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Do you need a Model?

I'm a professional photographer who makes money through taking photographs for both corporate and private clients, including models who want to build a modelling portfolio.

Due to the quality of my work, I do have many young models who have been approaching me to help them with their portfolios via TFCD shoot. Some models have even offered to do nude shoot with me just to build up their portfolios. I also have clients who have paid me for doing boudoir shoot for their private collection. I don't entertain clients who try to ask for "discount". I'm very busy because I put in extra effort for every shoot and sometimes have to indirectly turn down clients. I also have a long list of friends who are ready to shoot with me if I need to test my new equipment because they know that they will benefit greatly from my photographs apart from being kept safe throughout the shoot.

If you are a model who is desperately looking for money and have approached me, you are (1) very weak in English and have (2) low EQ. All details are being written on my website and from the quality of my work, anyone seeing them will know that I'm a professional photographer. I have never ever paid any model in my entire life, not even when I was an amateur.

Using your logic, you can try approaching a good restaurant, compliment and tell the chef to pay you for filling your stomach. Try taking a plane that you think has good services and request the airline to pay you for using their services.

Thanks but no thanks for enjoying looking at my work. Compliments from people of low standard doesn't worth anything and instead, may tarnish my reputation.

If you are really in need of money, you should try finding a job in Geylang where there may be customers willing to pay for your services. Unfortunately, I have no network to assist you in that.

Dear "model", if you are being referred to this page directly, thanks for insulting me.

Real-Life Examples

I get solicited for "business" from "supermodels" quite often. Below are some examples.


Supermodel: Hello Skai, are you hiring models at the moment?

Me: Hi, I have never hired model before. What do you mean?
(went through some of her profile photos and she's totally not the model material)

Supermodel: Oh I see it's alright. Because I stumbled upon your website and saw beautiful photos of the models taken on the website, so I tried my luck and asked if you are hiring models. But it's okay.
(she thinks highly of my work but still thinks I will need to pay for model)


Supermodel: Hi, are u looking for models to shoot? I'd love to collaborate with u on a paid shoot.
Here are some of my images:
*attached a few heavily photoshopped images
More info about me:
Age: 22
Height: 1.7 m
Clothes size: UK 6/8
Shoe Size: EUR 39/40

Me: hi, my rate is $xxx/hr, $xx/photo . what do you mean by collaborate on a paid shoot?
(confused, because collaboration means TFCD)

*blocked by supermodel
(someone is embarrassed by her own stupidity and instead of apologising, she simply blocks me at my Facebook business page)


Supermodel: Hello! My name is Olia , I'm a model. Do u need a model for photography, im in Singapore now.
(no idea what she wants)

Supermodel: Thanks. Happy Chinese New Year
(sounds so polite eh?)

Me: Hi Olia! Thanks for contacting me. Where are you from and what are you doing in Singapore? Happy Chinese New Year too!
(sounds polite back to her to fish for more information to see what she wants)

Supermodel: I'm from Ukraine, and just tell do u need a model?
(the impatient fox's tail is out!)

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