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Blacklisted Photographers in Singapore

With the leaking of many Singaporean models' nude photos and videos in year 2013, more aspiring models are cautious about doing photoshoot and they will likely do online research to check who are the blacklisted photographers before taking up any shoot. In fact, trading and sharing of naked photoshoot photos have begun since long ago in forums such as SammyBoy and GeylangBoy. Facebook helps to make sharing of URL easier and thus, there will be more leaked nude photos and videos of Singaporean models emerging.

Some of these horny "photographers" will approach the models for paid sexy shoot and tempt them with more money for nude shoot on the actual day. The photographers will seize every opportunity to take advantages of the models during the shoot and also offer even more money for sex. Some models probably get aroused by themselves after they are being instructed to caress themselves during the shoot to produce the sexy "feel".

Of course, the models are promised that the photos will be kept between them but many of these photographers have been trading the naked and sexy photos online with other photographers. The sales from selling the photos to just one third party can be much higher than the cost of paying the models. Eventually, the photographers will claim that their laptops are being hacked and they will get away scot-free.

Sharing of the blacklisted photographers' profiles is a must since the laws is not able to deal with them, however, it does not solve the entire problem. More young and money-hunger models are still falling into the traps of such photographers and have their future ruined.

Battling with blacklisted photographers may not be easy:

  1. Accuracy of the blacklists
    Bloggers were quick to share the list in order to drive more traffics to their blogs. Most of them probably had no direct interaction with the "blacklisted" photographers.

    Who is the correct person to judge and place the photographers into the blacklist? Different people do have different views of which photographer should be blacklisted. Some photographers who are trying to bed the models are obviously jerks but not all of the "blacklisted" ones may have such intention, although most of them deserve it if they have done things as mentioned.

    Should photographers who ask models for sexy or bikini shoot be blacklisted? Are photographers who pay models to do nude photoshoot definitely bad photographers? It is all subjective.

    In case you do not know, uploading sexy work is a faster way to boost traffic in social media and thus driving the demands. For example, if a model uploads a nicely taken photo and an ugly one but showing more skin, the latter will receive more LIKEs and flattering comments in Facebook.
  2. Blacklisted photographers do change names/aliases
    Yes, unlike the name printed on the Singapore identification card, blacklisted photographers can easily change their names on their social media profiles, including their copyright logos. For example "Devine Vaughn" can change name into "Brandon Grey" and "Liu" can get a christian name and be known as "Joe Photography"; people may blacklist a photographer by his nickname "Best Hero" but few people know his actual name can be like "Kevin".

    Even experienced models will not be able to figure out the true identities of the blacklisted photographers. Thus, how are models, especially the inexperienced ones, going to realise the photographers are blacklisted by many others because of sickening things they have done?
  3. Outdated blacklists
    As mentioned in the previous point, blacklisted photographers do change their names in order to "escape" from the blacklists. There is no one who is able to keep track of these black sheep who are very cunning. When will those bloggers who are definitely not into this trade (photography) be updating their blacklists?
  4. Insufficient information in the blacklists
    Taking my knowledge for example, I do not know any of the famous blacklisted photographers in real person and thus I will not prejudge every of them if the information is not clear; I'm sure there are many girls who think alike in case the photographer is actually being set up. For instance, if the list only states that the photographer is always approaching girls for sexy or even nude shoots, there is absolutely nothing wrong to choose a mature genre.

    However, through my network with models, especially those who have worked with me, I have found out a lot more unacceptable acts from these blacklisted photographers. For examples:

    (5) A blacklisted photographer is only described as asking for revealing shoots, but nobody knows he will try to take advantage of the model during the shoot, such as attempting to finger her.

    (6) A blacklisted photographer is only described as taking advantage of young models and after he has changed his name and publicly announced that he has mended his way, he is still being a badass by doing things such as scolding models who refuses to do topless shoot with him. Of course, there are probably more things he has done, except that he is likely to be more careful.

    (7) A blacklisted photographer is only described as taking cheap shots and even blowjob photos of models. None of the articles has indicated that apart from changing his name, he is always using scare tactic or money to tempt new or young models to perform sexual act on him.

    (8) A blacklisted photographer is only described as being cheapskate and always stalking models. However, no article has written about him trying to get upskirt photos of his models (obviously, more towards porn style) during the shoot, staring hard at boobs and also attempting to hug the models. He will also persuade his models to work as escorts.
  5. Not all models care
    For the sake of portfolio, fame or money, many models do not care much about working with those blacklisted photographers. Even though most of the blacklisted photographers are using their second heads to think during photoshoot, a couple of them do have better-than-average photography skill - when compared to most new photographers - unfortunately, most of these blacklisted "photographers" are not able to produce any decent quality photo. Therefore, some models who are more lenient in their standard of photos are still willing to work with them in order to get some portfolios, despite facing some physical risks. A few of the blacklisted photographers are more active and thus have more connections, which can help new models to increase their exposure, although may not be in a good way. Lastly, most of these blacklisted photographers are probably quite rich and can afford to pay the models and thus, for the sake of the huge sum of "easy" money, some models do not mind taking the risk to work with the blacklisted photographers.

    Unfortunately, these models who choose to work with the black sheep do not understand that their reputation are at stake because others may suspect they have been taken advantage by the blacklisted photographers.
  6. Many aspiring models are young and less experienced
    Many young aspiring models do not even google to check if the photographers who have approached them are blacklisted. They may think that Singapore is a safe country and thus ignoring the dangers of doing sexy photoshoot.

What kind of photographers should be blacklisted

Like what I have mentioned, it is subjected to personal's opinions, except for some obvious cases.

  1. Takes advantages of the model
    Photographers who try to take advantage of the models' ignorance or need for cash to get them on bed are despicable.

    Not all models are purely into money as some are seeking fames. I have heard about real life stories of how blacklisted photographers try to convince young models to go into the "next level" of photoshoot by showing more skin or getting into the "real sexy feel" by getting turned on.

    Most of these blacklisted photographers will also try all means to touch the models. The most common excuse is to help to adjust the models' postures. Others can be pretending to be helpful to help the model shave their excess hairs or even measure their vital statuses for them. There are also some photographers who will force themselves onto the models during sexy shoots.

    Young girls who do paid shoot for sexy themes are likely to be more in need of money. It is a known fact that many of the photographers do try to tempt the model into having sexual activities by topping up the payment.
  2. Rips other photographers' photos
    Obviously, most of these sick perverts cannot take good photos and they may end up stealing other photographers' photos and claim the photos are taken by them in order to get models to shoot with them.
  3. Breaks promise
    If both the photographer and model mutually agree to do any sexy shoot, including nude one, there is nothing wrong. However, if the photographer does not keep the photos to himself as promised, he should be blacklisted. There are quite a number of such photographers who have been exchanging nude photos and they ought to be dealt with. Unfortunately, they can easily claim that their laptops are being hacked and thus the law is unable to deal with them.
  4. Being rude or cocky during the shoot
    No matter how rich or experienced the photographer is, he better shows respect to the model.

Blacklisted photographers

I need not compile a list here since many bloggers and forum members have already done the job. For me, I would also need more information in order to add some of these photographers into my personal blacklist.

You can, however, refer to the links below to see who are the photographers being blacklisted by most people. Here come the "top blacklisted photographers"!

  1. http://www.360doc.com/content/15/0628/07/7098507_481162823.shtml
  2. http://www.clubsnap.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1282047

Needless to say, there are definitely more who are not being exposed yet. However, do remember what I have mentioned that not all these photographers deserved to be blacklisted. Judge them yourself.

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