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Conceptual Photoshoot with Rachel Liew - Closet

Conceptual photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines (indoor)

Conceptual photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines (indoor)

Conceptual photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines (indoor)

Conceptual photoshoot with Rachel Liew at Tampines (indoor)

The closet photoshoot was another edgy concept that I had in my to-do list since the beginning of my portrait photography journey. Fortunately, I was in luck after so many years.

Firstly, Rachel was open with the concept. Given some other girls, they might have doubts and even if they were to try it, they might look awkward. To put it in simple words, different people had different muscle memories and some were more into the modelling portfolio kind of photoshoot while some could be very creative with such concept. Of course, I would enjoy working with models who were versatile.

Secondly, the closet was tidy enough that not much packing work was required for the set up. Thus, I would only have to change my light modifiers before we proceed with the photoshoot.

Thirdly, Rachel was light enough to sit on it. I had huge doubts in the quality of new furniture and I was very worried that the wood would break; then I would be guilty to make the suggestion.

Lastly, Rachel did extremely well within a short span of time. I briefly explained the concept to her and did only a short demonstration of poses. She nailed it. In fact, I thought her performance for this concept was the best so far.

Featuring: Rachel Liew
Hairstylist: Rachel Liew
Makeup Artist (MUA): Rachel Liew

Wardrobe: Rachel Liew

Camera: Canon 6D
Lens: Canon 24-70mm F2.8L II
Strobe: Godox AD600BM, Cononmark B4

Venue: Tampines (indoor)
Date: 05 July, 2020

Editing: Advanced

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