Volunteer as a Model

I'm looking for a female volunteer to help me to do various stuffs:

I can't be doing any testing on any client although I'm quite confident to produce good results regardless of what. Imagine you're a chef, you won't be selling your diners new dishes without testing them or getting people to taste and give feedback. If you're selling western food and you have passion in Chinese food as well, you will make time to work on your Chinese food outside working hours.

Therefore, I'm looking for volunteers.

I don't pin very high hope that there's any suitable person who can spend a lot of time to do many test shots with me. I appreciate the effort though.


Although I'm looking for volunteers, I can't be simply accepting anyone.

Preferably someone who

Having these would be very helpful but we can also discuss and work around with it.

Terms and conditions

Let's set the ground rules properly and stay professional while we build our friendship.


Kind people shall be rewarded.

If you are interested to volunteer, do contact me.

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