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7 Pros/ Advantages of Being a Freelance Photographer in Singapore

Everyone has different perspectives on the benefits of being a photographer. Shallow people may tend to associate photographers with knowing hot models. It depends on individuals whether what are considered as advantages to work as a photographer. However, there are various good things about being a photographer, such as the following:

  1. Knowing more people
    It's common for photographers to meet people of all genders, ages, races, religions and statuses. Most clients are really nice people. We can't deny that there are not-very-nice clients, but to be frank, this small number of clients will still try their best to be nice to their photographers. The logic is simple - the clients need the photographers to produce good work.

    The joy of knowing more people isn't purely about networking (at least for me) but being treated with respect by others. I get to meet nice elderly who nag at me to eat during event shoots and I also get to know people of higher status in the society who treat me like friend.
  2. Learning to judge people
    Fortunately, this is a blessing in disguise of unfortunate encounters. Although there is only a small number of not-very-nice people who will approach photographers, there will also be many time wasters.

    Through experiences, photographers get to learn how to judge people during the first online encounter.
  3. Experiencing (free) food
    During shoots, photographers do get to try out free food. This is very common for event shoots, where the clients (hosts) would order buffet catering. Most clients are generous enough to cater food for their photographers. I have personally experienced having buffet at hotels, good food at restaurants and some clients have treated me to meals during and after portrait shoots.

    The main point isn't having free food - it's the kind gesture from clients, which is also a form of appreciation.
  4. Visiting homes / places
    Photographers get to explore places for their shoots, which can be at indoor and outdoor places. For interior, event and portrait shoots, clients may request the photographers to go to their houses for the shoot. For actual day wedding, apart from the standard hotel's restaurants, some clients may host the event at some special venues. For portrait shoot, photographers may get to explore different parts of Singapore.

    The joy of viewing nice interiors and knowing more interesting places is something which many people don't get to experience as frequently as photographers.
  5. Easy sharing of work (in Internet)
    Despite facing huge competition to showcase work in the saturated Internet, being able to showcase work online is a blessing. There are many websites and applications available for uploading. For example, if you're selling food, you won't be able to showcase the taste! For showcasing of photography, those who appreciate your style will get to know about you immediately.
  6. Appreciated by clients and viewers
    It's difficult not to feel the excitement when people tell you your work is great or you have good personality. Generally, everyone wants to be appreciated. Although not everyone knows how to judge photographs well, there are many people who will see your talent.
  7. Passion as work
    It's simple as that. Not everyone in this world can get to work for things that they love.

If you think there are other advantages of being a freelance photographer, do contact me!

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Page last modified on Fri, 19 March 2021