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Dangers of Doing Sexy Photoshoots for Female Models

Boudoir photoshoot with Karen Ivy Diaz

Sexy photoshoots include art, lingerie, nude, implied nude and topless photoshoots. In this article, I may refer the ill-minded photographers as "predators", "wolves" or "black sheep".

Are you thinking of how to become a model? You should read on to find out the dangers.

The risks of doing sexy photoshoots

  1. Being touched/molested physically The photographers may want to adjust the posture of the models during the shoots. It is definitely very much faster to guide the model physically as compared to simply using words to instruct or personally demonstrate the poses to the models. I personally took more time than most other photographers for my shoots because I refrained from touching my models. However, most decent photographers would not touch the models even on their hands, especially during sexy shoots (eg. lingerie, implied nude or fully nude).
  2. Have sex I'm sure most of the wolves are likely not going to try raping the models directly. They may want the models to get into a sexy mood for shooting (which may be essential, depending on the theme) and pray that the models will lose control eventually. They may also use the "adjusting posture" tricks to indirectly caress the model or "accidentally" touch their sensitive body parts to turn the models on. Of course, both tricks can be applied at the same time. By turning the models horny, it will become both willing parties and not be considered rape. Although a few such photographers are being exposed in Singapore, somehow, some models would still work with them.
  3. Being cheated of private sexy photos For most of the non-commercial photoshoots, the model would have to provide her own clothes. Therefore, it's essential for her to wear the clothes, take selfies and send the photos to the photographer to decide on the outfit. That means if the shoot is a boudoir shoot, the model would be sending photos of her in her lingerie to the photographer.

    Some scammers would pretend to be interested in hiring models for photoshoots and use this reason to ask the models to send them their sexy photos.

    The most affected preys are those girls who are being tempted by the easy money and the fake promise that they are going to be paid and the photos would be private. After receiving the photos for free, the scammers would have gotten what they really want and wouldn't pay the victims to do a photoshoot.
  4. Private photos being leaked There are two scenarios where private photos will be taken. Firstly and most obviously, the model agrees to the shoot. Secondly, there will very likely be wardrobe malfunctions during the sexy shoot, especially for implied nude concepts.

    Many naive models are conned into doing nude or sexy shoots with photographers under the influence of easy money. The photographers will promise to keep the photos for personal use (probably usage at night but not mentioned) and thus no third person will be able to see them. Some models and photographers may sign the model release forms with terms and conditions stated, but they cannot stop the photos from being leaked due to the photographers' laptops being "hacked". One photographer had even claimed that his laptop was lost.

    In the year 2013, many private nude (and sexual) photos in Singapore surfaced. Many potential young models' lives, including Singapore's FHM models', had been destroyed when the supposedly private photos start circulating in blogs and forums for the whole world's guys to jerk on them. Facebook accounts of these victims started disappearing and I was sure the models were facing depression.

    It was rumoured that the rich photographers who had paid the models for the private nude shoots had been trading (exchanging) nude photos in forums.
    "Need to pay some photog charges, the models full time job is modeling & not a lot of modeling assignments these days also so shoot them also not cheap. Especially if you want to shoot nude. Models these days also want to sign nude model release form or else cannot shoot nude. For the high risks need some sort of compensation, I hope bros can all understand." - a photo seller responding to a request for more leaked photos in a forum.
    Do you really think the private photos will be kept private as promised by the clients ("photographers")?

    I have heard of a photographer who has the sweet mouth to get girls to do extremely sexy shoots with him as a collaboration. Somehow, some of them would allow him to take nude photos of them during the shoots and he would return some of the photos with the private parts censored.

    However, he's sharing uncensored photos and videos on his Telegram channel that his subscribers have to pay him in order to join. Unfortunately, not all models have agreed to let him "sell" their nude photos.

    I know of a model who doesn't do nude shoots. She did an implied nude shoot with this photographer and I happened to see some of the photos he had returned to her. It was obvious that he had photoshopped her exposed nipples to be replaced with her normal skin. That means this photographer has obtained many photos of her with her private parts exposed accidentally (wardrobe malfunction). Since he's sharing uncensored photos with his subscribers, I'm sure many perverts have already obtained photos of her showing her private parts.
  5. Associated with bad reputation If you think that as long as you are bringing an escort along, you can do photoshoots with just any photographer, you are absolutely wrong. Even if you have stayed safe, doing a shoot with an ill-minded photographer is likely to ruin your reputation. Let's say the photographer is exposed for tricking his models into having sex with him during the photoshoot, how would other people think of you when they see your photos with the photographer's logo on them? People will start suspecting that you are a victim as well even though they will probably not mention it in front of you.

Models who are at greater risks

  1. From less developed countries This is just a personal opinion from the point of view of a man, partly generated through stories from model friends from other Asian countries. I do not mean to undermine anyone from any country and I do not know much about situations in other (non-Asian) countries.

    It is not that Singaporean girls do not face the risk of being sexually abused during the shoot, but there are probably fewer cases. However, I'm sure not all victims have exposed the black sheep. Singapore is generally quite safe for models compared to other countries, probably due to the strict laws and punishments. The city-state is also so small that criminals are more difficult to escape or hide. The photography/modelling market is also small, such that any indecent act from the photographer can be spread widely fast.

    The point is if you are from a less developed country, there is a prejudgement from people that you are less educated and more deprived of money. Moreover, people may assume you are less educated and probably will not even stand up against them. The black sheep in the photography community would likely target you since you seem (yes, their assumption) to be easier prey. It is similar to the wildlife world where predators would likely target the weakest animal in a herd. Of course, there may be some human predators who may love challenges, but I'm sure the ratio is lower than those who will go for easy prey.

    I have to highlight that in no country, models can be 100% safe.
  2. Young This is pretty straightforward. If you're young, predators may assume you're an easier target because you may not know how to react to their advancement.
  3. New to modelling Some aspiring models may not be very young, however, they're inexperienced in the modelling trade. Therefore, it's easier for the predators to target them.

    There was once when an aspiring model chatted with me late at night and she told me she was having a collaboration shoot with a photographer a few hours later in the morning. I was shocked when she told me the name of the photographer, who was a blacklisted one. I was further shocked by her when she told me that she was worried that the blacklisted photographer would blacklist her if she were to cancel the shoot. Fortunately, she heeded my advice.
  4. Naive Unfortunately, people who are naive will likely not realise that they are naive. Therefore, they won't realise it even when the predators were to take advantage of them.
  5. Hungry for money The need for money is a weakness, which the predators may use to target if they are desperate or wealthy enough.

    For example, one of the top blacklisted photographers would eventually offer cash for his models to provide him with special services during the shoots.

Tips for models on doing sexy photoshoots

  1. Don't look too hungry for money Money is the source of evil and somehow it is true. If the wolf knows that you are very hungry for money, he may start tempting you with it. The money will bring your status and value down.
  2. Don't behave naive This is definitely difficult because if you are naive, you probably do not think you are naive. It is not that smarter or smarter-looking models can handle predators better, predators just prefer targeting naive ones for easy success. No matter how smart you are, there is still a chance of you being taken advantage of and thus it is better to reduce the chance.
  3. Be firm You need to let the photographer know you are firm and will not go against your conscience. You need to let him know you will react harshly if he tries to lay his hands on you. Stop him immediately if he's doing something that you are uncomfortable with.
  4. Research and learn to judge photographers Google about the photographer because he may be found in the blacklisted photographers in Singapore list of models and bloggers.

    Unfortunately, not many models know how to judge good work. Of course, art is subjective. However, most people would love photos that are modelled by hot models; showing deep cleavage usually attract all the LIKEs in Facebook and influence shallow-minded people's judgement on the photo. You need to tell if the photographer is really good at his work or is simply going for special "enjoyment" for his shoots.

    Read: How to judge a photographer
  5. Try to bring an escort along for sexy indoor shoot With an escort around, the photographer definitely can't do too much. However, this has a very huge negative impact because both the model and photographer may be too awkward to perform well with a third party around. The model probably does not want her friend to know how "sexy" she can be during the shoot and the photographer may be worrying that the third party may get the wrong idea during the shoot. Personally, I will even worry about the third party thinking I'm lousy when trying to pose the model or taking time to set up my equipment.
  6. Look out for pinhole cameras (applies to all kinds of shoots) If the shoot is done indoors, always look out for cameras, especially if the indoor place, such as a studio, belongs to the photographer. If you ever need to get changed in the private toilet or changing room, try to do it like how you would get changed in the public - girls should know how to.
  7. Bring your own drinks You will definitely need to hydrate yourself during the shoot in order to look good and perform better. No matter how low the chance the photographer will add anything to the drinks he is going to offer to you, it is best to take precautions. Try to use a water bottle instead of a packet or can of drinks so that you can keep the bottle inside your bag after taking a slip. Also, remember the position of how you place the bottle inside your bag in case there is any fishy business while you go to the washroom. Of course, you can bring your entire bag into the washroom to "do touch up on your face".
  8. Reduce alcohol consumption Some models, especially newbies, may perform better for sexy shoots after taking a bit of alcohol. If you are one of them, make sure you do not drink too much!
  9. Always be ready to dodge from attacks I rarely (or rather, almost never) see news reporting about models being molested or raped during photoshoots. However, I believe most of the existing cases are not reported because I do have model friends who have experienced it. There was once, the old photographer attempted to hug her and then another tried to finger her. I also have other model friends who have managed to dodge photographers who try to touch them in the name of adjusting their postures. Singapore may be a safe country compared to most other countries, but there is still crime going on.
  10. Don't take any photo that you are not comfortable for others to see There is probably no secret in this world. Your photos may be "hacked" or seen by the technician who is repairing your hard disk. If you do not want anyone else to see you in lingerie or nude, do not even take such photos for your own memorial.

Modelling horror stories

  1. Lingerie shoot offer for Singapore girl I had a friend who was best described as "SYT" (sweet young thing). She was petite and thus had found herself most suitable for wearing outfits that would reveal her legs more to improve her body proportion. Unfortunately, this did make her a good target for predators. People tended to relate showing skin as "loose".

    My SYT friend was approached online through a social media network to do a lingerie shoot. As a student, she was tempted by the $200/hr offer for it was such easy money. To my knowledge (after being approached by freelance models selling their modelling services), some freelance models did charge much lesser for lingerie shoots for as low as half the amount. I thought the offer was quite suspicious because SYT was actually not a good choice for professional photographers. A good boudoir photographer would probably go for models who have a much better figure (big boobs and long legs) unless he had a special fetish and also like a fresh face.

    The "photographer" made his intention more obvious when he asked SYT to put on her lingerie to take photographs to show him.

    Getting the model to take a photograph of herself in the outfit for the photoshoot is very essential actually. It helps the photographer to identify problems with the outfit and whether it would fit the model to create the mood. In fact, I have encountered problems many times such that the outfits do not fit the models/themes/feel and I only know them at the start of the photoshoots. For many outfits, it will appear differently if you take photos of them laying flat on the bed (or on the hangers) and when they are worn by the models. I do judge the attitude and EQ of the models from how they would show me the outfits.

    Luckily, SYT was a street-smart girl who eventually turned down the shoot offered. She felt lucky after I warned her that the "photographer" might just call the photoshoot off after getting hot photos of her in lingerie. I was sure he could be trading the hot photos with other black sheep around forums who found pleasure in innocent girls in less or no clothes.

    Conclusion: Anyone holding a DSLR can call himself a photographer. There are also many fake profiles on social media networks such as Facebook and Tagged. There may be some really rich photographers who are willing to pay to enjoy the process but are you sure you are so lucky? Always ask to see the photographer's portfolio first!
  2. Adjusting posture or taking advantage A young foreign friend was new to the photography world. She was very open-minded and cool about doing sexy photoshoots such as lingerie, implied nude and topless. Most of her photographers were old Caucasians who had probably retired and were just spending their lives in certain Asia countries where the cost of living was much lower.

    We chatted about her photoshoot sessions and she told me all her photographers would adjust her body to fit the intended postures. I told her she was being taken advantage of but she thought differently. She was even singing praises of one of the old "photographers" who was chatty and seemed (to her) to be knowledgeable. When I looked at his work, I was stunned because the photographs looked just like an amateur using a point-and-shoot camera; in fact, nothing was artistic about the sexy photographs created. The only time she was certain that she was taken advantage of was when one of the photographers hugged her towards the end of the sexy photoshoot session.

    Conclusion: Many aspiring models don't know how to judge photographers and the quality of work and thus some would blindly admire the "colour wolves" in the skin of "professional photographers".
  3. Openly caress Another foreign friend of mine who was more mature had common experiences with photographers trying to adjust her postures, which she did not realise was quite freaky as well. She was doing modelling as a hobby and was very open-minded. She mainly did photoshoots with her local photographers and a couple of them had laid hands openly on her private parts during the shoots. The black sheep did not get into trouble eventually probably because the victim was too soft. Anyway, from her portfolio, most of the photographers who had worked with her were more casual shooters and thus I felt were wasting her potential.

    Conclusion: Horny "photographers" do hit on mature models and not just teenagers. Somehow, most of the black sheep got to enjoy the process without getting any punishment in the end.
  4. "Test water" A young model friend of mine was paid to do her first bikini shoot (sexy style) with another model. She brought her boyfriend along to the photo studio but he stayed outside and did not bother about the shoot at all. Most photographers would not want the model's boyfriend to tag along due to awkwardness, however, not if the boyfriend is totally out of sight.

    The photographer lectured the model for bringing her boyfriend along despite he was not even staying inside the studio. He also came up with other things to lecture the models about. During the shoot, the photographer tried to adjust the posture of the models but both of them were sharp enough to dodge. The photographer also talked to them about very sensitive adult questions to try to turn them on. After the shoot, the photographer messaged both of the models privately on Facebook. He began by comparing their boobs' sizes. Then, he indirectly asked them to guess whom he would prefer to get to help him with blowjobs and sex.

    Note: Click on the individual screenshot below to open it in a larger resolution.

    Screenshoot by Model A
    brandon grey

    brandon grey

    brandon grey

    Screenshoot by Model B
    brandon grey

    brandon grey

    brandon grey

    brandon grey

    Anyone who was holding a camera could call himself a photographer. Even though he was a photographer who paid for services, unlike photographers who charged clients for photography services, he should have stayed professional as well. It was perfectly alright for little sexual jokes sometimes if the person was close enough but he had gone overboard with new "friends". Moreover, they were (around 20 years old) likely to be less than half of his age.

    After asking around, we realised he was blacklisted by many people and had changed his name. His bad track record included motivating aspiring models to take modelling to a "new level" by doing sexual acts with him.

    Conclusion: Some predators play it slow, though not too slow. By lecturing the models, he was trying to intimidate them so that they would become more vulnerable. It was very obvious that he was trying to test how the models would react to sexual stuff before making the next sexual move or request. Black sheep can easily change their aliases or names after they are exposed.
If you have real-life experience to share with all models and aspiring models, do contact me. Your identity will be kept secret.

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