How to become a Model in Singapore

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First of all, you should ask yourself what kind of model you want to become. There are many types of model and the most common ones are commercial models, runway models, event models, blogshop models and photo models. Of course, they can be a mixture.

Basically, you should be looking at your interest and not simply aiming for whatever you think is more "high class". If you do not have an impressive looks, height and figure, your chance of doing well may be low.

To start modelling

To get started with modelling, you will likely need a portfolio or com card. Potential clients and companies will want to see how you appear in photographs before selecting you for the job/shoot. Unless, otherwise, the client doesn't mind getting a newbie to do the work.

  1. Modelling Agency
    A modelling agency can help you to get started easier with whatever type of modelling job you are aiming for since they may have the client base. The catch is that the modelling agencies would need you to have a portfolio as well. Most of these agencies would make you pay a huge sum of money to shoot your portfolio. The problem is many modelling agencies are "empty shells" that have limited or no client, such that you may not be given any modelling job eventually.
  2. Competition
    There are a number of pageant competitions in Singapore, ranging from small to big scale. Although some of these competitions do require you to be wealthy in order to emerge as the champion because votes are casted by the guests who have to pay to attend, the exposure will help you to reach more people. Rich contestants will usually buy "tables" themselves and invite their friends to be the guests.
  3. Volunteering
    There are some events that require models and the organisers may not have the budget to pay for the talents. For example, a fashion designer may organise a fashion show and you can volunteer your services. You will gain exposure during the entire event and in the organiser's Facebook page. No doubt, for such event that has big budget constraint, the photographers are likely to be hobbyists who may not be able to produce top grade photographs. However, most people will likely think you are already a professional model and thus you may get opportunties in future.
  4. Social Media Advertising
    It is possible to do your own advertising in social media to get jobs for photoshoot - for example, you can post in Facebook groups. It comes free but you are going to get lots of new admirers who may start pestering you!
  5. Blogging
    Pretty bloggers do get chances to do modelling as they are more exposed to the public. Apart from that, clients may like to ride on their popularity. Of course, if you are new to blogging, it will take you some time and effort to become popular. With the help of social media, it is, however, quite easy to gain popularity once you upload a few really good photographs of yourself.
  6. Networking
    Unfortunately (yes, I hate it and I don't do it), networking is a requirement for all trades to increase anyone's chance to become successful. You can make friends with photographers as they may have job opportunities for you.

    However, do make sure you know how to judge a photographer and not blindly mix with any. When you are new, there are probably many things about photography that you do not know about and boastful photographers can easily amaze you with their "knowledge". When a photographer tells you that he can help you to become famous, do not be naive unless you are ready to show a lot of skin. Eventually, what you will get is likely negative impression from others. I have heard stories about a few photographers who basically produce very low image quality work of girls with little or no clothes. With such portfolio, a female model will only attract rich clients who are mainly interested in her body and not photography; of course, it is a way to make big bucks because such sleazy photoshoot can fetch a high price.

What is a modelling portfolio?

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A portfolio is a sample work of you. It helps your potential clients find out more about your physical appearance before meeting you up face to face. The portfolio may also help to identify your personality. Needless to say, having a pretty face and hourglass body are not enough as you have to appear nice in photographs.

Portfolio is usually in the form of photographs but not restricted to videos, depending on what modelling industry you are targeting. Work that has appeared in commercial or printed publication definitely will bring your status up.

Whereas for common portfolio, it should include photographs of you in casual, smart casual, and formal wear. You also need photographs taken from different angles like front and sides, and also both close-ups and full body shots.

A portfolio should sum up your work and thus you should include only the best photograph from each photoshoot you have done. There is no point showing similar photographs as it may bore the person who is viewing your portfolio and also give him a bad impression of your mentality.

What is a comp card?

Comp card is the short form for composite card, otherwise, also known as business card. Unlike normal pocket-sized business cards, a comp card is usually in A5 size.

It should display a few photographs of your portfolio with at least a close-up and a full body shot. It should also include your age, height, weight, three sizes (bust, waist, hips), shoe size and contact information. These information will help clients to better understand if you are suitable for the projects, allow them to contact you and also prepare the wardrobe and footwear if necessary.

With a limited space, the comp card should display only the best of your photographs that are good enough for your potential clients to judge your appearance and see if you are the kind of model they are looking for.

In the age of internet, comp card may be simply in the digital form but it will show your professionalism and enthusiasm if you have physical ones as well - that is if you want to impress people you have met face to face.

How to Get Modelling Portfolio?

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Despite I have mentioned about ill-minded photographers and modelling agencies in the industry, you should not be scared off because there are still many good souls around. You just need to learn to do researches and also be more street-smart.

How to Present my Modelling Portfolio?

It is the IT age and you are reading this because I have uploaded my writing here. So, obviously you should put your portfolio on a website too!

New and Green

When you are new to the industry, it does not necessary mean that you cannot get jobs. Some clients, especially photography hobbyists love fresh faces. However, you should understand that many scammers and predators are targeting newbies who are likely easier to be manipulated. It is partly due to the fact that newbies may not know the current industry's unspoken/common practice well.

To go far in this line, it takes more than your looks and luck. Your attitude can also determine how smooth your journey gets. You have to show others you are humble and willing to learn. Being late for jobs is one of the biggest taboos. Of course, some snobbish "models" can somehow continue to get jobs due to their looks but do not assume every male client is thinking with his second head.

Do read Good Models vs Bad Models to know more about the good and bad practices of models (mainly for photoshoot).

Cancelling a job with short notice may speak badly of you. There was, however, an incident of a new model who had arranged a TFCD shoot with a blacklisted photographer and she was worried that she would be blacklisted by him if she were to call the shoot off. Luckily, she headed my advice that she shouldn't be bothered with a blacklisted photographer.

Models should research for blacklisted photographers in Singapore to avoid working with those black sheep, and also understand the dangers of doing sexy photoshoot in order to take precaution. That is to say, if you want to start earning quick money through sexy shoot, you should know that the photos will eventually surface even if you were to sign an agreement with the photographer. The trick is to take only photographs that you do not mind others see.

Perhaps, before you agree to do any shoot, do make sure you know how to judge the photographer.

In actual terms, everyone holding onto a camera is a photographer while everyone standing in front of a camera can be called a model. Therefore, do clarify if when someone tries to brag.

Trend in Singapore

caucasian model

Unfortunately, not many Singapore models can make it big in the modelling industry. For some girls, it is a stepping stone towards joining the showbiz like MediaCorp. A few of the celebrities actually began as models before they were being poached by MediaCorp.

Generally, the market is more open to caucasians due to their features and open-mindedness. They are usually taller and have better body proportion while their open-mindedness brings them more natural expression. An obvious comparison is when going braless in a shoot, somehow caucasian models will appear more stylish in the photographs; asian models may end up with a negative effect. Of course, there are lousy caucasian models and good asian models as well.

I have many model friends in my social media profiles. Somehow, most of them are working mainly as event or photo models.


Model, like air stewardess, is one of the dream jobs of many young girls. It is a symbolism or "certification" of beauty because not every girl can become a model or air stewardess. Most people think they are easy jobs, which is absolutely wrong.

A good model must know how to take care of her personal grooming and on a good diet to maintain body figure. Models must know how to present themselves elegantly in front of the audience and camera. They must know how to hold their expression and postures, and also stand for long hours. Most of the professional models have to undergo training. Lastly, they must also know how to handle crooks and touchy guys.

Eventually, most young girls should find out more about modelling before deciding whether to work towards it.

If you think you have what it takes to become a model in Singapore, do contact me.

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