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Weird Requests for Photographers

There are many weird people in this world and it comes to no surprise that photographers do receive weird "business opportunities" at times. Some can be very insulting to the professional photographers.

  1. Stalk cheating husband
    One of the first weird encounters I had experienced was a lady approaching me to take photographs of her husband in a carpark. She probably wanted to have some solid evidence of her husband cheating. I was straightforward and told her I wasn't a private detective/investigator.

    I wasn't sure of the reason why she would decide to approach a photographer instead. Maybe she thought photographers would charge cheaper rates or could take clearer photographs.
  2. Ideas for commercial shoot
    A popular brand company contacted me and wanted me to come out with a proposal for their commercial shoot. Although I had been doing creative/boutique shoots, it was weird that they had approached me instead of going to an advertising firm with the appropriate resources.

    Another odd thing was that they didn't even promise that they would hire me. I could have spent time researching and coming up with some interesting ideas; but eventually, if they didn't want to engage me, I would have wasted a lot of time and effort. What I worried most was that, they could have taken my ideas and hire some cheap photographers to do the shoot.
  3. Introduce social escort
    An open-minded girl I met online suddenly re-surfaced and asked me to poach my models to work as social escorts. My models were friends and clients and to the best of my knowledge, some of them could be daring but none was seeking for dirty money. This girl seemed to have a very negative impression of art.
  4. Join in the fun
    A guy approached me in Facebook and told me that his wife wanted to do a boudoir shoot. He warned me that his wife was very shy before getting his wife to contact me via WhatsApp. I was amazed that she was not shy at all. She shared some stories with me, including how her previous photographer got turned on by her after instructing her to do sexy poses for the bikini shoot. She then told me she wanted to do a couple shoot with her husband and things might heat up and she hinted me to "join in the fun" when I got aroused. She also asked me sensitive personal questions. When I tried to get back to her husband, I was stunned at his reply, telling me "his wife was ready to be unleashed". I started replying her less. She probably gave up because I wasn't responsive to her teasing and sharing of her own cleavage photographs.
  5. Lesbian 3P
    A lady approached me and told me she was helping a female to look for a boudoir photographer. The friend would be coming over from overseas and then I started contacting the actual lady instead. She told me she was requested by her husband's boss to do the shoot and I was puzzled over their relationships. Anyway, just as I was trying hard to think of how to make her look good since she was a bit plump, she told me she wanted to shoot with another two girls and she would be looking for them. I told her I wanted to do art work that didn't involve porn.
  6. Sell nude photos
    A desperate person messaged me in Instagram to ask if I would sell him nude photographs of models. It was a great insult to me. He likely didn't look through my website to understand I'm extremely stubborn and principled. My work alone, showing tastefulness.

    Firstly, I persuaded my models to do up to at most implied nude when they suggested full nude shoots. Secondly, it's business ethics and no professional photographer would ever do that.
  7. Make a photograph look nice
    I was approached by a client for an interior shoot. Being over-friendly to her, she tried to ask me for help without even engaging my services (yet?). She sent me a photograph of her house that was taken by her contractor, probably to prove to her that the work was completed. Then, she wanted me to "make the photograph look nice" without paying me.

    I turned her down after looking at the photographs due to various reasons.

    1. I didn't know what's nice to her although she loved my work a lot. I could provide photographs using my style but editing another person/photographer's work would never arrive at the standard of my work.
    2. The composition and lighting of the photograph wasn't good and I couldn't help much.
    3. The resolution of the photograph, taken by mobile phone, wasn't good enough for editing. Professional photographers usually use RAW files so that there will be lots of details for editing.
    4. Being a low resolution photograph, it didn't worth the time and effort to edit it.
    5. It's time consuming to edit a photograph although most non-photographers think otherwise.
    6. She was supposed to engage my services for interior shoot anyway, so, she wouldn't need the bad photograph.

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