Interior Photography Singapore

My love for interior photography

Due to the fact that my house is small and messy, I have a special liking for good interior designs and looking forward to design my own house in future. Since young, I love visiting friends' houses for temporary getaways. It is a joy to share things and photographs of the nice interior work are great gifts.

People who need interior photography services

- Interior designers
Interior designers should also keep a good portfolio of their design to showcase to clients, especially in social media.

- Business owners (hotel, restaurant... etc)
It is important to showcase their amenities online to their potential customers and good quality photos will reflect well on their businesses.

- Home owners
It is a good idea for new home owners to do interior shoot to keep a memory of their well designed houses before things start going messy. Some home owners also want the pictures taken so that they put up their houses for sales.

- Property agents
If a property agent depends on internet to showcase the properties on hand, he would definitely need some good interior photos of the properties.

My shooting style

- Lighting
My shooting style for interior photography leans towards natural feel and thus I'm always using natural light; I always avoid adding extra light (flash) to the scene, although I may bring along my equipment.

- Angles
There is a standard way of capturing formal interior pictures that will not go wrong. I enjoy going for some interesting angles if I'm given the time or clients seek creative work.

Doing interior shoot - the tedious process

Doing an interior shoot is not as simple as what non photographers think; it is not simply holding a DSLR camera and pressing the shutter button. You need to have proper equipment, know the setting and some tricks.


- camera body
- wide angle lenses
- tripod

Good wide angle lenses can produce sharper images and will have less distortion at the edges. I also use a full-frame camera body for better images and a tripod that can be adjusted to different height. Yes, in order to get sharp images with large depth of field and less noise, so that the images can be printed out in large printout, a tripod is a must.

Actual shoot

- setting up tripod and camera
- finding and testing angles
- placement of items (furniture and decoration)

It is the photographer's job to use the best setting possible for each scenerio. If there is no visual merchandiser in the team, the photographer has to do the job, at least to make sure the place is not in a mess. To get the best image possible, there will be inspection on every image before making more adjustment and re-snapping again. Thus, to get a good image, there will be multiples of clicks and it takes time.

Knowledge and technique

- timing of shoot
- colour of lighting

It is difficult to battle the sun and the differences in colour of lighting have to be taken into account for. This is never straightforward.

Common problems

- Underestimation of the effort
Most clients do not understand the amount of time and effort required to produce good photographs. To be honest, since the situation for every venue is different, most professional photographers will not be able to determine them as well.

- Duration and effort
Every now and then, I do receive enquiries from random people who tell me they would need just half an hour or an hour of my time to do a project. The only possible way to do an interior shoot within a short time frame is probably to ignore the status (tidiness and angles of furniture) of the house and snapping one photograph before moving on without looking at the result to see how it can be done better (adjusting the angle of lens, furniture, decoration items or just hiding a cable). However, since I'm taking every project as my portfolio, it is impossible for me to do a sloppy work just for the sake of money.

The longest time I have spent on an interior shoot is 4.5 hours, working on just a studio apartment with a mini garden, which is in a moved-in condition. Many clients are amazed over the actual effort and amount of time spent, and I'm glad that they eventually understand the difficulties.

- Timing
Another problem is the availability of the property's owner. Unless the place does not have windows, timing of the shoot is very crucial to determine the quality of products.

Interior photoshoot rate

- Per photo
Professional interior photographers can charge by either the number of photographs required or amount of time spent for the actual shoot. Charging by the number of photographs can ensure that the photographer is able to work with a peace of mind without being rushed, however, sometimes the clients may not actually know the exact number of photographs that they want.

- Per hour
While charging by the amount of time can solve this problem, it creates another problem that if the agreed amount of time exceeds, the client may have to decide whether to extend the services or having incompleted album.

Engage a professional interior photographer

If you are looking for professional interior services, do look through my portfolio below to know the quality of my work. If you appreciate my work, do contact me for a non obligatory discussion.

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Residential | Rochalie Drive

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Residential | The Arris

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Residential | Emerald Hill

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Residential | Alexis

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Residential | Tiong Bahru

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Residential | ShuBox Design's Showroom

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Residential | Sky Habitat

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Residential | Concourse Skyline

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Residential | Esparina Residences

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Residential | Verdure

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Commercial | Easy Bar

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Residential | Yishun Blk 335b St 31

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Commercial | One-Altitude

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Commercial | Ann Siang Hill

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