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Family Photoshoot - Nathaniel Lam, Rachel Liew, Floofy, Quinn & Mochi @ Tampines (indoor) Couple Photoshoot - Alexander Stiegler & Esther Pai @ Tanjong Pagar Couple Photoshoot - Wei Loong & Shujuan @ Jurong Lake Gardens Couple Photoshoot - Michael & Kimli Tan @ Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Hotel Conceptual Couple Photoshoot - Kaidi & Ivy @ Marsiling Couple Photoshoot - Kaiwei & Stella @ Punggol Ranch, Punggol Beach Couple Photoshoot - Brian & Claudia @ Botanic Gardens, Orchid Garden Couple Photoshoot - Michael & Valerie @ Riverwalk Apartments Couple Photoshoot - Derrick & Ariel @ Jurong Lake Park Couple Photoshoot - Random Couple @ Botanic Gardens

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Couples do photoshoots for various reasons, most trendily, for their wedding. Before their actual day banquet, they would do a pre-wedding photoshoot and present the photographs in a wedding album for their guests to view. Many couples also do couple photoshoots to commemorate their anniversaries or just for the sake of doing a fun activity together.

I get bored of creating the same thing and thus I always use creativity to create interesting and unique work for every photoshoot. I focus on lighting and making the couple look natural.

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