Photography Services Singapore

skai chan

Do contact me for a non obligatory discussion.

For every photo shoot assignment that I'm taking up, I'm doing it for my portfolio as well.
Therefore, we have the common goal towards attaining good photographs.


  1. Portrait Photography Services
  2. Event Photography Services
  3. Other Photography Services
  4. Videography Services
  5. Other Services

1. Portrait Photography Services

pre-wedding group portrait solo portrait
I do portrait shoots at the venue of your choice, be it outdoors or indoors.

  1. Baby / Newborn
    I will use everything (props) you can provide at your house, such as soft toys or anything that can relate to the baby. We will work together to make anyone looking at the pictures in the future to know more about your precious one. Of course, they are going to bring back good memories for you.
  2. Bridal / Pre wedding / Engagement
    For traditional pre-wedding shoots, I focus mostly on the interaction of the couples. Unlike many other photographers who tend to frame the couple small inside the pictures, most of my pictures are likely to have the couple filling up much of the space.

    I especially look forward to meeting couples who are fun-loving, bold and are going for more creative types of shoots. My makeup artists are ready to style you up! You name it and we shall discuss!
  3. Boudoir
    The most crucial thing about a boudoir shoot is your safety and this pretty much sums up everything. Next, simply judge the artsy vibes from my portrait portfolio.
  4. Child / Kid
    I can hit it off with people of all ages, especially children. It normally takes me little time to get them to "warm up". Therefore, if you wish to have pictures of your child at his or her most joyous, do discuss with me.
  5. Couple
    Similar to pre-wedding shoots, I focus a lot on the interaction of the couples and the pictures will appear more natural.
  6. Family
    Family shoots will involve natural interaction among the family and some simple poses.
  7. Fashion
    My fashion shoot is a mixture of fashion and lifestyle shoot. Being trained by a very experienced hair and makeup artist, I'm particular about everything, including the grooming of the model.
  8. Friends / Graduation
    A batch of "crazy" friends getting together to keep good memory of their fun days is most ideal. Throw in your ideas and we can work on some special themes together!
  9. Maternity / Pregnancy
    Pregnancy creates a unique, natural beauty in all women. I would love to work with you to preserve memories from those nine months of tears, joy and love, in creative ways.
  10. Pet / Animal
    I get along very well with animals, especially pet dogs. Being hardworking and enthusistic, I usually get down to their level to produce an intimate angle of view.

2. Event Photography Services

actual day wedding private event corporate event
Believing in a journalistic while artistic style of shooting, I try to cover the entire event and press my shutter button whenever possible - not simply capturing the "important" moments. I have gotten myself injured many times by over-exerting my hands and legs.

  1. Wedding
  2. Private Events
    • Birthday
    • Convocation
    • Party ... etc.
  3. Corporate Events
    • Carnival
    • Conference
    • D&D
    • Shop Opening ... etc.

Note: Every event is unique and it depends a lot on the guests and activities to spice it up, therefore the number of good photos is inconsistent and I will not give you any estimated number - I do not give any empty promise or fake estimation.

3. Other Photography Services

interior design food photography
I enjoy doing people photography a lot because I love capturing expression. However, I do other types of photography too.

  1. Food
    There are different presentations of food pictures. Basically, you can have a very professional setup or something more lifestyle - the time and effort required differ of course. Give me some samples of what you are looking at and we can discuss!
  2. Structural and Interior
    I always try out different angles of shoot. I do not believe in "one shot, one kill", which can really save lots of time but likely not produce the best result.
  3. Products
    Similar to food photography, there are a few ways to do product photography. Give me some samples and we can work things out together.

4. Videography Services

My team can include animation to further impress your audience.

  1. Photo Montage
    A photo montage is a good idea to piece photographs together in video form to tell stories. A common use of photo montage is to display the childhood and dating process of the couple during actual day wedding, which is usually labelled as "childhood montage". Some companies and institutes may also use photo montage to show the processes of work or just to commemorate "heroes" or award-winners.

    While many people can do their own photo montage using free software that may even be pre-installed inside their laptops, not many know how to do proper ones. The choice of music, transition effect and interval between each photograph to match the music can matter a lot.
  2. Videography
    Videography is a good way to document an event like actual wedding day, party or carnival. It can stimulate the interest of the audience together with the aid of audio. While basic videography can be done using the same equipment as photography and that they have their similarities, they require different skillset.
  3. Short film
    Videography is not limited to only recording of once-in-a-lifetime moments but also capturing of staged stories. Couples may want to share their dating stories through a short film to be screened on the actual wedding day.

5. Other Services

I collaborate with other professionals and talents whom I personally know or have worked with. You can therefore expect at least a satisfactory services from them. Why risk searching for other services on your own when you can get good recommendation from a reputable photographer who has worked with various talents?

  1. Make-up and Hairstyling
    Whether it is for wedding, gala dinner or any solo portrait shoot, you will need a good hair and makeup artist who can doll you up to bring the best out of you. After all, looks will help you to build up your confidence as well. The hair and makeup artists I have worked with are full of passion and they do not simply work for the sake of making money.
  2. Image Consultation
    If you are looking forward to beautify the image that you are displaying to others, you may need to seek help from a professional image consultant. An image consultant will certainly help you to bring the best out of you, including knowing what types of outfit that may suit you better. You may also like to attend some grooming and dining etiquette workshops.
  3. Photobooth
    For any event, including wedding, public and private events, it is good to have a photobooth to keep the guests entertained, especially right before the commencement of the actual event. Photographs produced from the photobooth can help the guests to remember the event well. A well established photobooth can also show the generosity of the host. If you are looking for a professional photobooth services that come with good lighting, camera and printing (commercial printer), including customized frames, do contact me for more information.

If there is any type of service that you need and is not listed here, feel free to approach me as well. At times if I'm not available or not confident in doing the job, I will recommend you to other photographers who are personal friends of mine.