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Registry of Marriages ROM Solemnization Wedding Photographer in Singapore

ROM photographer

ROM photography rates & packages

Package 1

  • $250
  • ROM event photography
  • Up to 1 hour

Package 2

  1. Photos (Up to 50 photos/hr) will be returned in high resolution JPG format.
  2. Photos will be enhanced with basic editing.
  3. Please read 1) Checklist for hiring a photographer, 2) FAQ & 3) Service Agreement before making enquiries.
  4. The prices are quoted to compensate for the amount of effort and time I've to spend, and wear and tear of equipment, in order for me to continue with my photography services. Thus, I'm happy to work on any package.
  5. Ideas and advice will only be given to serious clients after a booking fee is being placed.

Add-Ons (optional)

  1. (Highly recommended) 1 look (professional hairstyling & makeup) at $250 for the bride.
  2. Additional photos with advanced enhancement (skin retouching) at $40/photo; discount of $10/photo if any HMUA under my list of HMUAs (hair and makeup artists) is hired.
  3. $100 for privacy of the photos (photographer will not put them up on portfolio & social media).
  4. Express delivery of photos: check rates & availability with the photographer when seeking quotation.

Gallery: Solemnization at ROM

Solemnization photography for Sing Dai & Amelia

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ROM procedure on solemnization day

The system of Registry of Marriages (ROM) is impressive. If you've registered properly with them, you simply need to turn up slightly earlier before the booked timing. So far, the arranged time for the solemnization that I've attended is almost on the dot.

What you need to do is to bring along both your IC to scan at the machine outside the solemnization rooms and you will be registered to enter the solemnization room.

There are LCD screens outside the rooms to display your names and your room number. Therefore, do keep a look out after you have scanned your IC.

After entering the solemnization room, a friendly solemniser would be greeting you at a big table where he/she would be sit at. You and your two witnesses will be joining the solemniser, with your back facing the rest of the guests. The solemniser will check the four ICs before beginning the solemnisation. The process involves vows, a kiss and signing of signatures by you and your two witnesses. The solemniser would then open the doors on the opposite side where you've entered from.

From my past experiences, the entire solemnization usually takes around 12 minutes. You can simply add an extra five minutes it just in case there's any delay during the solemnization, but I guess it doesn't matter much.

Important things to take note on solemnization day

  1. If you happen to scan your IC earlier than the stated timing, you might be called to go into the room to do your solemnization earlier. Therefore, make sure your important guests have already arrived before you register for your ROM.
  2. Remind your two witnesses to bring their IC or passport for verification!

Challenges in photography at ROM

ROM photography by professional photographer
Above: Photography by Skai Chan

ROM photography by random photographer
Above: Photography by model's friend

The ceiling lights inside the ROM, which act as the main ambient light, has warm colour temperature. In other words, the light is towards orangish and yellowish colour. Somehow, the colour doesn't flatter faces.

The ambient light doesn't only have problems with its colour, it's rather dim as well. Therefore, it would pose challenges for many cameras. The photographs may end up looking "noisy" (grainy).

There're a few "compulsory" iconic places to take photographs at the ROM. Unfortunately, most of the time, it would be backlighting situation. That means the background (sky) would be bright, which would take away the attention of the viewers in the pictures. In the worst case scenario, the backlight would reduce the sharpness of the pictures.

There are other couples and families who would like to take photographs at the iconic places to show "we were here". Therefore, it's polite and considering of everyone to quickly snap their photographs and make way for the others.

Why hire a professional photographer for your ROM

  1. Good looking photographs
    It's very challenging for non-photographers to capture even average quality photographs at ROM where lighting isn't very ideal. The colour, exposure (brightness) and clarity do define the quality of photographs.
  2. Full group photographs
    Every guest deserves to be inside the full group photographs. If you request one of your guests to be the photographer, he/she will end up not appearing in more than a handful of the photographs.
  3. Quick and easy
    A professional photographer will help you to speed up the group photo-taking processes, which you may not have the luxury of time.
  4. Natural snapshots to write the memory
    Snapshots during the entire ROM event will document the day as a story and create a good memory for everyone, especially you. A professional photographer will be able to do that for you.

The ROM Photographer

I'm a freelance photographer who's fortunate to be hired by couples who trust me to photograph them on their once-in-a-life happy moments. My job is to document down the entire ROM events and also help them to take quick and professional group photographs.

Although I'm a photographer who seeks to take photographs at different locations to create unique work, the repeated experience of doing ROM photography at the Registry of Marriages (ROM) does help me to gain a clear understanding of the situation. Thus, I understand the difficulty of doing photography at the ROM and able to create the best photographs possible.

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