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Party Ideas in Singapore

If you are thinking of organising a party, you can refer to this guide for some party ideas. I have gathered them through my experience of doing event photoshoots. If you have any idea that you think can be added here to help others, do contact me!


  1. Home
    Your house is one of the most convenient places to hold a party, that is if your house is big and presentable enough to house the guests. You can use the space at your corridor as well. You will be able to schedule your time better and cut down on cost of renting places.
  2. Condominium's function room
    Condominium's function room is another common venue for holding parties. You can approach your relative or friend for help in renting the function room of his or her condominium.
  3. Cafe/Restaurant
    You can book partial of the venue instead of the entire place, depending on the number of your guests. Eateries are my least preferred places for parties because the guests will be sitting down most of the time and it will be difficult to capture natural photos without them knowing.

    Note: Some restaurants may have a function room for event booking as well.
  4. Hotel's function room
    Most big hotels will have special function rooms of different sizes available for booking.
  5. Hotel room
    You probably have to go for suites if you want to organise a party because a normal hotel room is likely to have insufficient space.
  6. Beach / Park / Garden
    Examples are Tanjong beach, Palawan beach, Siloso beach, East Coast Park (ECP), West Coast Park (WCP) and Singapore Botanic Gardens. These are some of the free venues for holding a party.
  7. Community Centre
    Community Centre may have both indoor and outdoor areas for you to book. They may include classrooms, basketball court or the hall.
  8. BBQ pit
    You can rent a BBQ pit in a condominium, community centre or parks like East Coast Park (ECP). Of course, you are totally subjected to the mercy of the weather!
  9. Arcade
    Some arcades have passes for unlimited game tokens for parties, they may also have party rooms for booking. One such example is Timezone at Vivocity.


  1. Balloon sculpting
    Kids like balloons a lot and therefore, balloon sculpting will lighten up the party.
  2. Body painting
    Body painting allows the kids to indulge themselves to the fun of roleplaying characters like their superheroes. They can become "Spiderman" or "Batman" within a few minutes of work from the body painter.
  3. Bouncy castle
    Kids like to bounce! Bouncy castle will not only add fun to the party, but also help to exhaust the kids a little, so that parents can spend time enjoying conversations with other adults.
  4. Colouring books / sheets
    Colouring books can sound too "quiet" for party, but they do help to entertain the less active kids for a while.
  5. Games
    A game master can definitely do a good job with different kind of props. Having games around will usually spice up the party a lot.
  6. Lucky draw
    You probably need a good emcee to make it exciting. Unlike those official lucky draws that you see at community events, you can interact more with the guests and even let them draw the lucky number from the box!
  7. Magic show
    Magicians can never fail to amaze the innocent kids who are often curious and less suspicious.
  8. Photobooth
    A photobooth can keep the guests occupied well. The greatest advantage is that the guests will have something memorable to bring home from the party, which is an ideal gift.
  9. Temporary tattoos
    These fake tattoos can stay with the kids for a couple of days. They are much quicker to be applied compared to body painting.


A "thank you" gift can conclude the party with smiles. It can be just a small packet of mixed candies and chocolate, or even customised magnet with picture. If you do not have an idea what to give to your guest at the end of the party, do consider having a photobooth services so that your guests can bring at least a photograph home!

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