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Photographers from Hell

Below are some of the bad incidents people have encountered with photographers. No name is mentioned because this page isn't meant to be a petition and I personally have no time to deal with the black sheep in the industry. Since I haven't encountered most of the stories/black sheep personally, I can't confirm their authenticity. I also believe most of the photographers involved aren't professional photographers.

  1. Sex for photos after photos were already taken
    "there was once i was helping my mutual friend out, so we hung out n got some shots which were cool ! i asked him if i could get my pics n he said that if i wanted them id have to fuck him. like deadass... fuck him. when i said no he got mad n shit it was hilarious"
    Initially, I thought it was a joke but when the model mentioned that the photographer got mad upon rejected, I knew he was expecting the model to agree to the condition of having sex with him. Maybe he was usually a girl magnet?
  2. Impatient
    "another time this other photographer didnt give me my pics (like he kept delaying) n i didnt rly care ah. so when i saw it the next day, i was in sch ah so i didnt rly think abt saving them first (he sent it at 00:00) . few hours later i couldnt find them. he said he deleted it bc he needed space on his dropbox n that i shdve saved it earlier"
    Indeed, server space like Dropbox can be expensive and thus photographers will try to clear the space ASAP. Ignore the part about delaying the photos because photographers can be very busy. However, removing the photos from the Dropbox within 24 hours without confirmation with the recipient is a bit weird and rude? Ask or leave it there for at least two days.

If you have personally encountered any bad photographer, do contact me and share the story with me!

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