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🔍8       Studio Implied Nude Tattoo Art Photoshoot - Isabelle Raphaela Leong @ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
1. Isabelle Raphaela Leong

@ Photography studio @ Tanjong Pagar
⚑ Flash photography
🔍4       Studio Implied Nude Tattoo Art Photoshoot - Kelly Lim @ Makeshift Studio: Gold's Gym Singapore @ Lim Teck Kim
2. Kelly Lim

@ Makeshift Studio: Gold's Gym Singapore @ Lim Teck Kim
⚑ Flash photography

What is Tattoo Photography?

Tattoo photography is a type of photography that involves taking photographs of tattoos and tattooed people. Tattoo photographers may work with individuals, tattoo artists or tattoo studios to create images that showcase the artistry and creativity of tattoos. It can be part of an art photography project.

Tattoo photographers often use specialised photography equipment and techniques to capture images that are clear, well-exposed and showcase the details and colours of the tattoos. They may work in a variety of settings, such as in a studio, outdoors or on location, and they may use a wide range of techniques and creative approaches to create images that are visually appealing and showcase the tattoos in the best possible way.

The goal of tattoo photography is to create beautiful, timeless images that showcase the artistry and creativity of tattoos. Many people choose to hire a professional tattoo photographer to create a set of photographs that they can look back on and cherish for years to come. Tattoo photographs can be used to create keepsakes, such as albums or prints, or to decorate the home. They can also be used by tattoo artists and studios to showcase their work and attract new clients.

Tattoo Photography Services in Singapore

Hey there, welcome to Skai's Tattoo photography services! I'm your go-to photographer for capturing the beauty and artistry of tattoos. Whether it's a portrait of you and your ink or a fitness shoot that indirectly showcase your ink, I'm here to make sure your tattoos look amazing and that your personality shines through!

I get it, your tattoos are more than just designs on your skin, they represent a part of who you are, your experiences and your passions. And that's exactly what I aim to capture in my photos! My goal is to create stunning pictures that not only highlight your tattoos but also bring out your unique personality. Let's make sure your ink tells the story you want it to tell!

I'm here to make sure your tattoos look their absolute best and that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the whole shoot. Let's make some magic together!

Natural Light Tattoo Photography Session

In my natural light session, we let the sun work its magic, creating a dreamy and enchanting atmosphere. I've got an eye for those perfect angles and an understanding of how the sunlight dances on your skin, bringing out the intricate details and vibrant hues of your tattoos. It's all about that natural and organic look, where we celebrate the artistic side of your body art.

Flash (High-End) Tattoo Photography Session

If you're up for taking your tattoo game to a whole new level, buckle up for the high-end session! We're talking professional lighting equipment here, folks. I'll weave the light like a maestro, sculpting it to give your tattoos that mind-blowing, three-dimensional pop. It's the kind of style that screams "Look at me!" and turns your tattoos into the main event, stealing the show with a bold and dramatic flair.

Other Art Photography Sessions

I don't just specialise in tattoo photography. I believe in exploring various genres of art photography to expand our creativity and knowledge. Let me give you a sneak peek into some of the other exciting services I offer: boudoir photography, conceptual photography, implied nude photography and themed photography.

By delving into different genres, I become more versatile and adaptable, constantly learning and growing as an artist. I draw inspiration from each unique experience, honing my skills and bringing fresh perspectives to every shoot.

So, whether you're looking to capture your stunning tattoos, explore your sensuality, express your creativity through conceptual art or embark on a themed adventure, I'm here to make it happen. Let's embark on a journey of artistic exploration together and create breathtaking images that truly reflect your vision.

Booking Information

Hey there, interested in booking a tattoo photography session with me? Great choice! Let me give you all the information you need to get started.

  1. Contact me with the purpose: Firstly, to book a tattoo session with me, simply head to my contact page where you can find the link to text me via WhatsApp. Please indicate your purpose and the package you are interested in, or otherwise, I may mistake your text as a spam.
  2. Consultation: We will have a consultation to discuss the type of event, the date, location and your preferred style of photography. This will help me understand your vision and see if we are a perfect match. We will also go over the package options and pricing. However, do note that I will only provide advices and suggestions after you have confirmed and booked my services officially.
  3. Place deposit: To secure your booking, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. Once your deposit is received, your date and time will be reserved exclusively for you.

    Don't worry, I'll send you all the necessary payment details when you decide to book with me. Payment can be made via PayNow or PayPal (PayPal requires extra fee).

    The remaining balance is due on the day of the photoshoot.

Remember that it's best to book my photography services in advance to ensure availability. So don't hesitate to contact me as soon as possible to secure your date!

Prices & Packages for Tattoo Photography

Quick explanation: The most considerable portion of my photography cost is calculated based on the (1) duration booked, (2) equipment required (natural light/ flash), (3) type of editing (basic/ advanced) and (4) extensiveness of planning required.

Please read the full explanations so that you can make a better decision.

🌞 Natural Light Photography

Up to 1 Hour: $320
Up to 2 Hours: $420 $450

Additional Hour: $150/block hr

  • Up to 30 photos/hr
  • Basic Edit (exposure & colour correction)
  • Digital copies (high resolution JPG)
  • Photos selection in low resolution PDF

Special Requests/ Add-Ons
(Subject to availability)
  • Face to Face discussion:
    Starting from +$100
  • Photographer to scout venue(s):
    Starting from +$100
  • Shoot at beach/ sandy/ dirty venue:
    Starting from +$50
  • Additional photos (basic edit):
  • Same-day photo edit (basic edit):
  • Expedited photo edit (basic edit: 3 days after shoot):
    +$50/hr booked
  • Advanced edit (skin retouching):
  • Revision of photo edit (advanced edit):
  • Privacy of photos:
    +$100/hr booked

⚑ Flash Photography (High-End)

Up to 1 Hour: $450
Up to 2 Hours: $600

Additional Hour: $150/block hr
  • ⚑ Flash photography (one-light set-up)
  • 🌞 Use of natural light when necessary
  • Pace of shoot: Slow

  • Up to 30 photos/hr
  • Basic Edit (exposure & colour correction)
  • Digital copies (high resolution JPG)
  • Photos selection in low resolution PDF

Special Requests/ Add-Ons
(Subject to availability)
  • Face to Face discussion:
    Starting from +$100
  • Photographer to scout venue(s):
    Starting from +$100
  • Shoot at beach/ sandy/ dirty venue:
    Starting from +$50
  • Additional lighting set-up: +$50/light
  • Additional photos (basic edit):
  • Same-day photo edit (basic edit):
  • Expedited photo edit (basic edit: 3 days after shoot):
    +$50/hr booked
  • Advanced edit (skin retouching):
  • Revision of photo edit (advanced edit):
  • Privacy of photos:
    +$100/hr booked

⚑ Studio (Flash)

1) My photo studio,
2) Your booked external studio, or
3) Makeshift studio @ your location

Hairstyling & Makeup

$180 /Female
$120 /Male
  • 1x Hair & Makeup Artist (HMUA)
  • Up to 1 hour
  • 1 Look (Hairstyling for a neat look & Makeup)

  • Add-Ons
  • Follow through the photoshoot: +$70/hr

Details: makeup artists and hairstylists



All booked duration

Includes changing of equipment, wardrobe, makeup, hairstyle and travelling (if applicable) during the shoot.

Please read

(1) Checklist for hiring a photographer, (2) FAQ and (3) Service Agreement and Privacy Policy before making enquiries.

Ideas and advice

Will only be given to serious clients after a booking fee is being placed.

βœ† Contact me now for a customised package tailored to your personal needs.


My photography packages are designed to help my clients save cost. I'm able to provide affordable photography rates because I don't include the additional services, which most clients don't need.

I have listed the common special requests from clients at the bottom of the packages. For the uncommon ones, do look through the full list of surcharges to avoid miscommunications.

Skai the Tattoo Photographer

Professional tattoo photographer in Singapore Hi there, I'm Skai - a professional tattoo photographer based in Singapore. With my camera in hand, I specialise in capturing the artistry, beauty and uniqueness of tattoos and the individuals who wear them. As someone who appreciates the significance of tattoos as a form of personal expression, I believe that each tattoo tells a story that deserves to be captured and showcased in the most creative and meaningful way possible.

Apart from tattoo photography, I also do art portraits. My passion for photography extends beyond tattoos and I love to capture the essence of an individual's personality and character through my portraits. Whether it's a tattoo portrait or an art portrait, my goal is to bring out the beauty and uniqueness of each individual and create stunning images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

As a professional photographer, I am committed to providing my clients with a comfortable and enjoyable experience during their photoshoots. I offer a range of photography services, including on-location shoots, professional studio sessions and outdoor shoots, ensuring that my client's preferences and needs are met. Whether you're looking to showcase your tattoos or capture the essence of your personality through an art portrait, I'm here to help you bring your vision to life.

What Sets Skai Apart from Other Tattoo Photographers?

  1. Skai's expertise in lighting: Skai is skilled in using professional lighting equipment to create eye-catching and flattering pictures. Unlike many other tattoo photographers who rely solely on natural light, Skai's use of lighting equipment helps to make his subjects look 3-dimensional and creates a unique look in his photos.
  2. Bespoke photography service: Skai offers bespoke photography services to his clients. This means that he can personalise and customise unique photo concepts for individuals, making the pictures meaningful to them and standing out from the crowd.
  3. Focus on making clients feel comfortable and safe: Skai places a strong emphasis on making his clients feel comfortable and safe during shoots. He tries to not have body contact with his clients and uses his friendly and approachable personality to put them at ease. This helps to create a relaxed and positive atmosphere, which in turn helps to produce better photos.
  4. On-location photography: Skai can do photography anywhere, that means at your home, a hotel, your office or outdoors. He owns professional lighting equipment and can do photography even at night or in dim places. This gives his clients more flexibility and options when it comes to choosing locations for their shoots.
  5. Affordable photography: Skai offers affordable photography services to his clients, making professional photography accessible to a wider audience. He calls his natural light photography "professional photography" and his flash photography "high-end photography", which allows clients to choose the style that best suits their needs and budget.

Skai's Visions & Goals for Tattoo Photography

My vision and goals for my tattoo photography services are simple: to provide a personalised and professional experience that captures the essence of my clients. I believe that every tattoo tells a story and it's my job to bring that story to life through my photography. I focus on highlighting both the tattoo and the person, ensuring that the lighting is just right to showcase every detail of the ink while also bringing out the best in my clients.

I understand that getting a tattoo is a personal and intimate experience and I strive to create a comfortable and safe environment for my clients. I want you to feel confident and empowered during your photoshoot, knowing that your tattoos are in good hands. My goal is to deliver photos that you will cherish for a lifetime, photos that not only capture the beauty of your tattoos but also your unique personality and story. So come and let me help you create stunning and memorable photos that showcase your tattoos and your one-of-a-kind personality!

How Skai Began Doing Tattoo Photography

I stumbled upon this incredible career opportunity when I noticed that there were a growing number of people who own tattoos in Singapore. That's when it hit me - there was a gap in the market and I wanted to fill it!

I saw a lot of amateurish photoshoot work on social media with models who had tattoos, but the focus was rarely on the tattoo. Even when there were tattoo portrait shoots, the faces of the models were often not shown or lit properly, making it difficult for others to recognize the models. To me, it was essential that in most of the photos, the model's face should be visible; otherwise, anyone could easily falsely claim that the subject inside the photo is her.

That's when I saw the opportunity to create artwork through tattoo portrait photography. With the aid of tattoos, I could create eye-catching work that highlights the beauty of the tattoos. So, when an aspiring model approached me for a photoshoot, we discussed it and set out to create something brilliant.

Using my experience in portrait photography, I was able to pose the model elegantly to show curves, together with the aid of my professional lighting and some post-processing. It was a masterpiece. I was able to light up both the model's face and her tattoos to create a stunning photo that showcased the beauty and artistry of her tattoos. Since then, I've been passionate about creating beautiful and meaningful tattoo portraits for people who want to showcase their tattoos uniquely and artistically.

Why Skai Loves Doing Tattoo Photography

For me, tattoo photography is not just a job, but a passion that I truly enjoy. There are many reasons why I love doing tattoo photography.

  1. Explore my creativity: Tattoo photography is an excellent opportunity to explore and utilise my creativity. Every tattoo is unique, and it's always exciting to come up with new ways to showcase the intricate details and personal stories behind each one.
  2. Opportunity to create artistic work: Tattoo photography can be sensual and provocative, allowing me to showcase my ability to create artwork that is both sexy and stylish. I enjoy the challenge of creating images that are both tasteful and provocative, making my work stand out in a sea of amateurish photos.
  3. Preserving the tattoos: I believe that tattoos are a form of self-expression that should be cherished and preserved. As tattoos fade over time or when the skin changes, it's essential to capture them in their full glory and preserve them for posterity. Tattoo portrait photography is a challenging yet rewarding way to do this.
  4. It's challenging: One of the things that I love most about tattoo portrait photography is the challenge of lighting up both the models' faces and their tattoos. This requires technical skill and creativity, and it's always gratifying to see the final product.
  5. Being trusted: Tattoo portrait photography requires a lot of trust from the models. As these portraits often reveal a lot of skin, it's crucial to establish a sense of trust and comfort between myself and the model. I take pride in being able to create a comfortable and safe environment for my models, which allows them to showcase their tattoos with confidence.

Tattoo Photography in Singapore

Tattoo photography is a thriving trend in Singapore, as more and more people use tattoos to express their unique individuality. This once-taboo form of body art has now become widely accepted, leading to a surge in the number of Singaporeans getting inked. Tattoo photography captures the intricate details and personal stories behind each tattoo, providing a platform for individuals to showcase their artistry and self-expression.

The diverse range of settings in Singapore makes it easy for tattoo photography to take place, with professional studios, on-location shoots and outdoor environments all available. By capturing the beauty and artistry of tattoos, photography brings a new dimension of meaning and memorability to them. As a result, demand for tattoo photography services in Singapore has skyrocketed, with more people seeking to immortalise their tattoos in unique and creative ways.

Why Do People Get Tattoo?

Gone are the days when the majority of people would relate tattoos to gangs and unsolicited activities; of course, it's still very much dependable on the artwork chosen. The increasing number of people putting inks on their bodies very much help to create a new norm. As society comes across more kind people who have tattoos on their bodies, it helps to lift the bad impression.

People get inked for various reasons, such as to commemorate a person, pet or event. Some couples also get tattoos to vow their love. Some people simply love having a unique piece of a tattoo on their bodies to represent themselves. Others think it's cool to own at least one.

Why Do People Do Tattoo Photoshoot?

All tattoos are unique. Some people may choose to do similar tattoos that are common, such as a star symbol, but eventually the size, colour and skill of the tattoo artists would make a big difference.

People who ink their bodies love their tattoos and want to keep a good memory of them. The fact is that when people age, their skin might lose firmness and thus the tattoo might deform or fade. It also applies to people who manage to gain or lose weight. It's good to document the tattoo down while it's still "fresh".

Some people may want to showcase their tattoos while others love tattoo photography for the sake of art. It's also useful for tattoo artists to do a tattoo portrait photoshoot for marketing purposes for their tattoo businesses.

Why is Tattoo Photography Important?

Tattoo photography is a subgenre of photography that focuses on capturing images of tattoos on the human body. It is important for some reasons.

First, tattoo photography can help to showcase the work of tattoo artists and the art of tattooing. By capturing high-quality images of tattoos, tattoo photographers can help to promote the work of tattoo artists and bring attention to the tattoo community.

Tattoo photography is also important as a way to document and preserve the art of tattooing. Many tattoos are considered to be works of art and by capturing them in photographs, tattoo photographers can help to preserve these artworks for future generations.

In addition, tattoo photography can be used to celebrate the diversity and individuality of people with tattoos. By showcasing the unique tattoos and stories of people from all walks of life, tattoo photographers can help to promote body positivity and acceptance.

Overall, tattoo photography is an important medium for showcasing the art of tattooing, preserving this art form and celebrating the diversity and individuality of people with tattoos.

Challenges in Doing Tattoo Portrait

Doing a tattoo portrait means capturing both the owner's face and the tattoo. It's different from doing a pure tattoo photoshoot that focuses only on the tattoo or a casual portrait photoshoot that simply displays the model's face. Of course, the client may request the photographer to focus on one of them for a few shots.

The biggest challenge is to light up both the face and tattoo properly.

Tattoos are usually darker than skin and thus given the same amount of light, the face would usually turn out brighter. Whereas lighting usually comes from a higher angle that's nearer to the face, the exposure on the face would be higher (brighter) than the tattoo. Since the focus is on both the face and tattoo(s), the lighting in the background would also very much distract the viewers' attention.

The challenges above can be solved by using professional lighting. It requires photography equipment, skill and creativity to create flattering, eye-catching and natural-looking tattoo portraits.

From my experience of working with tattoo lovers, there's another problem - the tattoo would be slightly distorted whenever the skin nearby is being pressed or stretched. Due to this, it's even more challenging to pose the model in a flattering way to show more curves (for the ladies) and look slimmer.

Due to all the challenges above, it usually takes much longer time to do tattoo portrait photoshoots. That means it may take several hours just to create a few good photographs.

As for post-production, it usually takes more effort and time when more skin is revealed.


What is a tattoo portrait photoshoot?

A tattoo portrait photoshoot is a photography session that focuses on capturing high-quality images of you and your tattoos, and showcasing them in a flattering way.

What is the difference between a tattoo portrait and a regular portrait?

A tattoo portrait focuses on highlighting the tattoos on your body, while a regular portrait does not necessarily feature tattoos.

Do tattoo photoshoots always have to be very sexy?

No. It depends on your personal preference and the location of your tattoo(s). That means if your tattoo is inked on a sensitive area of your body, taking it may seem revealing of course.

Can you photograph my tattoo portrait in black and white?

Yes, I can photograph your tattoo portrait in black and white, as well as in colour. To be exact, all pictures will be taken in colour and they can be turned into black and white during post-production. Do note that if the photos were taken in black and white directly, the colours can't be added back in future; therefore, we will stick to the normal colour during the actual photography.

How long does a tattoo portrait photoshoot take?

The length of a tattoo portrait photoshoot depends on the complexity of the shoot and the number of looks required, but it typically takes around 1-2 hours for the most basic one.

How much does a tattoo portrait photoshoot cost?

The cost of a tattoo portrait photoshoot depends on various factors such as location, the number of images, the type of editing and the duration of the shoot. Please contact me for a quote.

Can you recommend a location for my tattoo portrait photoshoot?

Yes, I can recommend a location based on your preferences and the style of the shoot.

Do I need to bring my own tattoos for the photoshoot?

If you are referring to temporary tattoos that you would like to paste onto your body, yes.

Can you Photoshop my tattoos if I want them removed or altered?

Yes and no, I can edit your tattoos using Photoshop if you wish to have them removed or altered but it very much depends on the situation. Do note that not everything can be edited without leaving tracks for viewers to discover. For any type of editing that you need, please clarify properly with me before booking the photo session.

Can I bring a friend or family member to the photoshoot?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a friend or family member to the photoshoot. However, do note that it's very likely they would somehow affect the products even if they didn't interrupt, because having a third person around may very likely affect you although most clients will insist it wouldn't happen.

Can you provide hair and makeup services for the photoshoot?

Yes, I can provide hair and makeup services for an additional fee. I will recommend you a list of makeup artists I have worked with and it's up to you to select any of them based on their skill, personality and makeup fee.

Can I change outfits during the photoshoot?

Yes, you can change outfits during the photoshoot but of course do note that it will eat into the booked time.

What should I wear for the photoshoot?

You should wear clothing that showcases your tattoos and makes you feel comfortable and confident. Do discuss with me.

Do I need to have a specific pose in mind for the photoshoot?

Yes and no. I encourage every client to research on his or her favourite poses online before the photoshoot. By sharing the pictures with me, it will help me to better understand your preference, so that I can guide you better. Remember that everyone has his own preference.

Can you provide props or accessories for the photoshoot?

It depends. If I happen to own any of them, I would be glad to provide.

Can I bring my own props or accessories for the tattoo photoshoot?

Yes, you can bring your own props or accessories for the photoshoot. It will help a lot. However, do discuss with me before the shoot instead of surprising me on the spot, so that I can make recommendation and explore ideas to use them.

How long does it take to receive the edited photos after the shoot?

It very much depends on my schedule and the number of photos. Do note that I have other clients to assist and each project would take up a lot of my time. Nevertheless, please note that no photographer would want to delay delivering the photos on purpose. My working style is to go over the photographs many times over days or weeks to ensure I'm truly satisfied with the post-production work. Should you need the photographs urgently, please let me know before booking any session, so that I can advice you on the additional cost to set aside other projects and my personal schedules in order to return you the photographs earlier.

Can I get both digital and print copies of the photos?

No, I provide only digital format of the photos.

Can I use the photos for commercial purposes, such as advertising my tattoos?

Yes, you can use the photos for commercial purposes with my permission. At no time, you can sell the photos directly. Please let me know the purpose of the shoot and the usage of the photos before you confirm my services with the booking fee.


If you're looking for a way to express your individuality through tattoos and preserve the memory of your body art in a unique and creative way, tattoo photography is the perfect solution.

Tattoo photography is more than just a trend, it's a form of art. It allows for creativity and can be sensual, highlighting the ability to keep the artwork sexy and stylish. I believe that every tattoo is unique and preserving its memory is essential as tattoos tend to fade and change over time. Tattoo portrait photography is a challenging art but it's one that I relish because it requires lighting up both the faces of the models and their tattoos.

As a professional photographer, I take great pride in building trust with my clients. I understand that a tattoo photo shoot can be revealing and requires a level of trust from the model. Thus, I am dedicated to ensuring my clients feel comfortable and confident throughout the shoot, building a rapport that will result in stunning and personalised photos.

If you're seeking an experienced and creative tattoo photographer in Singapore to help showcase your body art, I am here to help. With my expertise in portrait photography and a passion for capturing the beauty and artistry of tattoos, I am committed to providing clients with eye-catching and stunning photographs that will preserve their memories for years to come. So, let's capture the essence of your tattoos and create unforgettable art together. Contact me for a discussion.

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