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Lifestyle Photoshoot - Sana @ Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, Jubilee Bridge & One Fullerton Lifestyle Photoshoot - Janice Sui @ Tanjong Beach (Sentosa) Lifestyle Photoshoot - Angela Arlene Quek @ Macritchie Reservoir Travel Photoshoot - Amber Nguyen Trang @ Southern Ridges Lifestyle Photoshoot - Havanah Zandrea @ Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Hotel Lifestyle Photoshoot - Ivy Tan @ Tiong Bahru Lifestyle Photoshoot - Charis Tan @ Sunsetopia (Sunset Way) Lifestyle Photoshoot - Karina Cognomen @ Kovan Residency Lifestyle Photoshoot - Emilia Yoyo Ngai @ Tanjong Pagar Railway Station Travel Photoshoot - Ao Xuan @ Southern Ridges Lifestyle Photoshoot - Ao Xuan @ Boat Quay Lifestyle Photoshoot - Low Kah Yoke @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront hotel Lifestyle Photoshoot - Vanessa Toh @ Paris Ris Park Lifestyle Photoshoot - Constance Huang @ Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park

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Lifestyle photography is another common genre of photography. In contrast to fashion photography, lifestyle photography focuses on the model instead of outfit. The model is captured in a less posey manner, which gives a more natural feel to the photographs. The model can be doing her daily stuff, such as sl=ipping to her coffee, or enjoying herself while doing an activity, such as hiking.

People who want to have their photographs taken in a natural way would want to do a lifestyle photoshoot. Families, couples and working personnel can also choose to do lifestyle photography instead of the usual kind of formal photoshoot.

A commercial makeup artist friend guided and influenced me at the beginning of my portrait photography journey, which paved the style of my photography towards lifestyle. I emphasize in lighting and styling, and I keep my model relaxed enough to create natural lifestyle photographs.

Travel / Hiking

If you intend to travel around Singapore with your family or friends, especially for a hiking session like completing the Southern Ridges Trail, you may want to have a photographer with you to capture the special moments and to "record" the route.

You need a photographer with good stamina who truly loves capturing such moments in a documentary style.

I've been doing hiking with my friends. Even for my normal event shoots, I tend to play with kids and run about given there's enough space.

Contact me and discuss about your great adventure in Singapore!

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