Scammers Impersonating Skai Chan

I don't know if I should feel honoured and flattered by the scammers. Usually, only the babes and celebrities face such problem.

Yes, I've been a victim of impersonation in social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately, the social media companies may not remove the fake profiles immediately. I won't blame the companies since there are probably many such cases because they have millions of users.

Even within less than half a year after I created my photography account in Instagram (@skaichanphotography), I have noticed there are already around four or five fake accounts of mine. It takes Instagram quite long to remove most of them even though I have reported the accounts a few times.

Impersonation Case in Instagram

Singapore Police Report No. A/20170604/7011

I came into picture of this scammer when a girl messaged me in Instagram to double check with me about the offer.

Instagram impersonation - appletikat_ / lawanwsw
Someone by the name of "Lawan", claiming to be from "skaichanphotography", had messaged her to offer her money to do a shoot.

Instagram impersonation - appletikat_ / lawanwsw
The scammer had indicated my url in the website section inside his/her profile. Three out of the four photographs uploaded were very casually taken.

Instagram impersonation - appletikat_ / lawanwsw
On the caption of one of his/her posts, it was mentioned that "we" were paying models for shoot. The photograph was embedded with watermark "top model 3" and obviously not mine. It wasn't even my style of shooting.

Points to note:

1) At that point of time, I didn't have a team of photographers.
2) I use standard English for official work; my level isn't perfect but I don't use broken English.
3) I have never ever paid any model in my entire life.
4) I'm a freelance photographer and clients pay me to shoot - not the other way.
5) I don't do "30-minute" shoots unless the client is willing to pay me the amount of a two-hour shoot for that half an hour.


I assume this scammer is a guy. On that day, some of my female friends had helped me to message him to find out more about his motive. We realised he was trying to con girls into sending him their private sexy photographs in order to be qualified for the "job".

The scammer is last known to have changed his/her username from "lawanwsw" to "appletikat_"

Fake profiles

The following is a list of fake social media accounts (I didn't keep track of the rest)
- (removed)
- (removed)
- (removed)
- (previously lawanwsw)

If you come across any fake profile that's impersonating me, do let me know! *love plus hugs*

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