Tutorial - Boy Shirt to Dress DIY

While having portrait photoshoot with younger female models, I do meet challenges like having limited choices of clothes as young girls may not have the financial ability to purchase more fashionable clothes.

By using a boy's shirt or T-shirt, a new tube dress can be created. The video embedded below shall explain the few easy steps to DIY the dress from a big button shirt. The shirt can be easily borrowed from the model's boyfriend or dad, or even the male photographer.

Do note that the size of the shirt is going to determine how short the new dress is going to be when worn on the model. If the photoshoot theme is a sexy one, get a smaller shirt, else, the model will probably be more comfortable with showing less skin at the bottom.

By the way, wearing a bra with straps does not match tube top/dress. It is advisable for the model to wear a pair of nude bra or remove the straps. For the latter, in order to secure the bra from not falling, the model can tie something like a belt at the bottom of the bra around the chest area. Do make sure it is similar colour to the bra or body though.

Boy Shirt to Dress

No sewing or cutting is required.

T-Shirt to Dress

No sewing or cutting is required.

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