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10 Years Challenge Photos Game

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Someone has started a 10-year-challenge, which is to challenge people to post (online, such as Facebook) photographs of themselves taken 10 years ago and recently, for comparsion.

Most people who have posted their 10 years challenge photographs have probably seen a big improvement in their looks. Probably, not many people have thought through the causes. This is mainly due to two things - (1) better styling and (2) better photography equipment (hardware and software).

  1. Styling
    Styling is an important factor in my portrait photoshoot. Hairstyle, makeup and attires make a big difference and this is why I always try to do proper planning before every shoot. I would go through and select the outfits that suit the theme most and arrange for a professional HMUA (hair and makeup artist) whenever possible.

    What has happened is that when girls mature, especially from their teenage lives, most of them have learnt to do better styling for themselves. Many of them learn how to do at least basic makeup, some discover that pretty eyebrows are extremely important and start trimming them and some do go for minor plastic surgery. With higher purchasing power, many of them can afford more interesting clothes and gears for makeup. Eventually, most girls who have played the 10 years challenge "game" are more presentable than 10 years ago.

    However, I always believe in entrusting the job to the professional. In order to get their best looks, engaging a professional hair and makeup artist is important for a shoot or special event.
  2. Equipment
    Phone cameras have improved a lot in their hardware. Although they don't have the luxury of APS-C or full frame 35mm sensors like DSLR, their image resolution has increased a lot. Each phone brand has also improved on their software.

    There are also many free applications that can change the faces. The use of the applications can be fast and easy. Some girls would even make their eyes bigger while some like smaller chins.

    Apart from these, people are also used to taking tens of photographs to select the best one.

You can do look better now

You don't have to wait for another 10 years to look better. You can start finding what style suits you most. Seek opinions from friends or even the professional like an image consultant.

For the next 10-year-challenge 10 years later, be sure to show people you're already at your best now!

Of course, if you have the budget, you can engage a freelance photographer and HMUA to document your down on your best self.

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