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Night Fashion Photoshoot with Marjorie Lining

Night fashion photoshoot with Marjorie Lining at Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay

Night fashion photoshoot with Marjorie Lining at Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay

Since Marjorie was very accommodating and didn't mind travelling longer and having a much later dinner, I decided to give her a night shoot with professional lighting. Therefore, I didn't set up any lights at the supposed-to-be final location because it would take up lots of time for setting up and dismantling them.

We moved to the Supertrees at the heart of the Gardens by the Bay. I was using my new hand trolley so that my legs wouldn't be killed by the heavy equipment but I realised my hands were “amputated” by the load instead, especially when I made a big mistake of hanging the load at the handler as it would require more strength at a higher placement. By the time we got to the trees, my hands were both shaking, but I had to pretend to be perfectly fine in front of the model. The darkness had probably hidden my fatigue face. The place was crowded with tourists. Before I finished my two-light setup, the light and music performance had begun. I didn't want to be bashed up by the audience with the constant flashing of my lighting and thus we waited for the show to end.

I was glad that I had made a good decision to let Marjorie feel like a professional model because even the couples who were doing pre-wedding shoot over there had only a bare speedlite without any light modifier. With the crowd dispersing, the background was much cleaner even though there were still many photobombs around. A Caucasian lady made the night by doing a photobomb right next to Marjorie and I didn't miss the chance to snap a shot of it. I could have done much better if any of my assistants was available. I was glad the wind speed was slow by then (I had already done my research) and I was proud of my endurance. Of course, I was even happier with the end result.

FeaturingMarjorie LiningHairstylistUnknownMakeup Artist (MUA)Unknown
Wardrobe ↬ Marjorie Lining
CameraCanon 6DLensCanon 24-70mm F2.8L IILightingCononmark B4, Yongnuo YN560 EX-III
PlaceSupertree Grove, Gardens by the BayDate ↬ Year 2016

Photo Editing type ↬ Advanced
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