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Implied Nude Art Yoga Portrait Photoshoot with Karina Cognomen

Implied nude yoga art portrait photoshoot with Karina Cognomen at Kovan Residency (indoor)

Implied nude yoga art portrait photoshoot with Karina Cognomen at Kovan Residency (indoor)

Implied nude yoga art portrait photoshoot with Karina Cognomen at Kovan Residency (indoor)

The first thing that I would recall about Karina was the ease of communication with her. Her understanding personality was a charm that would mesmerize even girls. It was easy to explain things to her, including the constraints, and she would analyse before agreeing.

Karina was, of course, more than just a lady of wisdom and gracious. She had this great figure that guys would drool over. Being physically fit wasn't a gift from Mother Nature but something she had earned for herself, or perhaps, it was simply her lifestyle. Karina loved hiking and she did it regularly over long distance, and that really toned her body up, especially her lower body. With that, she looked extremely healthy, yet not to the extent of a bodybuilder.

Karina's open-mindedness helped to create mind-blowing artworks. Apart from the trust she placed in me, her love for art helped to connect us together. Discussion was easy and she even did researches on her poses.

Just like how I tried to find out more about every model whom I was going to work with, I had casual conversation with her and confirmed that she was a yoga enthusiast. Since I didn't want to do a nude shoot, I suggested implied nude instead. The difference was that implied nude would not reveal any of the private parts, which was more tolerant by the society. With her yoga background, I came out with the idea of mixing yoga with implied nude, which would double the art value.

On the day of shoot, Karina suddenly informed Sher Li and I of her injured hand, such that, it was impossible to do many of the poses we had researched on. I was disappointed but decided to go ahead. I met up with Sher Li at the MRT station and walked over to Karina's place together. It was the second time I dragged my new ThinkTank roller bag along for shoot and it managed to exhaust me a little before we met up with Karina.

Sher Li was quiet as compared to our previous shoot, probably due to lack of sleep. However, when I took a little break from setting up my equipment, I managed to start her "engine" as both of them chatted like good friends. Sher Li was fast in her job as usual.

Since it was an indoor shoot, I managed to set up a softbox, beauty dish and a speedlite, without worrying about securing them from the wind. Although, the speedlite was more of a redundant. We started off with some simple shots and it was difficult since I insisted in having zero body contact with my models, and thus, couldn't rectify some small details in her poses. After the "warm-up", we worked on the original plan of yoga and I was glad to come out with something stylish and interesting. My only regret was that I didn't have a boom stand with me so that I could play with the angle of lighting to make it look more interesting. Perhaps, if I had a choice, I would replace the curtains with non-reflective material. With the limited time, I was glad with the results.

FeaturingKarina CognomenMakeup Artist (MUA)Sher Li

CameraCanon 6DLensCanon 24-70mm F2.8L IILightingCononmark I6M, Cononmark B4
PlaceKovan Residency (indoor)Date ↬ 20 June, 2017

Photo Editing type ↬ Advanced

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