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The albums on this page are listed in order of the date of shoot, from newest (top) to oldest (bottom). Click the photo to view its full set of photos in higher resolution and write-up about the model and the shoot.

Find out more about my portrait photography to see how I make my work stand out from others.

Editorial & Lifestyle Photoshoot - Akira Uchida Lifestyle Photoshoot - Sana Lifestyle Photoshoot - Janice Sui Couple Photoshoot - Alexander Stiegler & Esther Pai Children Photoshoot - Nicholas Chan Jun En Lifestyle Photoshoot - Angela Arlene Quek Fitness Photoshoot - Angela Arlene Quek Hobby Photoshoot - Rachel Liew Children Photoshoot - Nicholas Chan Jun En Couple Photoshoot - Wei Loong & Shujuan Cat Photoshoot - Kelly Lim, Misha & Sky Friends Photoshoot - Delphine Seto & friends Dance & Bikini Photoshoot - Jasmine Lim Children Photoshoot - Isaac, Isabelle, Iryssa & Friends Hobby Photoshoot - Hannah Tan Travel Photoshoot - Amber Nguyen Trang Dog Photoshoot - Ttang Kong Couple Photoshoot - Michael & Kimli Tan Lifestyle Photoshoot - Havanah Zandrea Dancing Photoshoot - Teo Shu Ying Dog Photoshoot - Singapore Dachies Conceptual Couple Photoshoot - Kaidi & Ivy Children Photoshoot - Vera Lifestyle Photoshoot - Ivy Tan Yoga Photoshoot - Bai Jia Wang Lifestyle Photoshoot - Charis Tan Couple Photoshoot - Kaiwei & Stella Lifestyle Photoshoot - Karina Cognomen Yoga Photoshoot - Sharon Ng En Hui Cheerleading & Dancing Photoshoot - Jasmine Tan Lifestyle Photoshoot - Emilia Yoyo Ngai Travel Photoshoot - Ao Xuan Lifestyle Photoshoot - Ao Xuan Editorial Fitness Photoshoot - Jolene Chui Lifestyle Photoshoot - Low Kah Yoke Animal Conceptual Photoshoot - Luckie Chan Fitness Photoshoot - Kayla Wong Dancing Photoshoot - Huirong & Tan Jiamin Dancing Photoshoot - Tan Jiamin Dancing Photoshoot - Huirong Couple Photoshoot - Brian & Claudia Animal Photoshoot - Elmo & Eby Couple Photoshoot - Michael & Valerie Children Photoshoot - Random Self Portrait - Skai Chan & Luckie Couple Photoshoot - Derrick & Ariel Dancing Photoshoot - Huirong Hobby Photoshoot - Vanessa Toh Lifestyle Photoshoot - Vanessa Toh Hobby Photoshoot - Vanessa Toh Animal Photoshoot - Maisie Chew & Luckie Chan Lifestyle Photoshoot - Constance Huang Dancing & Sunset Photoshoot - Oh Yongpeck Animal Photoshoot - Luckie Chan Children Photoshoot - Dchane Children Photoshoot - Dylan Couple Photoshoot - Random Couple Hobby Photoshoot - Nicole Children Photoshoot - Jacob Christopher Hobby Photoshoot - Puang Shujuan

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