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Gramophone Photoshoot with Jerome Cheze

Lifestyle gramophone photoshoot with Jerome Cheze at home

Lifestyle gramophone photoshoot with Jerome Cheze at home

Lifestyle gramophone photoshoot with Jerome Cheze at home

Lifestyle gramophone photoshoot with Jerome Cheze at home

This lifestyle photoshoot was delayed for months due to our packed schedule and then I fell sick for a long period of time.

One of Jerome's hobbies was listening to music and he loved his gramophone a lot. He proudly explained to me that the sound produced by the gramophone was much better than the usual music players. It was petty that I was too focused on my photography role that I didn't allow any other beautiful thing to take away my attention. In my mind was simply about how to frame the pictures, not let the window's light overpower them and also lead Jerome to an even more natural state.

Anyway, Jerome was calm and composed since our meet-up. He seemed to have entrusted the entire photography session to me and wasn't anxious that we would run out of time - although time wasn't really on our side. We chatted for quite a while as he was curious about my part of life. Eventually, I had to sound the alarm as the sun raced off duty.

Jerome was a great listener, not only to music but also to my explanation. To date, he was the person who showed the greatest admiration for my photography concepts, judging by his response, tone, facial expression and body gesture. We were totally on the same page. It made me feel more confident to give ideas while eliminating the fear of making mistakes.

The greatest challenge of this home lifestyle photoshoot was the space constraint. We cleared the top of the coffee table to allow greater angles. However, I refrained from making excessive demands in order to begin the first session of the day in a more relaxing mood.

Jerome played his role brilliantly.

FeaturingJerome ChezeHairstylist-Makeup Artist (MUA)-
Wardrobe ↬ Jerome Cheze
CameraCanon 6D Mark IILensCanon 24-70mm F2.8L II
PlaceHomeDate ↬ 14 October, 2022

Photo Editing type ↬ Basic
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