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Headshot Photoshoot - Audrey Chen @ Marina Bay Sands (MBS) hotel Modelling Portfolio Photoshoot - Meron @ Tanjong Pagar (studio) Modelling Portfolio & Bikini Photoshoot - Cheryl Alicia Chua @ Tanjong Pagar (studio) Modelling Portfolio Photoshoot - Janice Sui @ Tanjong Pagar (studio) Modelling Portfolio Photoshoot - Tantiara Rosli @ Tanjong Pagar (studio) Modelling Portfolio Photoshoot - Karen Ivy Diaz @ Tanjong Pagar (indoor) Modelling Portfolio Photoshoot - Debbie Tan @ Studio, Tanjong Pagar Modelling Portfolio Photoshoot - Ashley Xuanxuan @ Studio, Tanjong Pagar Modelling Portfolio Photoshoot - Singapore Fashion Runway @ Mountbatten Vocational School Beauty Photoshoot - Ng Shinyi @ Tanjong Pagar Fashion Photoshoot - Lovelle Cengiya @ Gold's Gym @ NTU Alumni Club (Gold Wellness) Fashion & Headshot Photoshoot - Jasmine Tan @ Kallang Wave Mall Fashion Photoshoot - Alessandra Wong @ Marina Bay Sands Fashion Photoshoot - Emily Chan @ Marina Barrage Fashion Photoshoot - Huirong @ Cantonment Central (indoor) Portrait Headshot - Joyce See @ Joyous Nails @ Seng Kang

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Traditionally, a professional model would need a modelling portfolio to begin her modelling journey. Potential commercial clients would vet through her modelling portfolio before deciding if she's suitable for their projects. The modelling portfolio has to showcase her looks and figure. Being versatile would increase her chances of securing more modelling jobs.

There are many modelling agencies that hire 'talent scouts' to invite young girls on the street to go over to their offices. Then, they would make the aspiring model sign up for a photoshoot package that may range from $3000 to $6000 in order to join their agencies.

There are many advantages in working with me:

  1. Price
    I don't work under any agency and thus need not give any commission to any talent scout or company. Therefore, the total fees are for my team's time, effort and creativity. I also don't quote a low price and end up producing substandard work.
  2. Unique and natural style
    Shooting in 'supermodel poses' can be awkward for new models and sometimes deemed as outdated. My shooting style is more towards lifestyle, which is more natural and thus appealing to most people. I make sure all my work is tasteful.
  3. Professional work
    I specialize in outdoor shoot to include more interesting but clean background. I design the lighting specially for each scene (both indoor and outdoor), mood and location by myself to create the most appealing looks possible. I make sure my shoots are done in the best timing and with flattering lighting. If required, I will spread the shoot over several days instead of clamping everything into a single day.
  4. Natural editing
    Photoshop (post-production) work can be easy but to create work that doesn't look like being Photoshopped is very tedious. I take pride in my work and always give in my best.

Contact me to discuss over what you want to achieve and I will give my best advice.

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