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Tips for Models using Modelling Website

There are quite a number of modelling websites for models, photographers and makeup artists to sign up to connect with one another. One popular modelling website is Modelmayhem. It allows professionals to link up to create photoshoot work, whether being paid or on TFCD basis.

The tips below are specially written for using of the Modelmayhem website to help every model to improve their user experience throughout the use of the website. However, most of the tips can also be applied to other modelling websites.

  1. If you are not taking up TFCD/TFP photoshoot, set your "Compensation" to "Paid Assignments Only" instead of "Depends on Assignment" or "Any". More photographers will be irritated by you than they do to you. After all, it reflects on your intelligence in filling up a simple web form.
  2. If you are not doing any type of shoot, for example, bikini, do NOT upload any photo with bikini on. This will give photographers a wrong idea even if you do not indicate "swimwear" in the "genre".
  3. Provide as much information about yourself as possible; leaving fields blank will definitely reduce the chance of serious photographers finding and approaching you.
  4. Bio is important! It gives people a rough idea about you and your style. It shows your seriousness about modelling. Do spend some effort in writing.
  5. Do not disclose contact number in your bio unless you want to invite perverts to harass you; you can always give potential photographers (those who are not creepy) your number through message.
  6. If you have to provide your email address, at least make it difficult for spam bot from collecting them. You can, for example, type like "abc at gmail dot com". If the photographer cannot figure out your actual email address from that, why bother to communicate and risk your health since you are likely to get pissed off?
  7. Adding and accepting new friends will not harm you. People who are not going to collaborate with you now may do it in future. Making new friends and sharing of ideas will only help you to improve.
  8. When uploading your photos, always remember "quality over quantity".
  9. You should always have a website to showcase your portfolio properly. If you are not good in web stuffs, at least start a blogspot.com site - it is free anyway.
  10. The "URL to site" field is free, add your portfolio or Facebook url to it!
  11. There is a limit to the number of messages for basic accounts. Therefore, please be open to share your Facebook, email or Skype (in private message) when a potential photographer requests for it. Asking for an easier communication medium does not mean the person is trying to woo you. By the way, most people prefer messengers over email because of the real-time quick response. If you insist to discuss about the shoot only through email, be prepared that some photographers may be turned off due to misunderstanding - thinking that you are weird or arrogant.
  12. If you are doing TFCD/TFP photoshoot, be prepared that most photographers will approach you for sexy shoot, such as bikini, lingerie or even implied nude. There are not many TFCD models who are willing to do such shoot, and thus, they may just try their luck and there is nothing wrong. Just make sure you have indicated your genre properly and state inside your bio about your restrictions.
  13. If you are open to do nude shoot, you will definitely invite more perverts than other girls. If you cannot stand the harassment, try indicating "no" for "Shoot Nudes" field. You can state it inside your bio.
  14. If you are going to message every photographer to sell your paid modelling services, at least read through the photographer's profile first because it can be insulting to good photographers who are receiving payments for photoshoot.
  15. If you are new to modelling and do not have a portfolio, it is better for you to take up a few TFCD assignments first, unless you are doing sexy shoot, which rich "photographers" will be interested.
  16. If you have uploaded only some casual photos and someone comments that you have very nice portfolio/work, obviously that person does copy-and-paste work to every girl's profile/photos.
  17. Learn to judge photographers' portfolios or at least seek opinions from your more experienced photographer friend before you accept the shoot in order not to waste your time.
  18. If you are open to do sexy shoot (nude, implied, topless, lingerie), do read up dangers of doing sexy photoshoot for female models.
  19. There are various types of scam. Do go through Photography & Modelling Scams to avoid falling for the tricks.

If you are an aspiring model, you should sign up for a basic (free) account soon.

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