Fashion Photo Shoot - Dawnice

Photoshoot with Dawnice at Ann Siang Hill Park

Photoshoot with Dawnice at Ann Siang Hill Park

Dawnice is a very friendly and chatty girl who is extremely sociable. She is one of the most polite girls I have met as she extends her charm to even cleaners. She is humble and open to jokes.

Dawnice is independent and kind. She does not take advantages of friends and she does not allow just anyone to give her a treat or even send her home.

Dawnice is a mature and strong girl for her age since she has been through different route of life from most Singaporean girls; although she can be playful at times.

Dawnice has her immature side too. The night before the photoshoot, she was occupied with overnight mahjong game when we had not even finalised the details and time. The morning shoot was delayed by the drizzling until there were audiences and even lovers at the park. We had to stop often to avoid photo bombs and the ground was rather dirty. She was smiling and laughing, and making funny faces most of the time even though I was planning for a cool shoot initially.

Overall, I was very impressed by her character.

Venue: Ann Siang Hill Park
Date: 14 Apr, 2013

Model: Dawnice
Wardrobe: Dawnice

Camera: Sony NEX 7
Lens: Sony 50mm F1.8

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