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Chinatown Street Photoshoot with Gwendal

Chinatown street photoshoot with Gwendal @ Chinatown

Chinatown street photoshoot with Gwendal @ Chinatown

Chinatown street photoshoot with Gwendal @ Chinatown

Chinatown street photoshoot with Gwendal @ Chinatown

For the second set of the shoot with Gwendal, his bravery and quick thinking were clear, which helped speed up the process. He smoothly changed into the outfit for this set at a nearby corner, allowing us to start earlier.

One challenge we encountered during this shoot was the busy crowd in the streets of Chinatown. However, this also worked in our favour, adding liveliness and energy to the photos, giving them a natural look.

At times, I had to pause to wait for the right moment when the number of passersby was just right—not too many to overwhelm the shot, but not too few to make it seem empty. Additionally, I had to ensure that no passersby would distract the viewers. For instance, some would walk too close to the camera, diverting attention from Gwendal.

Despite these challenges, this shoot had been on my to-do list for many years and seeing it finally happen was a dream come true.

Gwendal followed my instructions well, creating a natural look. However, time constraints meant we had to end the shoot sooner than we would have liked.

FeaturingGwendalHairstylist-Makeup Artist (MUA)-
Wardrobe ↬ Gwendal
CameraCanon 6D Mark IILensCanon 24-70mm F2.8L IILightingNatural light
PlaceChinatownDate ↬ Year 2023

Photo Editing type ↬ Basic
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