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Dance Photoshoot - Ye Qi @ Tanjong Pagar (studio) Dance Photoshoot - Ye Qi @ Tanjong Pagar (studio) Dance & Bikini Photoshoot - Jasmine Lim @ Palawan Beach (Sentosa) Dance Photoshoot - Teo Shu Ying @ Railway bridge near The Rail Mall Cheerleading & Dance Photoshoot - Jasmine Tan @ Kallang Wave Mall Dance Photoshoot - Huirong & Tan Jiamin @ Pinnacle@Duxton Dance Photoshoot - Tan Jiamin @ Pinnacle@Duxton Dance Photoshoot - Huirong @ Pinnacle@Duxton Dance & Sunset Photoshoot - Oh Yongpeck @ Sentosa Broadwalk

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Dance photography usually involves working with real dancers.

Most people have their own hobby and they may wish to capture photographs of them doing it. Similarly, some dancers may want to have a dance photoshoot.

I love working with dancers because of their body's flexibility, which allows them to pose more elegantly and naturally than most non-dancers. They are used to point their toes and loosen their muscle, so that I need not remind them during the photoshoot. Honestly, good photography involves too many different components that I would wish to eliminate as many possible errors as possible, just in case I would overlook them. Dancers usually have good fitness and thus we are able to create more interesting work with less limitation.

To date, I've done dance photography mostly with ballet dancers, also known as ballerinas. Some dancers I've worked with contemporary dancers and street dancers too. I'm looking forward to work with more dancers of different dance genres.

What makes my work stands out is my lighting and creativity. Creating professional lighting gives a very stylish finishing look to the dance photographs. I've also created other creative and mind-blowing photography albums with dancers that I've listed in other non-dance sections.

If you wish to create a dance album that can astonish viewers, do contact me for a discussion.

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