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🔍9    Fitness Photoshoot - Lee Yong Hao @ Marina Bay Sands (MBS)
1. Lee Yong Hao

@ Marina Bay Sands (MBS)
🔍12    Fitness Photoshoot - Cho @ Gold's Gym Singapore (Tai Seng outlet)
2. Cho

@ Gold's Gym Singapore (Tai Seng outlet)
🔍4    Fitness Photoshoot - Jasmine Tan @ Studio, Tanjong Pagar
3. Jasmine Tan

@ Studio, Tanjong Pagar
🔍4    Fitness Photoshoot - Tam Ye Qi @ Studio, Tanjong Pagar
4. Tam Ye Qi

@ Studio, Tanjong Pagar
🔍3    Fitness Photoshoot - Angela Arlene Quek @ Macritchie Nature Trail @ Macritchie Reservoir
5. Angela Arlene Quek

@ Macritchie Nature Trail @ Macritchie Reservoir
🔍9    Editorial Fitness Photoshoot - Jolene Chui @ Gold's Gym Singapore, The Strategy outlet
6. Jolene Chui

@ Gold's Gym Singapore, The Strategy outlet
🔍12    Lifestyle Fitness Bikini Photoshoot - Beverley Angkangon @ Siloso Beach, Sentosa
7. Beverley Angkangon

@ Siloso Beach, Sentosa
🔍5    Fitness Photoshoot - Kayla Wong @ Sentosa Broadwalk
8. Kayla Wong

@ Sentosa Broadwalk

Fitness Photoshoot Pricing & Rates

Package 1

  • $300
  • Up to 120 minutes
  • Up to 40 photos

Package 2

  • $450
  • Up to 180 minutes
  • Up to 60 photos
  1. All booked duration includes setting up & keeping of equipment, & travelling in between location.
  2. All photos will be returned in high resolution JPG format with basic enhancement.
  3. Advanced enhancement (skin retouching) of photos at $40/photo; $30/photo if any HMUA under my list of HMUAs (hair and makeup artists) is hired.
  4. Additional $100 for privacy of the photos (photographer will not put them up on portfolio & social media).
  5. Express delivery of photos: check rates & availability with the photographer before confirmation.
  6. Please read the service agreement to avoid any misunderstanding.
Contact me for customized package for your need.

Fitness Photography

Fitness has become a way of lifestyle for many enthusiasts as people are getting more health conscious. As a hobby, some people would love to document down the progress of their health journey and thus they would like to do a fitness photoshoot. Some people also wish to keep their social media updated.

My focus on fitness photography is to present the current state of fitness of my models. You don't have to be a bodybuilder in order to do a fitness photoshoot; you also don't have to have a toned body as well. Of course, let's be realistic that the photographs may not look very flattering if your body has gone extremely out of shape. Eventually, I would advise everyone to take note of their bodies for health purpose.

On the other hand, people whose jobs are related to fitness, such as personal trainers and Pilates instructors should do a fitness photoshoot in order to present themselves better in social media and marketing materials.

My proficiency in post-production work can help to improve the shape of bodies if the model were to request for it. However, there's limitation for the improvement and I also don't do cloning of another person's body onto my models'. I always try to minimise editing work so that the photographs would look more natural. Remember that the more editing work is to be done, the more editing flaws will be discovered.

Fitness photography can be done at both indoor and outdoor locations. I've done fitness photoshoots in gyms, photography studios, tourist attractions, gardens, parks and even off the main Singapore island. All these locations do give different vibes for the fitness photoshoot and thus the choice of location is up to individuals' preferences. My photography services do include offering suggestion.

However, it's more difficult to find an available and presentable gym. Furthermore, even if the permission is granted, the gym photoshoot can likely be done only outside the operational hours so as to avoid photobombs or obstructing the other users, especially if it's a high-end photography that lighting equipment will be set up. On the other hand, doing the fitness photography in a photography studio (and gym) means extra cost has to be factored in.

I focus on professional lighting to create professional and impactful work. I may also focus on the looks as I try to produce flattering light on the faces.

Contact me for discussion for a fitness photoshoot. Let's promote fitness to everyone!


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