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Professional night portrait photographer in Singapore Hey there!

I'm Skai, your friendly professional night portrait photographer based in the vibrant city of Singapore.

Passion is the fuel that ignites my photography journey, especially when it comes to capturing the magic of the night. There's something truly captivating about the interplay of shadows, the dance of city lights and the mysterious ambience that unfolds after dark.

With each click of the shutter, I strive to create stunning and emotional portraits that transport you to a world of enchantment.

So, if you're ready to embark on a nighttime adventure and let me weave my passion into unforgettable images, let's connect and bring your vision to life!

What Sets Skai Apart from Other Night Portrait Photographers

  1. Comprehensive Background Inclusion: Unlike many photographers who rely on blurring out the background due to limitations with large aperture lenses, I can capture and incorporate the background and its lighting into my night portraits. This ensures a complete visual narrative and enhances the overall atmosphere of the images.
  2. Customised and Personalised Approach: I believe in creating bespoke photography experiences that are tailored to the individual. By working closely with my clients, I ensure that the photo concepts and themes are customised to reflect their unique personalities and stories. This personal touch adds depth and meaning to the portraits.
  3. Creative Use of Props: I love to infuse creativity and magic into my night portraits by incorporating props such as candles and fairy lights. These props create a captivating ambience, adding an extra layer of enchantment and uniqueness to the images.
  4. Flattering Lighting Techniques: With my expertise in lighting, I can create soft, flattering light that beautifully highlights and enhances the features of my subjects. By carefully considering angles and utilising professional lighting equipment, I ensure that the faces of my subjects look their best, with a three-dimensional and flattering effect.
  5. Versatility Across Genres: I have experience in various genres of photography, allowing me to adapt my skills and techniques to suit different needs and preferences. Whether it's corporate, wedding, family, personal, modelling, lifestyle or art photography, I can capture stunning night portraits across a wide range of genres.
  6. Comfort and Natural Expression: I prioritise the comfort and well-being of my models during the shoot. By avoiding physical contact, I create a safe and comfortable environment that encourages natural expression and authenticity. This results in portraits that truly reflect the genuine emotions and personalities of the individuals.

With my comprehensive background inclusion, personalised approach, creative use of props, flattering lighting techniques, versatility in genres, and focus on comfort and natural expression, I strive to deliver night portraits that are not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful and captivating.

Find out more about what sets my photography apart from other photographers in terms of transparency, value for money, high-quality and personalised photos and great experience.

Testimonials: What Clients Say about Skai

night beach portrait photography

skai was the first professional photographer i ever worked with and i really enjoyed the experience! hes a friendly and funny person, and the shoot flowed naturally. as hes a very experienced photographer in the field, i was comfortable doing the sexy poses i thought of, and i think hes someone really reliable and trustworthy for these matters. he takes his post editing very seriously too and the results are worth it! - Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin)

Don't just take my word for it! Take a moment to read the glowing reviews from my past clients. They provide valuable insights into my unique night portrait photography style and the exceptional experiences they've had. Get a glimpse of what awaits you by exploring their feedback.

Portfolio: Night Portrait Photoshoots

🔍18       Night Outdoor Couple Photoshoot - Raymond & Serena @ Promenade Boat Quay
1. Raymond & Serena

@ Promenade Boat Quay
🌞 Natural light photography
🔍4       Fireworks Couple Photoshoot - Raymond & Serena @ Old Parliament Lane
2. Raymond & Serena

@ Old Parliament Lane
🌞 Natural light photography
🔍6       Friends Night Outdoor Photoshoot - Timothy & Friends @ Changi Cottage
3. Timothy & Friends

@ Changi Cottage
⚡🌞💡 Mixed light photography
🔍1       Night Children Photoshoot - Joleen @ Helix Bridge
4. Joleen

@ Helix Bridge
⚡ Flash photography
🔍2       Night Teenager Photoshoot - Jevon @ Helix Bridge
5. Jevon

@ Helix Bridge
⚡ Flash photography
🔍2       Night Teenager Photoshoot - Justin @ Helix Bridge
6. Justin

@ Helix Bridge
⚡ Flash photography
🔍1       Night Couple Photoshoot - Couple: Matt & Tika @ Helix Bridge
7. Couple: Matt & Tika

@ Helix Bridge
⚡ Flash photography
🔍9       Night Family Photoshoot - Family: Matt, Tika, Justin, Jevon & Joleen @ Helix Bridge
8. Family: Matt, Tika, Justin, Jevon & Joleen

@ Helix Bridge
⚡ Flash photography
🔍4       Night Couple Photoshoot - Couple: Keagan & Nancy @ Supertree Grove @ Gardens By The Bay
9. Couple: Keagan & Nancy

@ Supertree Grove @ Gardens By The Bay
⚡ Flash photography
🔍7       High-End Halloween Candles Themed Outdoor Photoshoot - Ivy Tan @ Fort Canning Park
10. Ivy Tan

@ Fort Canning Park
⚡ Flash photography
🔍8       High-End Night Beach Bikini Photoshoot - Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin) @ Palawan beach, Sentosa
11. Katherine Whiteway (Nekotsurin)

@ Palawan beach, Sentosa
⚡ Flash photography
🔍7       Night Outdoor Glamour Photoshoot - Karen Ivy Diaz @ Tanjong Pagar
12. Karen Ivy Diaz

@ Tanjong Pagar
⚡ Flash photography
🔍11       Night Beach Swimsuit Photoshoot - Rosy Mai Xuan @ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
13. Rosy Mai Xuan

@ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
⚡ Flash photography
🔍4       Night Outdoor Fashion Photoshoot - Audrey Chen @ Anderson Bridge, Fullerton Road
14. Audrey Chen

@ Anderson Bridge, Fullerton Road
⚡ Flash photography
🔍13       High-End Halloween Zombie Themed Carpark Photoshoot - Charis Tan Mei Xuan @ Hougang, Carpark
15. Charis Tan Mei Xuan

@ Hougang, Carpark
⚡ Flash photography
🔍4       Night Outdoor Fashion Photoshoot - Renu @ The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
16. Renu

@ The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
⚡ Flash photography
🔍10       Night Outdoor Gothics Themed Photoshoot - Hilary @ Pearl's Hill Terrace
17. Hilary

@ Pearl's Hill Terrace
⚡ Flash photography
🔍8       High-End Night Bridal Photoshoot - Robyn Skye @ Gardens by the Bay
18. Robyn Skye

@ Gardens by the Bay
⚡ Flash photography
🔍6       High-End Outdoor Bridal Photoshoot - Siaw Jo @ HortPark
19. Siaw Jo

@ HortPark
⚡ Flash photography
🔍15       High-End Night Vintage Retro Themed Photoshoot - Hilary @ Amoy Street & Ann Siang Hill Park
20. Hilary

@ Amoy Street & Ann Siang Hill Park
⚡ Flash photography
🔍12       High-End Night Outdoor Hobby Photoshoot - Ha Eun @ Gardens by the Bay East & Marina Bridge
21. Ha Eun

@ Gardens by the Bay East & Marina Bridge
⚡ Flash photography
🔍10       Night Beach Conceptual Photoshoot - Val G @ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
22. Val G

@ Palawan Beach, Sentosa
⚡ Flash photography
🔍19       Halloween Themed Night Outdoor Photoshoot - Val G @ Pearl's Hill Terrace
23. Val G

@ Pearl's Hill Terrace
⚡ Flash photography
🔍15       Night Outdoor Edgy School Girl Themed Photoshoot - Ng Shinyi @ National Museum of Singapore
24. Ng Shinyi

@ National Museum of Singapore
⚡ Flash photography
🔍2       Night Outdoor Christmas Themed Snowing Couple Photoshoot - Couple: Kaidi & Ivy @ Marsiling
25. Couple: Kaidi & Ivy

@ Marsiling
⚡ Flash photography
🔍2       High-End Night Outdoor Couple Photoshoot - Couple: Shengyang & Huiting @ Henderson Waves
26. Couple: Shengyang & Huiting

@ Henderson Waves
⚡ Flash photography
🔍8       High-End Outdoor Motorcycle Themed Photoshoot - Boon Hui @ Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
27. Boon Hui

@ Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
⚡ Flash photography
🔍6       Night Outdoor Edgy fashion Photoshoot - Tan Rou Ying @ Haji Lane
28. Tan Rou Ying

@ Haji Lane
⚡ Flash photography
🔍5       Night Outdoor Edgy Themed Photoshoot - Constance Huang @ Boat Quay
29. Constance Huang

@ Boat Quay
⚡ Flash photography
🔍2       Night Fashion Photoshoot - Marjorie Lining @ Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay
30. Marjorie Lining

@ Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay
⚡ Flash photography
🔍3       Night Outdoor Christmas Santarina Themed Photoshoot - April @ Rooftop, Vivocity
31. April

@ Rooftop, Vivocity
⚡ Flash photography
🔍4       Night Outdoor fashion Photoshoot - Lovelle Cengiya @ Clarke Quay
32. Lovelle Cengiya

@ Clarke Quay
⚡ Flash photography
🔍4       Night Outdoor Fashion Photoshoot - Alessandra Wong @ Pinnacle@Duxton
33. Alessandra Wong

@ Pinnacle@Duxton
⚡ Flash photography
🔍2       High-End Night Outdoor fashion Photoshoot - Alessandra Wong @ Marina Bay Sands, Bayfront bridge
34. Alessandra Wong

@ Marina Bay Sands, Bayfront bridge
⚡ Flash photography
🔍1       High-End Night Balcony Couple Photoshoot - Couple: Michael & Valerie @ Riverwalk Apartments
35. Couple: Michael & Valerie

@ Riverwalk Apartments
⚡ Flash photography

Night Portrait Photography Services in Singapore

Step into a world of enchantment with my night portrait photography services in Singapore. I expertly incorporate the captivating night lighting as a backdrop and I can even create lighting in complete darkness. To add an extra touch of magic, I love playing with special props like candles. Let's capture stunning, atmospheric portraits that tell your unique story.

I offer a wide range of night portrait photoshoots to cater to your unique needs and preferences. Whether it's a family portrait, personal branding, solo bridal, couple's session, glamour shoot, fashion shoot, or any other genre you can think of, I am well-equipped to capture the essence of your desired concept and bring it to life in a captivating and artistic manner.

Booking Information

Hey there, interested in booking a night portrait photography session with me? Great choice! Let me give you all the information you need to get started.

  1. Contact me with the purpose: Firstly, to book a night portrait session with me, simply head to my contact page where you can find the link to text me via WhatsApp. Please indicate your purpose and the package you are interested in, or otherwise, I may mistake your text as a spam.
  2. Consultation: We will have a consultation to discuss the type of event, the date, location and your preferred style of photography. This will help me understand your vision and see if we are a perfect match. We will also go over the package options and pricing. However, do note that I will only provide guidance (advices, suggestions, tips etc) after you have confirmed and booked my services officially.
  3. Place deposit: To secure your booking, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. Once your deposit is received, your date and time will be reserved exclusively for you.

    Don't worry, I'll send you all the necessary payment details when you decide to book with me. Payment can be made via PayNow or PayPal (PayPal requires extra fee).

    The remaining balance is due on the day of the photoshoot.

Remember that it's best to book my photography services in advance to ensure availability. So don't hesitate to contact me as soon as possible to secure your date!

Prices & Packages for Night Portrait Photography

Before we jump into the lens magic, scan my service agreement and privacy policy. Every photographer has his playbook – flipping through mine ensures we're on the same visual wavelength.

⚡ Flash Photography

Up to:   1.5 Hour + 45 photos
  • Additional Time: $100/block 30-minute
  • Use of flash (one-light set-up)
  • Editing: Basic (exposure & colour correction)

More Information

  • Pace of shoot: Slow
  • Venue: Provided by client
  • Digital copies (high resolution JPG)
  • Photos selection in low resolution PDF
  • NO raw files, NO unedited photos, NO items/services that aren't stated here.

Special Requests/ Add-Ons

(Subject to availability)
  • Privacy of photos (buy over the rights so that the photos won't be published anywhere, including on this website):
    +$100/hr booked
  • Face to Face discussion:
    Starting from +$100
  • Photographer to scout venue(s):
    Starting from +$100
  • Shoot at beach/ sandy/ dirty venue:
    Starting from +$50
  • Additional lighting set-up:
  • Additional photos (basic edit):
  • Same-day photo edit (basic edit):
  • Expedited photo edit (basic edit: 3 days after shoot):
    +$50/hr booked
  • Advanced edit (skin retouching):
  • Revision of photo edit (advanced edit):
  • Hairstyling & Makeup:
    Refer to the Makeover Services page.

Venue Booking

(Subject to availability)
  • Gym space:
    Starting from +$100
  • Photo Studio:
    Refer to my photo studio page


(Subject to availability)
  • Shoots on any public holiday or eve of public holiday:
    Starting from +$100
  • Shoots that require meet-up before 7 am:
    Starting from +$150
  • Shoots that end later than 11 pm:
    Starting from +$150

Quick Explanation of Photography Costs

I've streamlined my photography packages to be wallet-friendly, ensuring you get the best value. The most considerable portion of my photography cost is calculated based on:

  1. Duration booked: it includes changing of equipment, wardrobe, makeup, hairstyle and travelling during the shoot.
  2. Equipment required: natural light vs flash.
  3. Type of editing: basic vs advanced.
  4. Copyright/privacy: there's a fee should you don't want the photos to be published anywhere.
  5. Extensiveness of planning required.
  6. Special requests/ add-ons & surcharges.

Please read the full explanations so that you can make a better decision.

Special Requests

I've tailored these special requests and add-ons to cater to the unique tastes of my past clients, ensuring each voyage is personalised. The inclusion of these options aims to dissuade similar requests and, importantly, not as a means for me to pocket extra income from my future clients.

Think of it as a bespoke service, crafted with your preferences in mind rather than a cunning plan to boost the treasure chest.


Picture this – I'm here to offer you a good experience without breaking the bank. But, when a project starts encroaching on my personal space or health or requires any additional cost, a surcharge is the reality check. No beating about the bush – it's a straightforward acknowledgment of the extra effort.

It's about ensuring a top-notch journey. Your support in grasping this aspect ensures our photography sail stays steady. Ready to roll with this clarity? Your agreement is the fuel that powers our creative engine.

For the uncommon surcharges, do look through the full list of surcharges to avoid miscommunications.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time depends on various factors, such as:

  1. The number of photos taken
  2. The workload of the photographer
  3. The type of editing required
  4. The quantity of photos requested
  5. The condition of the venue

Generally, if the client needs to choose the photos, it will take up to two weeks for the photographer to sift through and eliminate bad and duplicate shots. The remaining photos are then provided to the clients in a low-resolution PDF file. After the client makes the selection, it will take up to a month for basic editing or two months for advanced editing before the final photos are returned.

Skai follows the practice of reviewing the photos with a fresh mind every one to three days to ensure the highest possible quality. This significant effort places him at a disadvantage in terms of profit. Therefore, clients should appreciate the value of receiving meticulously edited photos, even if it means a slight delay.

In most cases, especially when the number of photos is limited, the final edited photos can be returned much earlier without compromising quality.

For more information, read photography editing time explained.

Skai's Night Portrait Photography

Skai's Vision & Goals for Night Photoshoots

Night portrait photography holds a special place in my heart, as it allows me to merge my passion for photography with the enchanting beauty of the night. My vision in night portrait photography is to create captivating and emotive images that tell stories, evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression on viewers. I strive to capture the unique essence and personality of each individual while also incorporating the captivating elements of the night scene.

One of my primary goals is to showcase the inherent beauty of my subjects. Through careful lighting techniques, composition and attention to detail, I aim to capture their best features and highlight their unique qualities. Whether it's a soft and flattering light that accentuates their natural beauty or a dramatic play of shadows that adds depth and mystery, my goal is to make my subjects look their absolute best and feel confident in front of the camera.

Another important aspect of my vision is to embrace the background and lighting of the night scene. The night offers a magical ambience with its interplay of city lights and captivating shadows. I seek to incorporate these elements into my portraits, creating a visual narrative that transports viewers into the enchanting world of the night. By skilfully blending the subject with the surrounding environment, I aim to create a sense of harmony and balance in each photograph.

Furthermore, storytelling is an integral part of my approach to night portrait photography. I believe that a photograph should go beyond mere visual aesthetics and evoke emotions, spark imagination and tell a compelling story. Whether it's capturing a fleeting moment of joy, a contemplative mood, or a sense of adventure under the moonlit sky, my goal is to create images that resonate with viewers on a deeper level and leave a lasting impact.

Lastly, I strive to push the boundaries of creativity in night portrait photography. Experimenting with different lighting techniques, angles and compositions allow me to create unique and visually striking images. I constantly seek new ways to innovate and challenge myself to create photographs that stand out, capturing the essence of the night and the essence of my subjects.

In summary, my vision in night portrait photography is to create captivating and emotive images that showcase the beauty of my subjects, embrace the background and lighting of the night scene, tell compelling stories and push the boundaries of creativity. Through my work, I aim to transport viewers to a world of enchantment, leaving them with a sense of wonder and connection to the magic of the night.

How Skai Began Doing Night Portrait Photoshoots

The journey of my night portrait photography began with a couple who approached me with a unique request. They wanted to capture their love and the vibrant fireworks in the background at their home. It was a daunting challenge as capturing both the couple and the fireworks required precise timing and expert handling of lighting. However, I embraced the opportunity with determination and meticulous planning. To my delight, I managed to capture breathtaking images that exceeded the couple's expectations. It was a pivotal moment that sparked my passion for night portrait photography.

Soon, aspiring models approached me, seeking to collaborate and showcase their talent. I eagerly seized these opportunities to test and refine my skills in capturing the allure of the night. The dynamic interplay between the models, the environment and the carefully crafted lighting, fascinated me. As the night sky became my canvas, I was astonished by the remarkable results I achieved, capturing stunning images that exuded an ethereal beauty.

Encouraged by the positive feedback and support from clients, co-workers, friends and fans (strangers), I seized every chance to engage in night portrait shoots whenever possible. Their belief in my talent and unwavering encouragement motivated me to explore this niche further. I immersed myself in continuous learning, experimenting with different lighting techniques, refining my composition skills and honing my ability to tell captivating stories through my photographs.

With each new night portrait shoot, I gained confidence and a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in capturing the essence of my subjects and the enchantment of the night. The challenges I encountered only fuelled my determination to push boundaries, experiment with new ideas and consistently deliver exceptional results.

Why Skai Loves Doing Night Portrait Photoshoots

Night portrait photography captivates my heart for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, the breathtaking results that emerge from capturing portraits under the cloak of the night never cease to amaze me. The interplay of light and shadow, the ethereal glow and the mesmerising backdrop create a visual symphony that translates into absolutely gorgeous images. Each photograph becomes a work of art, radiating a unique atmosphere and captivating viewers.

Beyond the sheer beauty, night portrait photography allows me to unleash my creativity and explore uncharted territories. The night serves as a canvas for me to experiment with different lighting techniques, angles, compositions and props. It opens up a realm of possibilities where I can push the boundaries and create truly one-of-a-kind images—this freedom to be creative fuels my passion and keeps my artistic spirit alive.

Moreover, night portraits hold an inherent uniqueness that sets them apart from conventional daytime photography. The mysterious allure of the night adds an extra layer of depth and intrigue to the photographs. The contrasting elements of darkness and illumination create a sense of drama and evoke a wide range of emotions. This uniqueness allows me to capture moments in a way that resonates deeply with both the subjects and the viewers, leaving a lasting impact.

Lastly, I find immense joy in doing night portrait photography because it sets me apart from many other photographers. While some may shy away from the challenges and limitations of capturing images in low-light conditions, I embrace them with enthusiasm. I have developed my distinct style and approach that utilises professional lighting equipment, allowing me to create eye-catching, three-dimensional portraits that stand out from the crowd. This sense of uniqueness and the ability to offer something different and extraordinary is truly fulfilling.

In summary, my love for night portrait photography stems from the stunning and mesmerising results it produces, the freedom to be creative and explore new artistic horizons, the inherent uniqueness of the images and the opportunity to set myself apart from other photographers. With each click of the shutter, I am drawn deeper into the enchanting world of night portrait photography, driven by the desire to capture extraordinary moments and create visual masterpieces that resonate with both the subjects and the viewers.

How Doing Night Portrait Photography has Helped Skai Grow

Engaging in night portrait photography has been a transformative journey that has profoundly contributed to my growth as a photographer. Here are several ways in which this captivating genre has helped shape and develop my skills:

  1. Technical Expertise: Night portrait photography demands a high level of technical proficiency. The challenges posed by low-light conditions, balancing ambient and artificial lighting, and capturing intricate details require precise knowledge and skill. Through countless hours of practice and experimentation, I have honed my technical abilities, becoming adept at manipulating lighting, selecting appropriate camera settings and ensuring optimal exposure. This expertise has not only enhanced my night portrait photography but has also extended to other areas of my craft.
  2. Problem-Solving and Adaptability: The unpredictable nature of nighttime environments presents numerous obstacles that need to be overcome. From managing limited natural light sources to creating artificial lighting setups, I have learned to anticipate and tackle challenges head-on. This has sharpened my problem-solving skills, encouraging me to think creatively and adapt to changing circumstances on the fly. Navigating through these hurdles has taught me resilience and resourcefulness, traits that are valuable in any photographic endeavour.
  3. Artistic Vision: Night portrait photography has expanded my artistic vision, pushing me to explore unconventional perspectives and techniques. The night offers a canvas of limitless possibilities, where I can play with dramatic lighting, silhouettes and contrasting elements. This exploration has allowed me to develop a unique style and artistic voice, giving my photographs a distinct and recognisable aesthetic. It has encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and embrace artistic experimentation, fostering continuous growth and innovation.
  4. Understanding Light: Mastering light is a fundamental aspect of photography, and night portrait photography has deepened my understanding of this critical element. Working in low-light conditions has taught me to appreciate the nuances of light, how it interacts with the environment, and how to use it to create depth and mood in my images. This heightened sensitivity to light has not only improved my night portraits but has also influenced my approach to lighting in other genres, enriching my overall photographic repertoire.
  5. Increase My Love for Photography: In essence, the exquisite results that emerge from night portrait photography have deepened my love for this craft and reinforced my commitment to capturing the beauty and essence of individuals under the night sky. The continuous discovery, creative exploration and ability to evoke emotions through my images have allowed my passion for photography to flourish. With each breathtaking portrait, my love for this art form grows stronger, igniting an eternal flame that fuels my desire to create and share meaningful visual stories.

What is Night Portrait Photography?

Night portrait photography is a specialised genre within the realm of photography that focuses on capturing compelling portraits under low-light or nighttime conditions. A skilled night portrait photographer possesses the expertise to navigate the challenges posed by limited available light, often using a combination of ambient and artificial lighting to illuminate the subject and create visually stunning compositions. This genre requires a keen understanding of various lighting techniques, camera settings and composition to achieve captivating and atmospheric results.

Night portrait photography finds extensive applications in various fields, making it a versatile and sought-after service. In the realm of personal photography, it offers individuals the opportunity to have their unique personalities and emotions captured distinctly and expressively. For couples, night portrait photography presents a romantic and intimate backdrop, allowing them to preserve cherished moments under the enchanting night sky. Additionally, night portrait photography is frequently utilised in fashion and glamour industries, creating visually striking images that accentuate the elegance and allure of the subjects. Moreover, businesses and brands often leverage this genre for creative marketing campaigns, using the captivating night ambience to enhance their products' appeal.

The primary goal of night portrait photography is to encapsulate the essence and emotions of the subject while embracing the beauty and ambience of the night. The photographer aspires to create compelling and meaningful portraits that evoke emotions, tell stories and leave a lasting impact on the viewer. Achieving this goal demands a delicate balance of technical expertise, artistic vision and the ability to establish a comfortable and collaborative atmosphere during the photoshoot. Through skilful manipulation of lighting, composition and poses, the night portrait photographer aims to deliver images that resonate with the viewer, immersing them in the enchanting world of nocturnal beauty and emotions.

What is Night Portrait Photography also Known as?

Night portrait photography is also known by several similar terms, including "nighttime portrait photography", "nocturnal portraiture" and "nighttime portrait capturing".

These terms allude to the focus on capturing portraits under the captivating veil of the night, showcasing the unique lighting and ambience that distinguishes this genre from traditional daytime photography.

What is a Night Portrait Photographer?

A night portrait photographer is a photographer who specialises in taking photographs of people in low light conditions, typically at night or in dimly lit environments. Night portrait photographers often use specialised photography equipment and techniques to capture images of people that are clear and well-exposed, despite the challenges of working in low-light conditions.

Night portrait photographers may use a variety of techniques to capture night portrait images, such as using a tripod to keep the camera steady, using a long exposure to capture more light and using artificial light sources, such as streetlights or flash, to add illumination. They may also work with the subject to choose outfits and poses that will look good in low light and use makeup and other techniques to enhance the subject's appearance in the photograph.

Night portrait photographers often work with models, musicians and other creative individuals who are looking to create unique and striking images that showcase their personality and style. Night portrait photographers may also work with businesses and brands to create promotional materials or marketing campaigns that utilize the unique lighting and ambience of the night. Many people choose to hire a professional night portrait photographer to create a set of photographs that they can look back on and cherish for years to come. Night portrait photographs can be used to create keepsakes, such as albums or prints, or to decorate the home.

Why are Night Portrait Photographers Important?

Night portrait photographers are important for a few reasons:

  1. Unique and atmospheric imagery: Night portrait photography allows photographers to capture the unique ambience and atmosphere of the night, creating images that are visually striking and memorable. The low light conditions provide a sense of mystery and intrigue, making the portraits stand out from traditional daylight photography. This distinctiveness adds depth and variety to the overall body of work in the photography industry.
  2. Creates visually compelling and creative marketing campaigns: Businesses and brands, especially in the fashion industry, benefit from night portrait photography as it allows them to showcase their products in a unique and captivating way. The interplay of light and shadows, along with the nighttime backdrop, adds an element of drama and sophistication to marketing campaigns, making them visually compelling and memorable.
  3. Captures the essence of the subject: Night portrait photography can be used to capture the essence of an individual or a subject uniquely and interestingly. For example, a musician performing on stage at night can be captured in a way that showcases the intensity and energy of the performance, giving the audience a sense of the artist's personality and style. It allows for the expression of emotions and storytelling through visuals.
  4. Provides a way to show the contrast between day and night: Night portrait photography offers a way to highlight the contrast between the world during the day and the night. It can reveal different elements of a person or a place, emphasising the changes in atmosphere, lighting and mood. This contrast adds depth and richness to the narrative of the photograph, providing a unique perspective for viewers.

Difficulties in Doing Night Portrait Photography

There are several challenges that photographers may face when doing night portrait photography:

  1. Low light conditions: The primary challenge of night portrait photography is dealing with low light conditions. The limited available light can make it difficult for the camera to focus accurately on the subject. Photographers need to employ techniques such as using a wide aperture, adjusting ISO settings and utilising autofocus assist tools in ensuring sharpness and clarity in their images.
  2. Artificial lighting: Night portrait photography often requires the use of artificial lighting to properly illuminate the subject. This introduces its own set of challenges, as photographers must carefully position and control the artificial light sources to achieve the desired effect. Balancing the intensity and direction of light is crucial to avoid harsh shadows, uneven lighting or unnatural-looking results.
  3. Noise: Long exposures in low light conditions can lead to digital noise, which can degrade image quality. Photographers must be familiar with noise reduction techniques and utilise noise reduction software to minimise this unwanted effect. Managing noise ensures that the final images maintain their clarity and detail.
  4. Movement: In low-light situations, any movement by the subject or photographer can result in a blur and impact the overall image quality. Photographers must employ techniques such as using a tripod, employing image stabilization or utilising a higher shutter speed to freeze motion and capture sharp images. This is particularly important when photographing moving subjects, such as people or animals.
  5. Safety: Night portrait photography often involves working in poorly lit or dark locations. Photographers need to prioritise their safety and be aware of potential hazards in the surroundings. Familiarity with the location, proper lighting equipment and taking necessary precautions can help ensure a safe and successful photoshoot.

By understanding and overcoming these difficulties, photographers can produce stunning night portrait photographs that effectively capture the beauty and ambience of the night while highlighting their subjects in the best possible light.

Should I Hire a Professional Night Portrait Photographer?

Whether you should hire a professional night portrait photographer depends on your needs and goals. A professional night portrait photographer has the experience, skill and equipment to create visually striking and high-quality images in low-light conditions. They understand how to use different lighting techniques and settings to create the desired look and mood in the images.

If you are looking to create stunning and professional images that showcase your brand or your business, then hiring a professional night portrait photographer is the right choice. They will provide you with unique and high-quality images that capture the essence of your brand and stand out from the crowd.

On the other hand, if you are looking for simple and candid photos, then a professional photographer might not be necessary; you can take the pictures with your phone in a good-lit location that you like.

Ultimately, hiring a professional night portrait photographer is an investment in the quality and success of your brand or personal image. A professional photographer can bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and equipment to the table, which can help to create beautiful and memorable images that truly capture your brand's message and personality.

Tips & Tricks for Night Portrait Photoshoots

Preparation for Night Portrait Photoshoot

  1. Location scouting: Research and choose the best location for your night portrait photoshoot. Consider factors such as lighting, composition and safety to ensure the location will provide the best backdrop for your images.
  2. Clothing and makeup: Decide on what you want to wear and consider what colours and styles will look best in low light conditions. You might also want to consult a stylist or makeup artist to ensure that you look your best in the photos.
  3. Equipment and lighting: Make sure to confirm with the photographer about the type of equipment and lighting they will be using and if they need any specific items from you.
  4. Concept and poses: Decide on the overall concept and desired poses you want to achieve in the photoshoot. Share your ideas with the photographer in advance and discuss the best way to achieve them.
  5. Communication and expectations: Communicate your goals and expectations with the photographer. Make sure you discuss the final deliverables, such as the number of final images, retouching services and file format.
  6. Safety measures: Make sure that you and your team are aware of the location's safety measures, especially in low-light conditions and know what to do in case of an emergency.

By preparing for your night portrait photoshoot, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly and that you get the best possible results. Be sure to ask your photographer if you have any questions or concerns; they are professional and happy to guide you.

Locations for Night Portrait Photoshoot

  1. Urban locations: Cityscapes and bustling urban environments can provide a unique and interesting backdrop for night portrait photography. Examples include downtown streets, bridges and landmark buildings.
  2. Parks and gardens: Well-lit parks and gardens can provide a beautiful and natural setting for night portrait photography. Examples include botanical gardens, public parks and nature reserves.
  3. Beach locations: Beaches at night can provide a stunning and dramatic setting for night portrait photography. You can include the light from ships or street lamps. You can play with special effects using sand or water.
  4. Historical locations: Old and historical locations can provide an atmospheric and visually striking setting for night portrait photography. Examples include monuments and World War 2 canons.
  5. Industrial locations: Abandoned or abandoned factories, warehouses and other industrial locations can provide an interesting and unique setting for night portrait photography.
  6. Street or alley: A quiet side street or an alley can provide a unique and interesting setting for night portrait photography. Examples include graffiti-covered walls, abandoned buildings and historic streets.
  7. Nightclubs or lounges: Nightclubs and lounges can provide a unique and interesting setting for night portrait photography. Examples include clubs and rooftop bars.
  8. Lights Festival: Light festivals or events where many colours and shapes of lights are used can also provide an interesting backdrop for night portrait photography. Examples include Christmas, carnivals or music festivals.
  9. Rooftops: A rooftop can provide a great view and a unique angle for night portrait photography. Examples include building rooftops, bridges and statues.
  10. Sports stadiums: Sports stadiums can provide a unique and interesting setting for night portrait photography. Examples include football stadiums, basketball arenas and baseball fields.

Ultimately, the location for night portrait photography is subjective and it depends on the style and the message that the photographer and the client want to convey. And the most important thing is to make sure the location is legal and safe to shoot.

What Should I Wear for My Night Portrait Session?

Choosing the right attire for your night portrait session can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your photographs. Here are some tips to help you decide what to wear:

  1. Consider the Location: Think about the location where the photoshoot will take place. If it's in an urban setting with city lights as the backdrop, you might opt for a more stylish and contemporary attire. If it's in a natural setting like a park or garden, you could choose something more casual and comfortable.
  2. Coordinate Colours: Coordinate your outfit colours with the surroundings and the mood you want to convey. Consider the lighting and ambience of the night and select colours that complement or contrast with the environment. Avoid overly bright or distracting patterns that could take away attention from your face.
  3. Dress to Feel Confident: Choose clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable. When you feel good about what you're wearing, it will reflect in your posture and expressions, resulting in more natural and relaxed photographs.
  4. Avoid Overly Busy or Distracting Outfits: Keep in mind that the focus of the portrait session should be on you and your expression. Avoid wearing outfits with busy patterns, large logos or excessive accessories that can divert attention away from your face.
  5. Consider Layers and Textures: Adding layers and textures to your outfit can add visual interest and depth to the photographs. Consider wearing a jacket, scarf, or accessories that complement your overall look and provide options for different poses and compositions.
  6. Timeless and Classic Choices: If you want your portraits to have a timeless appeal, consider opting for classic and elegant clothing choices. Simple and well-fitted outfits tend to age well and won't distract from your face or the overall composition.

Remember, the most important aspect of your night portrait session is to feel comfortable and confident. Choose an outfit that represents your style while considering the location, lighting and mood of the shoot. Discussing your clothing options with your photographer can also provide valuable insights and guidance to ensure your attire aligns with the overall vision of the portraits.


How Long Does a Night Portrait Session Typically Last?

On average, a session may last between two to three hours. The length of a night portrait session can vary depending on the photographer and the number of looks or locations you plan to shoot and the number of pictures you are targeting.

The longer duration you book, the more good pictures you can choose from. If you aren't a professional model, do have lower expectations.

Can I bring someone with me to my night portrait session?

Yes, you can bring a friend or family member to your session to help you feel more comfortable and provide moral support. However, do note that many people will feel awkward with a third person around.

How will I receive my final images?

I will provide you with a digital copy of your images via a download link.

Can I bring my own props or personal items to the session?

Yes! You can certainly bring your own props or personal items to the session to add interest to the pictures, but it's best to discuss this with me in advance so that your effect won't be wasted.

Can I choose the location for my night portrait session?

Yes, you can choose the location of course. I will advise you with my best knowledge whether it's possible to do the night portrait shoot at the location, at the specified time.

Can I request specific poses or expressions in my night portrait session?

Yes, one goal of the night portrait session is to create pictures that you love. Do discuss your desired poses and expressions with me and I will work with you to create the desired look. Be sure to share any inspiration or examples with me in advance. However, do note that every photographer has his own style and may not produce the exact style of other photographers.

Can I bring my pets to the session?

Yes, it's cool to shoot with your pets. However, do note that pets may be sensitive to flash light and not all pets are cooperative during photoshoots. Should you want to involve your pets in the shoot, do book a longer portrait session.


In conclusion, night portrait photography holds a special place in the world of photography, offering a unique and captivating perspective that sets it apart from traditional daylight photography. It allows us to capture the enchanting beauty of the night, creating imagery that is atmospheric, dramatic and visually stunning. The challenges that come with shooting in low light conditions and working with artificial lighting push us to expand our skills and creativity, ultimately leading to beautiful and compelling results.

As you embark on your own night portrait photoshoot, it's essential to set clear goals and aspirations. Define what you hope to achieve through your portraits - whether it's capturing the essence of your personality, creating a visually striking image or telling a captivating story. Establishing these goals will guide your preparations and ensure that you make the most of your time and effort.

Remember, the key to a successful night portrait session lies in collaboration and communication. Work closely with your photographer, sharing your vision and ideas, and allowing their expertise to enhance your concept. Trust their guidance and advice on lighting, posing, and composition to achieve the best possible results.

I encourage you to embrace the unique possibilities that night portrait photography offers. Let your passion and creativity shine through as you seek to create images that are not only visually stunning but also meaningful and reflective of your own personality and style. Embrace the challenges, learn from each experience and allow yourself to grow as a photographer.

If you're searching for a night portrait photographer in Singapore who values the unique nature of each individual and the power of the night backdrop, I would be honoured to collaborate with you. Together, we can craft remarkable photographs that encapsulate your essence and tell your story in a way that is both visually captivating and emotionally evocative.

So, let's embark on this creative journey together. I invite you to explore the extraordinary possibilities of night portrait photography, where dreams are illuminated and beauty is magnified. Feel free to reach out to me, and let's bring your vision to life in a way that exceeds your expectations.

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