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What is Bikini Photography?

Bikini photography is a type of photography that involves taking photographs of people wearing bikinis or other types of swimwear. Bikini photographers may work with models or everyday people to create images that showcase the fit, style, and features of bikinis and other swimwear.

Bikini photographers often work in a variety of settings, such as at the beach, by a pool, or in a studio, and they may use a wide range of techniques and creative approaches to create images that are flattering, visually appealing, and showcase the swimwear in the best possible way. Bikini photography can be done in a variety of styles, from traditional and classic to modern and edgy, depending on the preferences of the subject and the vision of the photographer.

Bikini photography often captures the sexuality of women due to the amount of skin exposed. However, a good bikini photographer can plan and execute the bikini photoshoot to express other impressions, such as sweet, classy, edgy and feminine, depending on the purpose and goal.

The goal of bikini photography is to create images that showcase the fit, style, and features of bikinis and other swimwear and that appeal to a target audience. Many clothing designers, retailers, and publications choose to hire professional bikini photographers to create a set of (catalogue) photographs that they can use for marketing, promotion, or editorial purposes. Bikini photographs can be used in a variety of contexts, such as in print or online media, in advertisements, or as part of a personal portfolio or modelling portfolio.

Why is Bikini Photography Important?

Bikini photography is a subgenre of fashion photography that focuses on capturing images of models wearing bikinis or other swimwear. It is important for a number of reasons.

Overall, bikini photography is an important medium for advertising and marketing, showcasing the work of fashion professionals, and celebrating the beauty and diversity of the human body.

Advertising and Marketing

First, bikini photography is often used in advertising and marketing campaigns for swimwear brands and other related products. By creating visually appealing and attention-grabbing images of models wearing bikinis, these companies can promote their products and attract customers.

Showcase Work of Fashion Designers and Photographers

Bikini photography is also important as a way to showcase the work of fashion designers and photographers. By creating striking and stylish images of models wearing bikinis, fashion photographers can showcase their skills and help to promote the work of fashion designers.

Income for Models

Bikini modelling is a good-paying job for models, especially freelance models. Having a good bikini modelling portfolio helps part-time models to generate some side income.

Promote Body Positivity and Acceptance

In addition, bikini photography can be used to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the human body. By showcasing the bodies of models of different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, bikini photographers can help to promote body positivity and acceptance.

Bikini Photoshoot is Underrated

Photoshoot with Jade Anastasia Fox Lee

Unfortunately, bikini photoshoot is often underrated. I have come across many people who seem to have a very negative impression of bikini photoshoots. Even some aspiring models would rule out doing bikini photoshoot, which makes them much less versatile. I'm not surprised since Asians, in general, are more conservative. I'm located in Singapore, so what's new?

Does doing a bikini photoshoot mean the model is loose or immoral and does doing it mean the photographer is a pervert?

The contestants in most beauty pageants like Miss Singapore (Examples: Earth, World and Universe) have to do bikini photoshoots and even walk on the stage in bikinis. Do you doubt their chastity or morality?

The most interesting fact is that many girls do post a lot of bikini photographs of themselves, including selfies with suggestive angles, on their social media accounts and yet they seem to be very biased against doing a professional bikini photoshoot that's much more tasteful. Isn't posting bikini photographs in lousy quality (hair, makeup, poses, angles, lighting, resolution...etc) worse than posting of bikini photographs that are being done professionally?

It really depends on individual photographers to produce the quality and tastefulness of photographs, regardless of the type of outfits. A photographer can turn a boudoir photoshoot stylish while another photographer can turn a t-shirt photoshoot into porn. There are also many kinds of clothes that may show more skin than a bikini.

Everyone, especially models and aspiring models, should stop labelling bikini photoshoots and the models who do it with professional photographers.

There are, of course, various reasons that may lead to a negative impression towards bikini photoshoots.

Asians are generally more conservative

As mentioned before, Asians are more conservative, and I emphasize "in general". To them, less cloth simply means sluttier. There are actually many Asians who are extremely open-minded and they can take things to higher levels that even an experienced photographer like me cannot appreciate. I have received weird requests that I have to turn down even though they are good business opportunities.

I have encountered various open-minded and decent girls who seem to be able to appreciate art, but they are worried about the views of society.

I guess people are slowly trying to open out their view of arts and time will help.


There are always dangers in doing photoshoots, especially the more sensual genres. However, the fact is that doing everything will definitely pose some dangers, including going out with a guy you deem decent.

If a girl is doing a bikini photoshoot in Singapore, she will probably be doing an outdoor bikini shoot at a beach or swimming pool. Whereas in an over-populated country like Singapore, it's weird if there's no passer-by during day time, and thus any ill-minded "photographer" should be smart enough to not try anything funny.

Of course, doing a bikini photoshoot in a private and enclosed place like a hotel room will definitely be more dangerous. Nevertheless, as long as the girl isn't feeling the itch for extra cash or between her legs, no one can force her to do anything.

After all, every girl should learn to judge the photographer before agreeing to do any shoot with him.

Sleazy and amateurish photographs

The poor quality, especially distastefulness, of the commonly seen bikini photoshoot photographs online has also given a very bad impression. Most of the bikini photographs I have seen online on social media are selfies or taken by amateur or sleazy photographers.

There are many professional photographers around but the number of "photographers" with DSLRs is much larger. Somehow, the latter usually have the ability to charm young girls with money or words to do bikini photoshoots and thus the exposure of such quality photographs is much higher.

Bikini photographs usually go viral easier than other kinds of photographs, and thus more audiences are reached and they will compliment the hot models regardless of the quality of work. Therefore, every girl should learn how to judge the quality of photographers in order to figure out which photographer to work with and not simply based on the reactions to social media posts.

Objectifying of bikini models

There are some guys who would objectify girls in bikinis as they tend to use their second heads to think. Some people also make use of these models to make a profit.

Organising paid group bikini shoots is common but some people's execution may make it seem sleazy, or perhaps, the reputation of the organiser may already be in doubt since long ago.

Interesting articles from Mothership site:
- SGInstaBabes launches Patreon page to solicit money to access its girls & women
- Xiaxue calls out SgInstaBabes founder for exploiting teenage girls, innocent geoduck involved

Objectifying bikini models is something we cannot avoid; however, the impact can be reduced by doing proper bikini shoots instead. This means, again, choosing the right bikini photographer to work with.

Why Do Girls Do Bikini Photoshoots?

Any non-professional model, regardless of age, looks, figure and height, can also do a bikini photoshoot. There's no law that forbids it in Singapore. With the help of proper planning and full cooperation with a professional photographer, they can look much better in the final photographs, and they truly deserve it.

Girls do bikini photoshoots for different purposes, such as:

Boost Your Confidence

Doing a swimwear or bikini photoshoot would help to increase the confidence of the girl. As I mostly work with non-professional models, I do appreciate the growth in their confidence during the photoshoots and also after they have received and seen the final photographs. They eventually understand that they are better than they think they are.

Keep Memory of the Moment

Many girls do bikini photoshoots to document their bodies. Most of them want to keep a memory of their existing looks before they age. Some girls may be undergoing surgery soon and thus want to document their pre-op bodies.

Build Your Modelling Portfolio

One main reason why freelance models do bikini portrait photoshoots is due to the high demand. Hobbyist photographers, including mobile phone photographers, do pay them for doing bikini photoshoots.

They would need professional bikini photographs in their portfolio in order to attract more potential and decent clients. Everyone judges the models through their modelling portfolio and black sheep would target models who seem to have less experience.

Promote & Create Art Work

Bikini is also a form of fashion, which I hope everyone would recognise it as a form of art. Whenever possible, depending on the model's wardrobe, I usually try to include clothes with the bikini set to make it more fashionable; I like showing more varieties of outfits as well. Bikini fashion can be done very elegantly and stylishly as well. A bikini photoshoot is a form of art for people who appreciate it.

Document Your Favourite Bikini

Some girls absolutely adore bikinis (or other swimwear). There's nothing wrong since there are girls who love collecting lingerie and guys who have a huge collection of swimming trunks and briefs. These bikini lovers may therefore want to put on their beloved bikinis and have a photoshoot. Of course, some of these ladies may have multiple reasons, which include the following.

Gain Exposure in Social Media

Similar to other sexy kinds of photography, bikini photographs do generate more exposure than most other genres of pictures. Therefore, bikini work would attract more reactions on social media, which is why many girls would take photographs in bikinis to gain more followers and reactions on their social media accounts. If you go through the Instagram accounts of popular female Instagrammers, you can easily find pictures of them in their bikinis.

Gain Unique Experience

Doing a professional photoshoot is an experience that everyone should try. Doing a professional bikini photoshoot is another level.

Create a Unique Experience with Your Partner

Doing a beach couple photoshoot is something interesting for couples. The interaction during the photoshoot helps them to improve their relationship.

Empower Women

Every woman, regardless of age, looks and figure, deserves the right to do a sexy photoshoot, as long as she keeps it tasteful. While some open-minded women would opt for boudoir photoshoots, many are more comfortable starting with bikini (or other swimwear) photoshoots.

While it's very common for women to wear a set of bikinis at the beach, whether to chill, suntan or party with friends, there are many immature remarks judging them. The insults may include "flat boobs", "ugly face" and "old".

Well, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions but the tone and words used to pass unflattering remarks to others that would hurt feeling are not welcomed. What's the crime of not living up to other people's unrealistic expectations, especially when most of these people posing such disgusting remarks are not even living up to other girls' expectations?

Women should stand up to these bullies, especially keyboard warriors, by doing bikini photoshoots and shutting off their foul mouths.

Can I Do a Bikini Photoshoot?

In general, every girl has the right to do a bikini photoshoot.

Take note that the majority of my bikini models are non-professional models. If they can do it, you can do it too.

Can I do a bikini photoshoot if I don't have big breasts?

Yes, doing a bikini photoshoot isn't about showing breasts, although it can be one of the reasons. If you have looked at my portfolio, most of the models are just average girls. Don't they all look good?

There are all sorts of people in this world with different preferences and levels of maturity. Of course, there will definitely be viewers who will comment based on the size of the breasts and if the comments of this group of people do matter to you, you probably should think thrice before doing a bikini photoshoot.

Can I do a bikini photoshoot if I don't have a good figure?

Yes, we can play with angles, poses, outfits, props and lighting. Of course, there may a limitations to the quality of results but you will definitely get something much more flattering eventually if you were to work with me.

I'm not young anymore. Can I still do a bikini photoshoot?

Yes, everyone has different purposes for doing a bikini photoshoot and it isn't solely for guys to admire young bodies. If you think it might make you a more confident person or you simply want to keep a good memory of yourself, why not do it?

Places to Do Bikini Photoshoot

I've done swimwear photoshoots at beaches, swimming pools, photography studio and even grass area.


beach bikini photoshoot
Bikini photoshoot at the beach

The most commonly used place for doing a swimwear/ bikini photoshoot is none other than the beach. As most beaches in Singapore are public places, it's easy to find a suitable venue.

However, do note that beach patrols in Sentosa may stop people from going into the water after certain hours when there's no lifeguard on duty at Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong Beach. Nevertheless, it's challenging to do night outdoor photography, especially at dim places, unless you're working with professional light.

Certain parts of Siloso beach may also be privatized, such that only the hotel's guests can access them; there's no clear signboard and you may not know it until the security guard comes over to check if you're a guest.

Beach photography can be a nightmare for professional photographers because of the sand and water. Equipment can get damaged easily and the clean-up after the photoshoot is very massive.

Swimming Pool

swimming pool bikini photoshoot
Bikini photoshoot at the swimming pool

A swimming pool is another top choice for doing bikini photoshoots. That's where swimwear and bikini are supposed to be worn.

However, there may be issues with permits at some places if you're doing a professional photoshoot. I've done bikini photoshoots at the swimming pool at condominiums and hotels, and I always try not to keep the photoshoots simple. I've set up a small softbox at a condominium and the security guards didn't seem to want to mess with me.

However, I had tried to do a professional corporate photoshoot at a condominium and the security guards stopped us before we had even started, citing that residents were uncomfortable with people taking photographs.

Photography Studio

photography studio bikini photoshoot
Bikini photoshoot in the photography studio

One good thing about doing a bikini photoshoot in a photography studio is having privacy, given that the studio's owner doesn't install CCTV inside in the name of monitoring the equipment. Another thing that most girls enjoy is the comfort unless having to deal with the sand and water.

Having a plain backdrop as the background does help to keep the focus on the model. On the other hand, it may not be as interesting as an outdoor photoshoot. The final decision of using a photography studio or not should depend on the goal of the photoshoot.

Hotel Room

This is my least favourite and I would avoid it, unless, given no better choice. Girls usually wear bikinis at the beach or swimming pool and thus a girl wearing a bikini inside a hotel room doesn't register well in the mind of many people. Perhaps, lingerie would be a better choice.


Sky is the limit. You can actually do a swimwear/ bikini photoshoot anywhere. Be creative!

Bikini Poses for Photoshoot

Similar to most types of photoshoot poses, there are two types of bikini poses - traditional and lifestyle poses.

I work with both types of modelling poses but I usually lean towards the lifestyle poses since the majority of my clients don't have any professional photoshoot experience. Lifestyle bikini poses are more fun and easier for non-professional models.

Whenever there's an opportunity, given enough time, I would begin with lifestyle poses to build confidence for the bikini model before moving towards a more traditional one.

Eventually, it's up to the client's choice on the kind of feel that she wishes to create.

Traditional Bikini Poses

traditional bikini pose
Traditional bikini pose

Traditional bikini poses work well for glamour bikini photoshoots. They are more like staged poses and the poses are repeatedly used for a reason that they do work and are flattering and sexy.

Not every girl can do traditional bikini poses due to a lack of confidence. However, with the help of a professional photographer, trust in him and a sufficient amount of time, most girls can eventually do it.

Lifestyle Bikini Poses

lifestyle bikini pose
Lifestyle bikini pose

Lifestyle bikini poses are more candid kinds of non-posey poses. It depends on the creativity of the bikini model and the directing skill of the bikini photographer.

A lifestyle bikini shoot usually gives a more natural vibe that is less sexual. The bikini photos may give the impression that they aren't produced through a professional bikini photoshoot, given that some people's perspective of a bikini photoshoot is strictly based on hot and sexy pictures.

Girls who have been conditioned to the traditional type of bikini poses may not resonate well with lifestyle poses and may find it awkward initially. It requires trust in the bikini photographer to make it work.

Bikini Photography Lighting

Bikini photography can be done using flash (professional lighting) and natural light. Both types of lighting can produce very good images, however, the effects can be drastically different.

For a high-end bikini photoshoot, the photographer can switch over to natural light if the situation (lack of time or permission at the venue) doesn't allow him to set up his lighting equipment; for a natural light bikini photoshoot, the photographer won't have the lighting equipment with him when the situation requires using of flash.

Bikini Photography With Flash

High-end bikini photoshoot under the harsh sun
High-end (flash) bikini photoshoot under the harsh sun.

Much of the harsh sunlight was eliminated while the strobe added flattering light on the model's face. Although part of the background was still bright, bad shadows were removed from the model.
High-end light bikini photoshoot on a normal day
High-end (flash) bikini photoshoot on a normal day.

Dramatic lighting was added to create a stylish feel to the picture.

Professional bikini photographers do use flash even during the daytime for many good reasons.

Firstly, it can balance the lighting on the bikini model and the background, including the sky. That includes backlighting situations, such as taking sunset bikini pictures with the setting sun in the background.

Secondly, it helps to create flattering light while reducing or eliminating the impact of harsh sunlight that would cast bad shadows on the model's face.

Thirdly, the bikini pictures can look more dramatic or 3-dimensional.

There are many other reasons to use flash for a bikini photoshoot.

Bikini Photography Without Flash

natural light bikini photoshoot under the harsh sun
Natural light bikini photoshoot under the harsh sun.

The background looks much brighter than the model even after heavy basic post-production treatment, taking away much attention of viewers. Some parts of the model are lighted, causing huge contrast.
natural light bikini photoshoot on a cloudy day
Natural light bikini photoshoot on a cloudy day.

The lighting on the model is flattering. The light on the model draws attention to her instead of the background.

Many non-professional models are more comfortable doing a bikini photoshoot using natural light - sunlight.

They are used to looking at casually taken bikini pictures that have been flooding social media. This is because most people have a camera phone nowadays and it makes selfies easy. There are also many hobbyist photographers and most of them do enjoy taking sexy photos of girls, which makes natural light bikini photoshoots a norm.

Doing a bikini photoshoot without using professional lighting would also draw less attention, and have fewer restrictions on the movements. Thus, it's easy to travel to different locations throughout the bikini photoshoot session.

Sample Bikini Photo Albums

🔍14   Casual Bikini Photoshoot - Kylie Murr @ Swimming pool @ Hmlet Cantonment hotel
1. Kylie Murr

@ Swimming pool @ Hmlet Cantonment hotel
🌞 Natural light photography
🔍6   Casual Beach Bikini Photoshoot - Isabelle @ Palawan Beach (Sentosa)
2. Isabelle

@ Palawan Beach (Sentosa)
🌞 Natural light photography
🔍6   Casual Beach Bikini Photoshoot - Isabelle @ Palawan Beach (Sentosa)
3. Isabelle

@ Palawan Beach (Sentosa)
🌞 Natural light photography
🔍4   Studio Bikini Photoshoot - Cheryl Alicia Chua @ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
4. Cheryl Alicia Chua

@ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
⚑ Flash photography
🔍2   Studio Bikini Photoshoot - Cheryl Alicia Chua @ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
5. Cheryl Alicia Chua

@ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
⚑ Flash photography
🔍6   Studio Bikini & Glamour Photoshoot - Cheryl Alicia Chua @ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
6. Cheryl Alicia Chua

@ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
⚑ Flash photography
🔍8   High-End Night Beach Bikini Photoshoot - Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin) @ Palawan beach (Sentosa)
7. Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin)

@ Palawan beach (Sentosa)
⚑ Flash photography
🔍8   Casual Beach Bikini Photoshoot - Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin) @ Palawan beach (Sentosa)
8. Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin)

@ Palawan beach (Sentosa)
🌞 Natural light photography
🔍20   Casual Beach Couple Photoshoot - Alexander Stiegler & Esther Pai @ East Coast Park (ECP)
9. Alexander Stiegler & Esther Pai

@ East Coast Park (ECP)
🌞 Natural light photography
🔍11   Night Beach Swimsuit Photoshoot - Rosy Mai Xuan @ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
10. Rosy Mai Xuan

@ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
⚑ Flash photography
🔍14   High-End Beach Swimsuit Sunset Photoshoot - Rosy Mai Xuan @ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
11. Rosy Mai Xuan

@ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
⚑ Flash photography
🔍10   High-End Sunset Bikini Beach Dance Photoshoot - Jasmine Lim @ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
12. Jasmine Lim

@ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
⚑ Flash photography
🔍6   High-End Swimming Pool Bikini Photoshoot - Regina Umali @ Swimming pool, Palm Isle
13. Regina Umali

@ Swimming pool, Palm Isle
⚑ Flash photography
🔍4   High-End Beach Bikini Glamour Photoshoot - Ng Shinyi @ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
14. Ng Shinyi

@ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
⚑ Flash photography
🔍4   High-End Beach Bikini Photoshoot - Ng Shinyi @ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
15. Ng Shinyi

@ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
⚑ Flash photography
🔍14   High-End Beach Bikini & Monokini Photoshoot - Peggy @ Siloso Beach, Sentosa
16. Peggy

@ Siloso Beach, Sentosa
⚑ Flash photography
🔍8   Hight-End Beach Bikini Fashion Photoshoot - Martina Novotna @ Tanjong Beach, Sentosa
17. Martina Novotna

@ Tanjong Beach, Sentosa
⚑ Flash photography
🔍12   Casual Outdoor Beach Lifestyle Fitness Bikini Photoshoot - Beverley Angkangon @ Siloso Beach, Sentosa
18. Beverley Angkangon

@ Siloso Beach, Sentosa
🌞 Natural light photography
🔍3   Casual Swimming Pool Bikini Photoshoot - Lovelle Cengiya @ Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay
19. Lovelle Cengiya

@ Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay
🌞 Natural light photography
🔍5   Casual Swimming Pool Bikini Photoshoot - Bianca Pietersz @ Swimming pool, Tanglin View
20. Bianca Pietersz

@ Swimming pool, Tanglin View
🌞 Natural light photography
🔍18   Casual Swimming Pool Bikini Photoshoot - Esther Choey @ Swimming pool, Kovan Melody
21. Esther Choey

@ Swimming pool, Kovan Melody
🌞 Natural light photography
🔍15   Casual Lifestyle Beach Bikini Photoshoot - Jade Anastasia Fox Lee @ Pasir Ris Park
22. Jade Anastasia Fox Lee

@ Pasir Ris Park
🌞 Natural light photography

Sample Planning for Bikini Photoshoots

There are actually many planning and consideration involved in doing a bikini photoshoot. Below are some of the bikini photoshoots that I have done before. The description and limitations are based on the time of the photoshoots.

Jade Lee

Beach bikini photoshoot with Jade Lee Jade was playful, confident and open-minded. She had a couple of bikini sets and a few stylish outerwear that could be worn over the bikinis. With the involvement of an extremely experienced and creative commercial hair and makeup artist who beautified her on the spot within a short timeframe, we went for a very lifestyle and stylish looks.

We made good use of the existing props on the location to further nail the shoot. I depended on the late afternoon's natural light and without the use of lighting equipment allowed the model to move around conveniently to push her creativity to the maximum.

Esther Choey

Swimming pool bikini photoshoot with Esther Choey Esther was energetic and open-minded. Unfortunately, she only had a set of bikinis and very limited tops that could match her bikini. No hair and makeup artist was involved and she did not have very strong makeup skills. With all the limitations, I decided not to be too ambitious and thus chose a lively kind of bikini shoot that could make full use of her energy and cute bikini set. I chose the most suitable hairstyle that I could find inside her Facebook photographs and got her to do her basic makeup. I also planned some props that would suit the theme well.

I was not sure the management of the condominium would allow me to set up my light modifiers by the poolside. I chose to shoot in the early morning to get the best light possible and with the aid of the venue that blocked most of the direct sunlight, I was able to shoot using natural light. There was only a slight problem of strong reflection of sunlight from the glass of the buildings.

Bianca Pietersz

Casual bikini photoshoot with Bianca Pietersz Bianca was energetic, open-minded and creative. It was the last second morning of her short holiday in Singapore and we had to shoot in the early morning just a few hours after she contacted me. The shooting location was at the condominium where she was staying and thus I needed not have to worry about her outfits - I could get her to change her outfits any time and we just had to use whatever she had with her for her trip. She was able to do her own basic makeup. Since she was a Caucasian, I decided it was good to do a lifestyle shoot that could display emotion.

Since I was unsure if I could set up my lighting again, I could only make use of the ambient light. It was a partially cloudy day and the constant changing of the brightness of the sun posed difficulty for me. After getting some good expressive shots of the non-bikini outfits, she was very satisfied with them and her energy level increased. Thus, I made use of her creativity and hyper-activeness to work on the set for the bikini to show a different side of hers. We also used existing props like the buoy.

Lovelle Cengiya

Casual hotel swimming pool bikini photoshoot with Lovelle Cengiya Lovelle was composed and had this lady-like look. She did her own makeup. I was invited to her group shoot and thus I did not make any planning on the outfits, location, timing and props. After she ended her shoot, I had only two choices of outfits - a red bikini and an unattractive designed swimsuit. Since she had been doing "supermodel" kind of shoots with her customers (hobbyist photographers), I decided to keep this shoot lifestyle. As I was quite unlikely to be able to set up my lighting equipment over there, I was in no hurry to begin the shoot but to wait for better natural lighting.

The hotel's pool was not super crowded but there were still guests all over the place and thus it was difficult to find good spots and angles. She was a non-swimmer and it was not safe to make her go into the water. The biggest problem was that her then-boyfriend was there and even though we were all friends, there was some awkwardness. However, I let him take the lead in cracking her up.

Beverley Angkangon

Fitness lifestyle bikini photoshoot with Beverley Angkangon Beverley was energetic and feminine. She had quite a number of outfits but I did make a big mistake by not insisting she try on the clothes in order to visualize the looks properly. She was able to do her own makeup. Due to her talent for dancing, I decided to focus on her energy and fitness. The first set was a warm-up shoot to show her youthfulness with props, the second set to do something more towards fitness and the third set was to focus on sunset, although the weather prevented us from working on the last set.

Since we spent quite some time inside the water and the weather was bad that we had to hide from the rain halfway, I did not set up any lighting and thus was using the limited quantity of ambient light filtered by the very dark clouds. Halfway through the shoot after the rain stopped, staff from the hotel nearby claimed the part of the beach was owned by them and thus we had some restrictions on angles. Besides, there were many photobombs.

Martina Novotna

High-end bikini photoshoot with Martina Novotna Martina was very confident and open-minded. Since she was a foreigner, she actually had limited clothes with her in Singapore. She was able to do her own simple makeup. Caucasians looked naturally exotic, which was a benefit. She also had years of experience working with other photographers and thus I decided to go for a lifestyle and stylish shoot. She was one of the models I had limited discussions with and thus even though she was extremely open-minded, I did not dare to go for a more provocative feel.

The location was temporarily emptied due to the year-end beach party and thus my plan to use some of the props as backgrounds were eliminated. The sky was clear and the sunlight was extremely harsh even though the weather forecast told me that the afternoon would be partially cloudy. There were limited open shade areas to hide at, with sunlight piercing through the tree branches and leaves to cast bad shadows on her. The sunlight also caused problems with my camera's auto-focus system at times. Even though I was using a 600-watt studio strobe, it was not sufficient to overcome the brightness of the sun after putting on the diffuser. We had limited time while she had to leave before the golden hour arrived, however, with her experience, we were able to get some good shots.


High-end monokini & bikini beach photoshoot with Svetlana Dabizha Peggy looked stylish in her short hair. As a Caucasian, she was also special and exotic like the previous ones I had worked with. Unlike the rest of them, she had a petite body size, although no one could really tell that in the photographs due to her body proportion and camera angles. She was open-minded and had a number of choices of swimwear - and I picked a black monokini and a red bikini, and had her bring along some clothes/props to wear over the bikini. Since it was the first time we worked together, I played it safe and made use of her stylishness to create some edgy work.

The location's settings were exactly in my plan since I used to go there for beach volleyball games in the past and I also did my research online in case there would be changes. It was also the best beach among the three beaches in Sentosa to kick off the shoot in the early morning due to its location. I was not very blessed with the weather due to the cloud not covering the sun at times and the sunlight was so strong that I almost exerted my strobe for the edgiest shot, but I was glad it was manageable.

Ng Shinyi

High-end lifestyle Sentosa beach bikini photoshoot with Ng Shinyi High-end sunset beach glamour bikini photoshoot with Ng Shinyi

From her social media, my impression of Shinyi was that she was a bubbly girl. Her sunshine look with her slim figure probably had made her the eye candy of many guys. However, it wasn't her appearance that impressed me the most but her attitude - she was extremely cooperative. My initial plan was to do a cheerful lifestyle bikini shoot with her, which would help in marketing, as well as bring out her charm. She had many bikini sets and I had to leave out the sexier ones due to their colours.

I chose Palawan Beach over the other two beaches since I thought it could be more suitable for the feel I wanted, partly because I hadn't been there for some time. Initially, I faced problems with photobombs. Later on, I figured out that the makeup, which was done by an unknown makeup artist, was more suitable for a glamour shoot. With the beautiful sky during sunset, she performed well and we managed to capture a few stylish photographs.

Regina Umali

High-end condominium swimming pool bikini photoshoot with Regina Umali Regina was a fitness and health enthusiast. She had a very toned body and therefore, she was very suitable for an artistic feel kind of bikini shoot, more towards the professional modelling style. Since most of my earlier bikini shoots were done at the beach, I decided it would be more interesting to do it at a residential swimming pool this time. Regina trusted my decision.

The greatest challenge of the day was having to fight with the moody weather that kept us wet half of the time. The tiny droplets of rainwater threw in more work for me during the post-production. I was glad that Regina performed well like a professional model.

Jasmine Lim

High-end dancing bikini photoshoot with Jasmine Lim Night conceptual bikini photoshoot with Jasmine Lim

The main objectives of the shoots (which happened on the same day) weren't just about bikinis. Since Jasmine was a professional ballerina, I proposed shooting at the beach with some dance moves in order to create some of my long-pending ideas. She gladly accepted it.

As we could only squeeze our time in for a weekend shoot, the crowded beach gave me a big headache. However, it forced me to explore the place, which was a blessing in disguise. The first session was a more conservative shoot, followed by something more creative and spectacular after the sun had set.

Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin)

Natural light lifestyle beach bikini photoshoot with Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin) Glamour bikini shoot with Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin)

Katherine has this set of bikinis with flower prints and I thought it could be used for a lifestyle shoot. Moreover, Katherine was a rather shy girl and thus it would be good for a warm-up. The beach was divided and cordoned off due to the pandemic, such that there were many barricaded areas to make ugly backgrounds; hence, it added to the difficulty of doing a beach shoot there.

We aimed for a glamorous look for the second set of bikinis. Due to various unforeseeable delays earlier on, we started off after sunset and it was very dim. I used a simple two-light set-up and she was cooperative to help to create good photographs. Due to the darkness, I had big problems trying to make my camera focus on her to keep her sharp in the photographs.

Cheryl Alicia Chua

Studio bikini photoshoot with Cheryl Alicia Chua Photography studio bikini photoshoot with Cheryl Alicia Chua

The pandemic was a blessing in disguise for studio photography for it's safer and easier to do a photoshoot indoors. The biggest challenge was to create something interesting out of the plain backdrops.

For the first style, which was a glamorous look for a modelling portfolio, I added two colours to the backdrop, which would hit the sides of Cheryl as well. The rim light helped her to stand out from the backdrop while making her look more 3-dimensional.

For the second look, Cheryl was looking for a casual and bubbly look. In order to focus on her body, gesture and expression, I removed the colours. Next, I also modified the side lighting to hit only the edges of her body and restrain them from hitting on the black backdrop, so that the background would stay dark.

The Professional Bikini Photographer

I'm one of the luckiest photographers in Singapore because my good friend, Tricia Lee, is a very experienced commercial hair and makeup artist, although she has kind of retired in order to take very good care of her three children and sick mum. My art sense has been largely affected by her since the beginning of my portrait photography journey.

If you wish to own some professional bikini photographs of yourself, do contact me for discussion.

What Does Skai Like About Doing Bikini Photography?

One of my goals in photography is to educate the public. I hope people will learn to appreciate good photography, including those belonging to the sexier genres, such as bikini shoots. I try to lead by example to prove to everyone that bikini photoshoots can be done stylishly. Of course, I'm sure there are many better photographers out there and you can also take their work as a reference.

Much fewer "models" do bikini photoshoots compared to Garden shoot and thus it's more unique. I like the trust as well. Furthermore, being able to produce tasteful work is an achievement. Eventually, it helps to increase reactions on social media.

What Does Skai Dislike About Doing Bikini Photoshoot?

It's usually done at the beach, apart from the swimming pool or even the studio, and thus the fine sand can give problems to my equipment to shorten their lifespan. Moreover, the more skin the model reveals, the more editing work is needed.

What Makes Skai's Bikini Photography Unique?

You have probably seen many bikini photographs on social media and it's good if you can do a side-by-side comparison of all the work. Of course, every photographer has different styles and it's up to the viewer's personal taste to judge.

I focus a lot on the lighting so that the photographs would look professional. I would advise the models on the kinds of moods that they should portray, so as to achieve their goals. My fashion sense for bikini shoots often involves the combination of some clothes over the bikini set. Observe my lighting, selection of outfit, photograph's composition and the model's expression and poses.

I keep my work classy no matter how little the model wears. It is a form of art - not the selling sex kind of work.

How Does Skai Take Good Bikini Pictures?

The lighting, styling, bikini set, poses and expression must be well taken care of. Before these, there must be good planning ahead, instead of simply counting on luck.

Your Goals: What Do You Want to Achieve from Your Bikini Photoshoot?

Flattery Photographs

By doing a bikini photoshoot, you definitely want to create bikini pictures that make you look good.

You have probably seen the sample bikini galleries created by Skai and have a rough idea of the quality of bikini photographs you will get by working with Skai.

Skai has worked through various harsh conditions to create his work. He does high-end photography with professional lighting equipment to create flattering light, which differentiates him well from most other bikini photographers. For natural light photoshoots, he would utilise everything possible to allow flattering light to smoothen the skin as well.

He does proper planning work to achieve the results, including the concept, outfit, location and more.

Sexy & Tasteful Photographs

Similar to other sexy photoshoot genres, every girl should ensure the quality of their bikini photographs is good. This is to avoid viewers from forming negative assumptions and wild imaginations.

You want your bikini photographs to appear tasteful. You want your viewers to associate the photographs with art and admire them with a decent mind.

Unfortunately, there's only a fine line between art and porn. You can easily get (male) photographers to work with you for your bikini photoshoot but let's be realistic that you're taking a big bet.

Professional & Eye-Catchy Photographs

Every day, there are many girls doing bikini photoshoots. To put it bluntly, if you don't mind getting the same boring results as theirs, you can even consider getting a friend to capture you using your mobile phone. Nevertheless, professionally taken bikini photographs would speak much better of you.

Skai specialises in using high-end photography with the help of professional lighting to create eye-catchy bikini photographs. He also plays with ideas to make the photographs look more interesting.

Personalised Photographs

Skai does bespoke photography to customise and personalise photoshoots for clients. If you are looking at special bikini photographs, you may want your bikini photoshoot to be tailored-made for you.

At the minimum, Skai would give you advice based on your requirements and see through the entire production to eliminate possible problems that would affect the quality of your bikini photographs.

Safe & Fun Photoshoot Experience

There are dangers in doing photoshoots, especially sexy ones. Obviously, wearing a bikini can reveal quite an amount of skin and thus is considered sexy.

Skai's protocol is to avoid having skin contact with his models (both male and female). He would rather give up an idea if his model doesn't get both his verbal instruction and mirrored demonstration. Therefore, you can be assured that you will be safe throughout the photoshoot with the full respect given to you.

You can judge a photographer based on both his portfolio and testimonials.

Perhaps, most professional photographers have ways to avoid sexual temptation during their photoshoots since it's their rice bowls at stake.

Prices & Packages for Bikini Photography

🌞 Professional

Up to 1 Hour: $280
Up to 2 Hours: $380 $450

Additional Hour: $150/block hr

  • Basic Edit (exposure & colour correction)
  • Digital copies (high resolution JPG)
  • Up to 40 photos/hr
  • Photos selected by Photographer

Special Requests/ Add-Ons
  • Get back remaining good photos:
    +$50/hr booked (subject to availability)
  • Same-day photo edit:
    +$50/photo (subject to availability)
  • Expedited photo edit (3 days after shoot):
    +$50/hr booked (subject to availability)
  • Privacy of photos: +$50/hr booked
  • Advanced edit (skin retouching) for photos: +$50/photo

⚑ High-End

Up to 1 Hour + 1 photo: $350
Up to 1 Hour + 5 photos: $550
Up to 2 Hours + 10 photos: $900

Additional Hour: $150/block hr
Additional photos: $50/photo
  • ⚑ Flash photography (one-light set-up)
  • 🌞 Use of natural light when necessary
  • Pace of shoot: Slow

  • Advanced Edit (skin retouching)
  • Digital copies (high resolution JPG)
  • Photos selection in low resolution PDF

Special Requests/ Add-Ons
  • Additional lighting set-up: +$50/light
  • Revision of photo edit: +$15/photo
  • Expedited photo edit (3 days after shoot):
    +$35/photo (subject to availability)
  • Privacy of photos: +$100/hr booked

⚑ Studio Shoot

Please note that my home photography studio is not available until further notice.
1) My studio,
2) Your booked external studio, or
3) Makeshift studio @ your location

Details: Photo Studio

Hairstyling & Makeup

$180 /Female
$120 /Male
  • 1x Hair & Makeup Artist (HMUA)
  • Up to 1 hour
  • 1 Look (Hairstyling for a neat look & Makeup)

  • Add-Ons
  • Follow through the photoshoot: +$60/hr
    (subject to availability)

Details: Hair & Makeup Artist (HMUA)



All booked duration

Includes changing of equipment, wardrobe, makeup, hairstyle, and travelling (if applicable) during the shoot.

Please read

(1) Checklist for hiring a photographer, (2) FAQ and (3) Service Agreement before making enquiries.

Ideas and advice

Will only be given to serious clients after a booking fee is being placed.

βœ† Contact me now for a customised package tailored to your personal needs.


Why do girls swim in bikini?

To begin with, a bikini is a set of swimwear, which is used for swimming and not just for "showing off body".

There are a few reasons why some girls would wear bikinis to the beach or swimming pool.

Firstly, wearing a bikini is more comfortable than most other swimwear as there is less fabric to constrict movement. Secondly, a bikini keeps tan lines nearer to the private areas where most clothes won't reveal. Lastly, the bikini is a fashion that will make girls feel more confident.

What are the requirements to be a bikini model?

For the usual commercial purposes, a bikini model should have a good body proportion. That means the ratio of the length of her legs to the length of her body should be as big as possible.

Her figure is an important factor as well. That means she should be thin and best to have nice breasts.

However, there is also a market for plus-size bikini models where bikini fashion companies would want to target bikini lovers who have larger body frames. However, do note that there may be a limited opportunity.

For private modelling where there are much more opportunities, most hobbyist photographers who would hire bikini models for bikini photoshoots will likely choose models who have big breasts and thinner bodies.

On the other hand, any girl who wishes to become a bikini model for a day can simply hire a professional bikini photographer to help her take flattering pictures. There are no rules that say girls who don't have the perfect model figure can't do a bikini photoshoot.

In fact, a good personal photographer can help to plan the bikini photoshoot to utilise any positive aspect of a girl and also help to hide her flaws. Eventually, every bikini model can look good in their bikini photos.

What kind of bikini photoshoot suits me most?

It depends on the individual. I don't usually work with professional models and thus you can see that my shoots lean more towards lifestyle. If you don't have experience, you may not be able to do poses like professional models, and thus lifestyle is suitable. I will try to be as creative as possible. Eventually, I have to see your pictures and find out more about you before I can give any suggestions.

What kind of swimwear can I use?

There are many types of swimwear and some people use different names for them, such as Bandeaukini, Bikini, Burkini, Legsuit, Microkini, Monokini, One-piece swimsuit, Ruffle swimsuit, Skirtini, Sling bikini, String bikini, Swim dress, Tankini set, Three-piece swimsuit, Top-bottom set, and Trikini.

The most commonly worn swimwear in Singapore are bikinis and one-piece swimsuits. Different kinds of swimwear may suit different types of bodies and also portray different moods. For a swimwear photoshoot, the outfit can be paired with other clothes to create different styles and to make the model look more flattering.

Can I bring a friend or family member to the shoot for support?

Yes, but preferably not. Do read reasons why models should not bring their partners along for photoshoots.

Will my images be shared or published without my permission?

If you are concerned about your privacy, you can buy over the copyright from me as well. However, do note that you have to do it before the photoshoot, or otherwise, extra charges will occur for the effort to upload and remove the photographs.

Anyway, do note that there's no forever secret, and thus do take only photographs that you aren't afraid that other people will get to see.

Can I request specific poses or styles for the shoot?

Yes, do suggest to me. However, not every pose and style can work for you or the location. I may allow you to try but always have an open mind that it will fail.

Can I see the photographs before they are edited or released?

Yes. If you are paying for advanced editing (skin retouching), you likely have to select the photographs to be edited. I always send my clients the final photographs once they are completed and it takes lots of time and effort for me to release them online.

Can you retouch certain areas of my body in the photographs?

Yes, skin retouching will be done if you opt for advanced editing.

Is it possible to shoot the photoshoot at a location other than a studio or beach?

Yes, I do on-location photography at anywhere that you like.

Do you have any recommendations for hair and makeup for the photoshoot?

After we confirm the photoshoot with the professional hair and makeup artist, I can discuss with her. Or otherwise, show me all your old styles (old pictures) and I can advise you on the best one.

Is it possible to shoot the photoshoot at sunrise or sunset for a specific lighting effect?

Yes, definitely. I always push to shoot in the golden hour to get the softest light possible. However, do take note that for a sunrise or sunset portrait, we will need flash photography, or otherwise, it will likely become a silhouette picture. Moreover, for early morning photography, a surcharge may be imposed. Do double-check with me personally.

Can I bring props or accessories to the photoshoot to personalize the images?

Yes, they will certainly help to make the bikini photoshoot more interesting. However, do discuss with me in case you will be wasting your effort if they don't suit the photoshoot.

Do you have any experience shooting boudoir or lingerie photoshoots?

Yes, do explore my boudoir photography.

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