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Videography Services in Singapore

My team can include animation to further impress your audience.

  1. Photo Montage
    A photo montage is a good idea to piece photographs together in video form to tell stories. A common use of photo montage is to display the childhood and dating process of the couple during actual day wedding, which is usually labelled as "childhood montage". Some companies and institutes may also use photo montage to show the processes of work or just to commemorate "heroes" or award-winners.

    While many people can do their own photo montage using free software that may even be pre-installed inside their laptops, not many know how to do proper ones. The choice of music, transition effect and interval between each photograph to match the music can matter a lot.
  2. Videography
    Videography is a good way to document an event like actual wedding day, party or carnival. It can stimulate the interest of the audience together with the aid of audio. While basic videography can be done using the same equipment as videography and that they have their similarities, they require different skillset.
  3. Short film
    Videography is not limited to only recording of once-in-a-lifetime moments but also capturing of staged stories. Couples may want to share their dating stories through a short film to be screened on the actual wedding day.