the pillars of a boudoir photoshoot that you'll hold close to your heart. If you're seeking a photographer who's dedicated to making your experience truly exceptional, someone who aligns with these goals, I'm here to help. Feel free to reach out whenever you're ready to create beautiful and empowering boudoir memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

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