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Nerd-Themed Lifestyle Photoshoot with Daniel Stephen

Nerd-themed lifestyle photoshoot with Daniel Stephen @ Rochester Park

Nerd-themed lifestyle photoshoot with Daniel Stephen @ Rochester Park

Nerd-themed lifestyle photoshoot with Daniel Stephen @ Rochester Park

Our nerd-themed lifestyle photoshoot with Daniel Stephen marked the second and final set of our photo session for the day. This concept was a testament to Daniel's creativity and his eagerness to explore different facets of his personality through photography.

Daniel's vision for this shoot was to create a nerdy or bookworm image, keeping in mind that he had plans for another photoshoot session with me to showcase his stylish side on a different day. It was impressive to see how he was able to bring this unique concept to life.

Before settling on a location, we had scouted a Starbucks café, but it turned out to be rather crowded, making it challenging to secure an ideal spot for our shoot. So, we decided to explore another café before finalising our choice. Fortunately, the second café we visited was less crowded, thanks to the off-peak hours and the staff graciously allowed us to utilise the outdoor area we had in mind.

During the shoot, I found myself in some unconventional positions, including standing amidst the bushes to get the right angles and perspectives. It was a physically demanding session, requiring me to constantly adjust my position within the bushes for each shot.

In between shots, I had to navigate my way out of the bushes to review the images we'd captured and then dive back in to make further adjustments. Throughout this process, I was amazed by Daniel's composure and modelling skills, especially considering he wasn't a professional model.

Despite the physical demands and unique shooting conditions, our hard work and dedication paid off. The resulting photos were a testament to our collaborative efforts, showcasing the successful transformation of Daniel's vision into striking images.

FeaturingDaniel StephenHairstylist-Makeup Artist (MUA)-
Wardrobe ↬ Daniel Stephen
CameraCanon 6D Mark IILensCanon 24-70mm F2.8L IILightingNatural light
PlaceRochester ParkDate ↬ Year 2023

Photo Editing type ↬ Basic
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