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Fireworks Couple Photoshoot with Raymond & Serena

Outdoor fireworks couple photoshoot with Raymond & Serena at Old Parliament Lane

Outdoor fireworks couple photoshoot with Raymond & Serena at Old Parliament Lane

Outdoor fireworks couple photoshoot with Raymond & Serena at Old Parliament Lane

Outdoor fireworks couple photoshoot with Raymond & Serena at Old Parliament Lane

Raymond's journey with me began with a fitness shoot in mind, but fate had more intricate plans. In the midst of our initial correspondence, he threw a delightful curveball: a marriage proposal photoshoot followed by a romantic night couple shoot. It was a whirlwind of excitement and meticulous planning.

However, there was a quirky twist in our story. At one point, Raymond misread my reply and momentarily thought I couldn't be part of his special day. Thankfully, our lines of communication were quickly untangled and I was thrilled to be involved in his extraordinary moment.

Raymond had already scouted the proposal location. He had a vision that included capturing the enchanting fireworks of the National Day Parade (NDP) as a backdrop for their night couple photoshoot. It was a dreamy idea but I knew there were constraints to consider.

Our discussions were marked by Raymond's unwavering understanding. He realised the limitations and was open to adjustments, even suggesting that we skip the fireworks if it proved too challenging.

One significant constraint was space. Raymond shared sample photos and after thorough online research, I could foresee the tight confines and numerous distractions in the chosen location. It didn't align with my standard of photography.

On the day of the proposal, I arrived early, though road closures due to the F1 race and NDP threw me a curveball. Navigation became a test of patience and energy as I navigated detours.

Quick thinking was crucial. I proposed an alternative nearby spot with better photographic potential. However, the charm of the original spot drew curious onlookers who inadvertently photobombed our test shots.

My contingency plan involved using a nearby building to bounce my flash at my back, eliminating the need for a softbox setup that might require a permit.

Then came the fireworks or so we thought. To our surprise, they erupted from a different location, largely obscured by a neighbouring building and trees. We made a hasty move to catch a glimpse but I was too far from the initial building.

Adapting swiftly, I changed the speedlite atop my camera and improvised by bouncing the light off the closest building at the side instead of firing it directly, avoiding unflattering flat light. Guiding Raymond and Serena to shift their angles became an art in itself, all while trying to keep them focused in the dimly lit surroundings.

Though the lighting presented challenges, I was overjoyed to capture those fleeting, magical moments. It was heartwarming to see the couple's genuine love and delight as they reviewed the photos.

As the NDP festivities concluded, beams of light pierced the sky. I seized the opportunity, interrupting the couple mid-dinner to snap a few more enchanting pictures.

It had been an exhausting, nerve-wracking start to the night, but the result was a series of photographs that encapsulated the essence of a memorable evening—one that Raymond, Serena and I would forever cherish.

FeaturingRaymond & SerenaHairstylist-Makeup Artist (MUA)-
Wardrobe ↬ Raymond & SerenaCredits Carol Lim
CameraCanon 6D Mark IILensCanon 24-70mm F2.8L IILightingGodox V860-III
PlaceOld Parliament LaneDate ↬ Year 2023

Photo Editing type ↬ Basic
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