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Implied nude art yoga photoshoot with Karina Cognomen at Kovan Residency
"Being sexy is your choice. Be in love with your body. You are better than what you think you are."

Art and boudoir photoshoots are great challenges because they require great communication and trust. I'm a careful photographer who tries very hard to not let anyone get the wrong idea during the shoot. It's also difficult to guide a model without making any body contact, and thus increasing the difficulty for me to do a sexy or sensual shoot.

With the correct model who is open-minded and trusts me and cooperative, I will be able to produce good results as seen in my portrait portfolio. On the other hand, if the model is not comfortable with me, it may forbid me to suggest ideas or give instructions.

There are also some non-physical dangers and this is why I always advise people to take only photographs that they do not mind others will somehow get to see in future. Girls should also be mindful of their boyfriends or husbands, or probably, their future ones.

#1 Reasons a person does art and boudoir photoshoots

Conceptual photoshoot with Cheryl Alicia Chua

There are many reasons for a person to do a portrait photoshoot. For art, sexy and boudoir photoshoots, most people have approached me for the following personal reasons:

  1. Art
    Although the percentage of people who are into art is generally low, it still amounts to quite a large number. There are artists who are very interested to create more art work. Unfortunately, many people are afraid of being judged by the society but I'm glad that many artists and artistic people have approached me.
  2. Keep memory
    Time waits for no one and everyone should take more photographs while they are still young. Many people want the photographs to help them to bring back their gorgeous moments years later when they are no longer able to attract "bees". Perhaps, there are people, ranging from teenagers to elderly, who want to keep a memory before they grow older.
  3. Share with partner
    Some girls want to share their intimate photographs with their other halves. It can be a surprise, or perhaps, it can also be a special request by their lovers. For examples, some girls want to arouse their lovers, while some girls want their lovers to look at the photographs while they were apart due to overseas work trips.
  4. Message to ex partner
    Some girls have a bad fall out with their ex boyfriends (or even husbands) and they want their ex boyfriends to "regret losing a hot girlfriend"; or perhaps, they want their ex boyfriends to know they are now living better. Hence, they want to do some sexy photoshoots to upload online for their ex boyfriends to see.
  5. Boost confidence
    Some girls are used to be less pleasant looking but they have slimmed down or, somehow, turned prettier. These girls may want to show off their better physical selves or, perhaps, make the people who used to mock or tease them regret their wrongdoings.

    There are also girls who simply want to assure themselves that they can also look sexy on photographs. Some may choose to upload the photographs to their social media accounts to get compliments.
  6. Make money
    Some girls want to become photo models in order to generate income. One of the easiest ways for photo models to make money is to take up sexy photoshoots, such as boudoir, implied nude or nude ones. Freelance models do get photographs from their existing clients, usually hobbyists, after their shoots but the quality of photographs may not be able to help them to build a good portfolio. Having distasteful photographs inside their portfolios will only give everyone the wrong impression and they will likely attract more of the wrong crowd and clients.
  7. Experience
    YOLO! You only live once. Some girls just want to experience everything, including sexy photoshoot, at least once in their lives.

#2 Art vs Porn

Indoor lifestyle implied nude photoshoot with Eva

There is nothing wrong with doing sexy photoshoot for the sake of own self-keeping, purely for the sake of art or to surprise your boyfriend or husband. There is, however, a distinct difference between tasteful and distasteful photographs, which can be classified under art and pornography respectively. Unfortunately, not everyone can tell the difference as long as their photographs can garther many LIKEs in Facebook.

I don't have any objection in other photographer or model doing erotic or fetish concepts that are easier to be strayed towards porn. In fact, some people do have admiration for porn purely as a form of art. However, I personally think that tasteful art will definitely have much more audience.

#3 Advantages of working with Skai

Boudoir photoshoot with Huiqing

The three main advantages of working with me to create art work are that (1) you will be safe, (2) I go for tasteful art and (3) I create professional quality work.

  1. Safety and respect
    There are definitely dangers in doing sexy photoshoot, especially sexy photoshoots. Therefore, girls should learn how to judge a photographer before approaching any photographer.

    I don't touch my models, not even to pose them. I've been doing social distancing during my photoshoots, long before the coronavirus began. You don't get to lose anything.
  2. Tasteful art
    My art sense was influenced by an ex commercial HMUA, Tricia Lee, when I was an amateur photographer. She helped me to go into the direction of tasteful art work. Will you want your photographs to be deemed as tasteful art or porn?

    In year 2013, many freelance models who had done private nude shoots with clients had their photographs leaked (betrayed). Unfortunately, most of the photographs are sleazy ones. I believe if the photographs are tasteful art work, the public would have a much better impression of them.
  3. Professional quality
    You can prepare many interesting props or have the best stylist to style you up for the photoshoot; however, as long as the quality of photograph doesn't look professional, viewers may have a negative view on it. If it's a normal photoshoot, viewers tend to ignore the bad quality, such as poor lighting. However, for sexy photoshoots, the bad quality will be amplified largely; the photographs will remind viewers of perverted old phone camera users who pay young and immature girls to do sleazy photoshoots in hotels.
You should read the testimonials given by people who have worked with me.

#4 Reasons why Skai loves the art

Implied nude bodyscape photoshoot with Cho
  1. The feeling of being trusted
    The effort - I have been devoting a large portion of my time working on photography, including this website with the forever increasing amount of huge contents. I'm a man of principle and I do not take advantage of people. I'm also an open-book. As honest as I am, I also hope for reciprocation, in term of trust. I'm easy to be pleased and the full trust the models give to me during the shoots make me feel great, appreciated and satisfied.
  2. Proving that decent photographer exists
    Many photographers who do sexy shoots have their secret agendas and obviously they wish to bed the models. Some of them are already being "blacklisted" but I'm sure many victims just want to keep their stories to themselves and thus many black sheep are not being exposed. Through my interactions with freelance models, I have also heard of black sheep who take advantage of models because of their (the photographers') popularities. It is my wish to prove to the world that photographers who do sexy shoots can also treat their models with respect - at least, some of these photographers are decent enough.
  3. Helping people build confidence
    Helping people to look good will also build up their confidence. The world will become so much more beautiful if all the people with low self esteem can get onto their feet and live happier.
  4. Sense of achievement
    The love for art and my inner competitive mind also tries to push my limit, especially after I see many distasteful sexy photographs appearing on Facebook. Sexy shoots are much more difficult to work on because there is only a narrow line between art and porn. It is a big challenge to get it done well.
  5. Competitive mind
    As I have many freelance model friends in social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, I have been seeing sexy photographs being posted almost daily. I frown at most of them since they are usually badly done although there are also some good works. I'm an easygoing person but I actually have a competitive inner soul that wants to do better than others.
  6. Uniqueness
    I do not like things that are too mainstream, which anyone (photographer) can do. Given that there are fewer chances to do art shoot since most people are looking for only casual fashion shoot, it is very attractive to me.
  7. The demand from clients
    The most essential task for me to continue and improve on my photography is to attract more clients. I need them to pay me so that I can upgrade and replace my damaged equipment, and also to make ends meet. The clients with higher budgets to engage photographers for private shoots are ladies who have quite stable income. Most of these ladies are of a certain age and they want to keep memories of their bodies before they grow more wrinkles.

    Long ago when my portfolio was limited to normal fashion shoots, a client approached me for boudoir shoot and we chatted over the phone for an hour. She had no issue with any amount of money and was pleased with my honesty. However, she pointed out that I had too few sexy shoot albums to showcase in my portfolio and thus she had to decide again. She did not get back to me.
  8. Marketing value
    Art shoots are usually sexy and can generate more reactions in social media. I need to draw attention from people to look through my entire portfolio to understand me and my talent. From my years of experience, photographs that are leaning towards glamour and sensual do attract more reactions and thus serve the purpose best. Of course, other types of shoots such as conceptual shoots may also create quite good results if they are nicely done - I don't rule them out and, in fact, I do work on them whenever I have suitable models.

    One obvious fact is when my friends of both genders chat with me, they would always mention about the sexier albums. They tend to overlook the other albums even though the sexier ones are just a small portion of my portfolio - this is how strong the impact is. Another fact is that whenever a hot girl posts any sexy photograph (not taken by me), no matter how distasteful or poor quality it is, it can easily receive many times more reactions (LIKEs/comments) than the professional work I post.
  9. Attracting better quality models
    At the start of my portrait photography journey, I was stuck in a vicious cycle for many years because I had done too many Garden Shoots with friends. I was warned by a few good friends who were in or related in the trade but I was helpless when I did not have a strong portfolio. The fact is if a photographer has done mainly fashion shoots with models who are always smiling at the camera, most of the people who will approach him for shoot, whether is a friend or stranger, are people who are eyeing only at similar fashion shoot. Then, more similar type of people will continue to approach him.

    The worst thing is not just about the boring type of shoot but the quality of people/models. The aspiring models who want to do Garden Shoots are generally not of the model quality in terms of looks, (interesting) personality, maturity and confidence. Most of them underestimate the effort of every photoshoot. There are, of course, some models with better standards who have approached me every now and then, and thus I'm able to improve my portfolio with more interesting albums slowly.
  10. Love for art
    I'm taught to be an artsy person since young due to influences by teachers and my elder brother. However, reality is always cruel. Born in a less well-to-do family, there are many things I cannot do. I used to admire pianoists but my family was too poor and thus I did not even mention about buying a piano or taking up piano lessons. I had interest in drawing and handicraft work but the stationary was not something my family could easily afford. I did take up calligraphy during primary school but the cost of the brushes, ink and papers made me give up soon, partly due to my schedule. Martial art was a dream but the school fee would be a huge damage (to my parents' pockets). Since young, I had to restrict myself for the love of art of all kinds. Even for photography, as films and developing them to prints were too pricey for my family when I was young, I started professional photography only after I started working and being encouraged by my good friends.

    Throughout my life, even with the deep passion for photography, I have never dreamed or thought of doing any sexy/artsy kind of portrait photography, until after interacting with more models and the exposure to more art work. I'm a shy guy by nature but art is a way of life.

#5 What is Sexy to Skai?

Night glamour photoshoot with Valeria Gonzalez

In my work, I usually try to add in some sexiness and the degree depends on the theme. For example, I can't let the model expose too much skin if I don't want to distract the viewers from the theme. If I'm doing an implied nude shoot, somehow I have to let the viewers know the model is naked although they won't be able to see the private parts.

I have encountered aspiring models who approach me for collaboration and they specifically state that they have to be well-covered, which will generate less marketing value on top of the fact that they don't really have the model quality. They will try to debate that sexiness isn't only about showing skin. Of course, they are right but only partially right because there are many attributes. We can assume that Shuqi and Megan Fox can look sexy even without showing skin, but how many girls can have their charisma? Unfortunately, sexiness of the physical is always the most obvious and most viewers would be mostly drawn to it.

For my art, I always try to integrate all attributes of sexiness in order to create a huge impact yet give a good vibe. These are the things I find sexy:

  1. Physical
    Many physical parts of the female body are sexy. I like the breasts most. However, many girls don't know that having small breasts can be sexy as well. Showing cleavage can be very stylish and it also shows confidence, regardless of the depth of contour. While curves make a female body look very attractive, having a nice butts can help to create more curves easily; even standing straight will look extremely gorgeous from the sides. People usually associate height with legs but it's actually about the proportion that makes tall girls look nice. A tall girl may have long legs but it doesn't mean the ratio of the length of her legs to her full body is good. This is why short girls can look good as well and I usually try to let them show more of their legs so that the proportion will look better. Eyes can also look sexy while some people describe that eyes can speak.
  2. Gestures
    "A movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning." - I Googled.

    The way a girl moves can differ herself from others. Every movement can represent different state of mind. For most of the themes, I would ask my models to keep their body soft in order to show gentleness. It's absolutely difficult to specifically create certain gestures and this makes professional models stand out from the rest. I usually work with non-models and I'm proud of them, although I believe the photographs can turn out to be even better should they have some training or experience.

    Certain gestures can be very sexy. However, not everyone can do it because some girls are afterall, very reserved, and will find the gestures awkward no matter how they try to push themselves out of their boundaries. Viewers can see their tenseness and awkward expression.
  3. Expression
    The expression on a girl's face can tell a lot and often, more noticeable than gestures. Have you seen boudoir photographs with the model showing a "come and f**k me" expression? If you look at my work, the models give a different feel, which is more stylish and elegant.
  4. Personality
    Personality is closely linked to the gestures and expression. A creative girl will be able to give interesting poses out of the box without instruction. If you get a serious girl to do a bubbly shoot, the results may not going to be what you expect.

    Some girls have sexy personality. The way they move and look at you make you curious about them.
  5. Playing hard to get
    The biggest weapon of a girl is mental warfare - creating temptation. Having her skin partly visible and partly hidden, it tempts people to want to see more of her. It's also sexy to create the illusion that the "clothes is falling". This is the reason why implied nude photographs can be sexier than nude photographs.

The combination of the above can make a girl look extremely sexy. What is sexy to you?

#6 How does a Male Photographer Stay Professional?

Implied nude yoga photoshoot with Cheryl Alicia Chua

I've been asked by many friends and clients about how is it that I can resist the temptation of having naked girls in front of me. There are some ways that do help a lot.

  1. Proper set-up
    Most of the art photoshoots are done indoor since Singapore isn't as open as other western countries. Whether it's a studio shoot or other indoor shoots, such as at a hotel or client's house, doing a proper set-up is enough to drain off the photographer's energy.

    For example, I take around two hours to set up my home studio by shifting furniture, cleaning up, setting up the backdrop and my strobes. A huge amount of time is spent removing creases on the backdrop. For on-location shoot at either a hotel or client's place, I would need to travel with the heavy and bulky equipment. Then, I've to set up the strobes.

    Before the start of the shoots, I would be quite tired already.

    The remaining energy would be well spent doing the actual shoots. To add on, most of the time, I would have sweated so much that my clothes would stink and I feel so embarrassed to even go near anyone.
  2. Focus on shoot
    I'm sure most people would be very focused on certain things that they enjoy. For me, photography is my passion and thus I would focus in creating good art work. The power of being focused can be very great.
  3. Refrain from adjusting poses physically
    Adjusting models physically is a very sensitive issue. It makes correcting postures much easier and faster, but at the same time, ill-minded "photographers" may use it as an excuse to caress models. Having any form of body contact can either turn the model or the photographer on, or perhaps, turn both on.

    Personally, I'd rather give up the pose if the model can't get it. I don't want to be strayed off.
  4. Look away when model is adjusting
    Sometimes, the model may be changing outfit right in front of the photographer because either it's time-consuming go to the changing room or she trusts the photographer totally; besides the photographer would have gotten to see "everything" during the shoot anyway. Since changing of outfit may take a bit more time and taking off clothes is very suggestive, it's good for the photographer to look away to avoid having wild imagination; it's a form of showing respect to the model as well.

    Often, the model has to do a quick adjustment to her body, hands or outfit and it may reveal her private parts. While it's professional for an experienced professional photographer to not make a big scene out of it in order to not create awkwardness, it's still good that the photographer can keep his eyeballs away from the private parts if he can't control his mind.
  5. Maintain reputation
    It takes years of effort to build his reputation. There's this saying "you don't shit at where you eat". I've heard of some popular photographers who are very touchy, and yet, they're still doing "very well", least having good reputation. However, if you already have a good reputation, why want to risk destroying it?

#7 Contact Skai

If you are an easygoing person who has the same mindset as me, do contact me for a heart to heart discussion to see how can I help you. I'm looking forward to create more artistic and mind-blowing work that can stand out from the rest. However, do note that for couple shoot, I don't "join in the fun".

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