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Model Release Form Template in PDF for Download

If you were to schedule a photoshoot with a model, whether it is a paid or TFCD shoot, it is good that you can get the model to sign a model release form.

It is a general knowledge that all photos taken by a photographer belong to the photographer. This means that the photographer owns the copyright to all the photos and can freely use them, unless, there is any special agreement. For example, some photographers do pay models to do private sexy shoot like boudoir or even nude, and the models usually want the session to be discreet and the photos to kept between only the photographers and them. Eventually, to avert future dispute, it is good to let the model sign a model release form to acknowledge that the photos belong to the photographer. Whereas, for private photos, the special clauses can be indicated inside the form as well.

Under normal circumstances, models will not make things difficult for the photographers. I usually make my clients and models go through my website for the agreements, while the conversations (Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS or Email) are records that they have agreed to my terms and conditions.

Unfortunately, I had encountered problems with my models despite trusting them and not making them sign any model release form. There was once the model told me her boyfriend was not supposed to know that she was out for a photoshoot. I had also encountered a spoilt brat wanted me to remove the entire album of couple shoot that I had done TFCD for her and her ex-boyfriend after they broke up.

Photographers should not take any risk despite being in very good relationship with the models. The time and effort to plan, shoot and process the photographs will never be understood by non-photographers.

To help everyone, I have prepared a copy of a model release form for download. It is designed for shooting with one or two models. Simply right click on the link below and save it.

Download Model Release Form

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