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Photographer Assistants Needed in Singapore

I usually carry a lot of equipment along for shoot just in case they may come in use. Therefore, my bags are usually heavy and bulky. I would need an assistant to share the load with me as we travel from places to places, and also to help securing the lighting from strong wind during the outdoor shoot. The female assistant can also assist the model like positioning the hair since a male photographer should refrain from having any physical contact with a female model, although, adjusting of hair should be fine, given permission from the model.

A third party's presence during the shoot may cause uneasiness not only for the model but also me (I'm self conscious), and affect our performance. Therefore, the character and attitude of the assistant matter a lot. Since I'm working with female models most of the time, I'm also keeping my assistants' gender to female only, in order to lessen the impact of the female model feeling uncomfortable.

If you like photography and want to try out something new and fun, you may want to become one of my photographer assistants. Even if you are not really into learning photography, you can treat it as making friends and hanging out with a team of friendly people. Well, sometimes it's just me and a friendly model, but it's still considered as a team!

I usually involve my friends but they can be very busy. I will never complain about having too many assistants because I believe with more people, there will be more fun. Most importantly, having more people sharing workload will help to speed the shoot up and I also can set up more professional lighting. Of course, it depends on the budget of the model(s).

To sum up, I'm looking towards creating more breathtaking work and it always requires the effort of a team. If you're interested, do contact me for a non-obligation discussion after you go through this page.


Other than you having fun...


You will get to learn more about photography from me. It takes practices to learn and you won't become a professional photographer immediately, but the basics that you can pick up from me will be a good starting point. You will definitely learn about setting up of photography equipment, especially lighting.

If you aren't really into photography, it's good that you will know more about it and maybe get prepared for your wedding in future. At least you will understand that professional photography isn't a simple job.

Free photoshoot

You may get free photos of yourself from me. It's good to be able to update your social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram regularly with good photos, don't you think so? If you have a chance to do a professional shoot with me (depending on your looks), it's actually a hundreds-bucks of goodies.


I will credit you in the photo album's description. I'm not sure how greatly this will help you in anything, but it will definitely make you feel a little bit better to be recognised. At least it sounds good to be credited by a reputable photographer.

Job scopes

  1. Carrying and looking after equipment
    You don't need to be a Hercules but you definitely can't be a weakling. My usual equipment weighs around 16kg, and increasing, and we will split the load while travelling. Basically, you need to ensure that I will be in tip toe condition by the time we reach the shooting location. In between locations, it will be even more essential to help carrying the lighting equipment around after they are already being set up because tearing them down completely and setting up again takes very long time.
  2. Setting up, adjusting and keeping equipment
    You will learn over time. With your assistance in doing these, shooting will be a breeze.
  3. Securing my lighting equipment from wind
    I do most of my shoots outdoor. The wind can easily take my lighting equipment down and the cheapest item would cost $20 at least.
  4. Assisting the model(s) if needed
    Often, there will be strands of hair falling on the model's forehead and since I'm a male, I will try hard to avoid any physical contact with my model. There are also times when the model needs to get changed in the public and you can help to surround her to block the views from others.


Female assistants only

I'm only looking for female assistants because I'm mostly dealing with female models. I take no risk in creating awkwardness for the models or anything that may reduce the quality of the photos. Moreover, there are often chances of wardrobe malfunction, which I don't think is nice for the models to have any male to see. Female assistants can also help my models with their dressing or even adjusting of hair.


I'm taking up very limited shooting projects due to lack of time. Therefore, don't expect me to bother you often. Whenever I have a project, I will update you and it's up to you whether to join me or not. You won't be faulted for not being available.