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Sponsor a Photographer - Sponsorship and Endorsement


I'm a freelance photographer based in Singapore. I work with good clients who appreciate my work to support my photography equipment and make a simple and very honest living.

I collaborate with my friends and aspiring talents (freelance models and hair and makeup artists) whenever I'm available to create astonishing art work that clients don't request. I have also taken the pain to create a good number of tips and resources to educate people.

I can only take up limited projects because I spend a lot of time and effort on every shoot. Therefore, just like most artists in Singapore, I'm struggling too.


My website attracts viewership of over 100 plus visitors per day during peak periods. I add and update the contents very regularly.

In social media, I have managed to gain 20k followers in Instagram within 11 months of starting my photography account. The number is growing steadily.


If you are a business owner or even just someone who knows how to appreciate good photography work or a passionate photographer, you may want to consider doing some sponsorship.

The things that you can sponsor may benefit me directly, my models or for my future photoshoots. They can be equipment, clothes, accessories or venue.

Contact me for more discussion if you feel you can help me in any way.