Editorial Photo Shoot - Puang Shujuan

Photoshoot with Shujuan at Pinnacle Duxton

Photoshoot with Shujuan at Pinnacle Duxton

Photoshoot with Shujuan at Pinnacle Duxton

Shujuan is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She has a girly looks that can captivate the attention of passers-by and make guys want to give her a tight hug. Even after she chops off her long beautiful hair, she remains mesmerizing. She possesses a charm beyond words can describe. Shujuan is beautiful without the help of any makeup artist.

Shujuan has the extreme positive attitude that makes working with her very enjoyable. She is a soft girl who is willing to sacrifice for others. She is easygoing and accommodating, and I feel so ease in her presence as I never have to worry about saying anything wrongly. She puts in effort and never grumbles over any hardship or dirt, not even the nasty grass that causes skin irritation.

I have met many "models" who simply cannot "do this" and "do that", inclusive of timing, outfit choice and travelling; whereas Shujuan has absolutely nothing to "feedback" about. She has even borrowed a guitar from her friend just for the photoshoot.

It was an early meet-up together with Shujuan and Maisie, and it was her virgin photoshoot. While removing her necklace, she dropped it into a "hole" that was almost impossible to retrieve but she showed no sign of frustration at all. Maisie saved me a lot of troubles and awkwardness by positioning Shujuan during the shoot. Shujuan was able to stay calm despite having no experience. I was perhaps, rather too slack throughout, feeling the bless with an assistant, although the main enjoyment was the interaction with two kind babes. I even got to enjoy a home-cooked lunch by them at my place, making me the luckiest guy in Singapore for the day.

Model: Puang Shujuan

Credits: Maisie Chew (http://maiisiie.blogspot.com/)

Camera: Sony NEX 7
Lens: Sony 50mm F1.8

Venue: Pinnacle@Duxton
Date: 03 April, 2013

Editing: Advanced

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